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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 November 2008
Loco Roco, the reason for owning a psp, returns with it's sequel, the aptly named 'Loco Roco 2'. If you enjoyed the original (which millions did), you won't be disappointed with this offering, which takes all the fun and the playability of the first game and adds a whole bundle of wonderful new features. The game itself remains the same - tilt the screen to move your Loco Roco about the screen, in order to eat berries and uncover hidden areas to find other treats! There are a few more additions in this game to improve on the original however, more stages, more bonus games, more enemies (like the mischeivous Bui Bui) and a stronger incentive to go back over previous levels once you've learned new skills later on. Music also plays a bigger part, instead of just listening to the Loco Roco sing their song to a sleeping Mui Mui, now you have to match the beat by pressing the 0 button in time with the musical notes you see on the screen, and you also have the opportunity to collect musical notes to help you in your quest (the more notes you collect, the easier levels will be when you replay them). Overall, there are more hidden areas to explore, and the game excellently mixes the old Loco Roco concept with new ideas to keep you playing - the main game itself is a good 7 or so hours worth of solid playing, but as many of you will know, Loco Roco is the kind of game you can keep going back to, and you will. Roll on number 3!
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on 12 March 2016
Love the original game, this one has more of the same, but with some new skills which unlock as you play. This means redoing earlier levels with new skills, which can feel annoying, as something refreshing in the first game was the ability to ace a level the first time around. Still a great game! Also some minigames have been added. They're a cute touch to pad out the core plot of the game.
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on 29 March 2009
To be completely honest, I never imagined I'd be playing a game marked "Ages 3 and up"...and that is the reason I did not want to buy the PSP3000 bundle pack with LocoRoco2. That was the mistake I made.

If you haven't played this game; you would say the same thing because no amount of pics or video can capture the fun of this game. If you already have a PSP, download a free demo of the first game LocoRoco and you will see what I mean.

LocoRoco2 takes the same amount of fun from that first game and makes it EVEN fun and cute as ever.

This is simply the cutest game there is; and I'm glad I bought it. The level designs are excellent and the music (sounds like little children singing) is simply adorable.

There really is no difficult decision here...If the price is right (because it keeps changing all the time) just close your eyes and click on the Buy button.

I'm sure you won't regret it!
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on 24 May 2010
I've been playing this on and off for some months now and have just started to become completely addicted to it in the last week.

There are so many elements of this game which all integrate beutifully in to a joyfull mix of music song , brilliant platforming and level design, I'm very impressed, this game is a work of art.

The physics of loco rocco are very good and vary between levels which are full of secret rooms ...also many mini games.

why do i think this is art? well the music is amazing and the story telling is done succesfully without any need for written or verbal language...the songs are composed from samples of many different vocal sounds which change depending on which type of loco you choose. recording all of these bizarre sounds must have been a lot of fun, I imagine a studio full of ecentric japanese singers acting completely mad.

collecting items and unlocking different parts of the game is a concept most games use , but in loco rocco it is done to such depth and variety and yet each component links somehow with all the others.

replaying levels builds up your stash of musical notes collected by touching certain objects which are different on different levels, for eg bubbles on an underwater level and exploding fireworks on another, also within the levels are musical rythm games which give you extra notes...these notes help you level up on a level, the more you level up the easier it becomes whithout ever becoming really is lots of fun.

I've concentrated on defining the concepts of gameplay rather than explaining the story you can find that out elsewhere.... it is also difficult to explain because it is so surreal and original.

I have been playing games for many years of all different genres and this title has to be one of the most original well put together games I've ever encountered. It makes mario seem completely uninspired and shallow and i don't say that lightly because mario games are very well designed.
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on 15 March 2009
I loved the first locoroco but this is just so so good. Still the crazy singing blobs that hop around eating berries. But in this version you collect items and develop skills over time. As you advance more of the story is revealed (there are quite a few sequences of storyline) and more and more of the game opens up to you. You get to play more and more levels (+ get skills so you can get into before hidden parts of previous levels) and xtra little games.

One of the extras is building a house for MuiMui from the things you collect around the game. It is so funny seing the little guys singing, clapping and using the different items you build. Unlike the last version - this works much better here.

In this version a lot more characters turn up. You have to figure out if they will help you or not - and how. There are also a lot more hidden rooms and 'treasures'.

This version is so much bigger than the last where you got through pretty fast. Hats off to the designers and developers they have really made it worth buying this sequel.
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on 18 February 2009
I own this game since Christmas and I'm still playing it a lot. It's fresh, inventive and humorous. A lot of things to do: cleaning up the Locoroco world from the Moja's dirt; collecting the pickories (with which you can buy stuff); collecting the materials to adorn the Mui Mui house; collecting the Mui Muis themselves; fighting agains the Bui Bui, the Mojas and their evil leaders; playing several funny minigames; collecting music notes to increase the level; discovering hidden places. And playable in short 10 minutes sessions, which is perfect for a PSP game.
Buy it. You won't regret!
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on 4 March 2009
Probably the most addictive game I've played in some time. I'm not sure what age group this is aimed at, because although the graphics, storyline and music seem suitable to the under tens and the controls are simple to use, a lot of the game is technically demanding for young children requiring good hand eye co-ordination and musical rhythm.
LocoRoco2 is a game that will appeal to any age.
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on 20 October 2009
When you think that there is nothing more to be had, a whole new story line is introduced; it is very imaginative.My Dad bought it for my 15th birthday and I was iniitally very disappointed as it was rated as a 3+ and I thought it would be well beneath me.But it is a great girl's game.
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on 22 March 2009
Loco Roco was a great re-invention of the platform game and I was disappointed when I finished it because there were no more crazy frozen worlds or the insides of animals to explore. Wanting more I got Loco Roco 2 and got exactly that. Hours of fun for all ages.
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on 31 December 2009
Besides the main map screen, the adventure is completely the same as it was in LocoRoco. I liked the first game, and it's nice to have more adventures of these funny creatures, but the levels and most of the things are completely the same as in the first game.
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