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on 8 February 2009
Received this on Saturday 7/2/09 its a brill satnav with bluetooth and saftey camera alerts, you can't buy better,its very neat and easy to put in your pocket when you leave your car.Very easy to down load new saftey camera updates, One thing you can use this with Vista now.
Grab yourself a great satnav and no more getting lost and bulky paper maps
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on 24 February 2008
I've been a fan of sat nav for a while, but having been reluctant to splash out, the only system I've owned has been on my phone. However, I wanted something better (and I was sick of having a rubbish smartphone), so I upgraded to this - and I'm extremely glad to have done so. I could fill out this review with information that you'll find in the product description, but that seems pointless - so I'm going to list a few points that I've noticed since getting one, and I hope they prove of use to you.

1) The unit is plug and play out of the box. I wish I'd known this, because I spent ages hunting for the SD card with the mapping on it. It was only when I called Snooper the next day that I found out mapping is pre-loaded on the new ones. The SD slot is for loading your own MP3s. I received nothing in the packaging to indicate this.

2) If you're only using this for navigation and don't care about the speed cameras, then you're wasting the unit's capabilities and also spending far more than you need to. Don't get me wrong - it's great for navigation, but it's pointless buying a convertible car if you're never going to take the roof down. Check with Snooper to see if they're doing an offer on the speed camera database - it's so worth having.

3) The instruction booklet is next to useless. You should download the comprehensive one from their website. Also, the CD that came in the package wasn't great either. I ended up downloading the speed camera software from the website as well. Both downloads were painless. You will need the downloaded manual in order to have all the options explained properly.

4) Navigation - quickly plotted with clear instructions. The unit will "ping" just before every direction, and that will drive you nuts in quick order. However, you can turn off the ping. The postcode search worked perfectly for me.

5) Speed camera warnings - the Enigma database is fantastic, and the warnings on the device are in plenty of time and also clear about what the speed limit is. Again, you can change the settings on the device to suit. Personally, I always have cameras displayed, but just on my side of the road. I also have an audible beep and cameras displayed whatever speed I am going at (you can set it for them only to show and beep if you're going over the speed limit), but I choose not to have an increasing beep as I get closer to the camera. Once I know it's there, I can keep an eye on it. The unit will also count down the distance to the speed camera.

6) The unit has a SirfStar 3 chip in it. This is the latest chip, and it picks up satellites extremely quickly. If you've only ever used another type, you will be amazed at the difference. Whatever unit you're considering, always check it has a SirfStar 3 chip in it. My old sat nav didn't, and it was pot luck whether I'd get any signal at all. No problem with this one.

7) I haven't driven in Europe yet, but I thought I might as well get the the Euro mapping. It's street level for Western Europe (not just major roads), so if you're going abroad, you can travel with confidence that you won't get lost.

8) Points of interest seem to be spot on. I've spotted one or two that are out of date, but the unit has shown me every restaurant and hotel I've driven past. I looked up a hotel for the hell of it and it had a phone number for it, which was nice.

9) I connected my phone to the unit via Bluetooth, and it works brilliantly! The calls came through load and clear, without echo or distortion. There's obviously extra faffing before starting off on a journey, but it's worth it to have a decent handsfree connection. The mapping display disappears if a call is going on, but it reappears immediately the call is finished. I wasn't expecting this feature to work particularly well, so it was a pleasant surprise.

10) The unit doesn't automatically switch between day and night display - it's no problem to change it manually, but even my smartphone did it on its own. No real gripes about the unit - the settings are trial and error, it can take a bit of getting used to, and you really do need to use your eyes and common sense instead of blindly following instructions. I found the display lagged slightly behind where I was on the road, although to be fair, they all do that. It does mean that you need to keep an eye out for the name of the road you'll be turning into, especially if several are grouped together. Luckily, the Snooper will display the name of the road you're looking for in advance, so you won't have to make a ninety degree suicide turn without warning.

There's probably other stuff to tell you, but I think I've said enough. Basically, if you're after a good navigational unit with top class speed camera software, you won't go wrong with this one. Have a play around to find your preferred settings, use a bit of common sense with the directions and you'll hopefully be as pleased with your purchase as I am. Sorry to bang on, but the speed camera warnings are fantastic - I can't recommend them enough.
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on 13 September 2011
This is a basic unit which is relatively easy to use. However, it is totally unreliable.

My unit broke down three times in three years and, the last time, the rather arrogant people at Performance Products who make the kit, insisted on payment. They said it was now just out of warranty and even though they accepted it was unusual for a unit to breakdown so often they still insisted on payment for the repair.

The so-called customer service people kept saying I was just unlucky - great thanks !!

I'm off to Tom Tom

Be warned Snooper Strabo Euro Plus Satellite Navigation System With Speed Camera Detection
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on 17 February 2009
My first satnav was a TomTom from about 3 years ago which cost twice as much as the Strabo Snooper. Side by side comparisons are like comparing an old CRT against an LCD television; the Snooper has a much sleeker design and would easily fit in your pocket. Whether you'd want to put it there is another matter, as there is no hard or soft case provided. My only other gripe is that there is also nowhere to put the stylus for the touchscreen; something along the lines of the Nintendo DS would have been a nice touch.

The unit takes a good few minutes to find satellites the first few times, though this start-up time will decrease with use(according to the manual). The Snooper antenna easily picks up signals where my old TomTom struggles, which I was very impressed with.

European maps are pre-installed on the hard drive; I've had a go at playing a few mp3s from an SD card - that bit is not so intuitive and you may have to resort to the manual to get it going. Bluetooth was a doddle, my LG Viewty was detected easily.

It has mapping for the UK plus Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. If you go to the official site, there is a notice about free speed camera location subscription for "life" - I've registered with them but haven't been able to confirm the free subscription (so I'd appreciate it if someone could pass on that info).

Overall impressions are very positive. Highly recommended.
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on 25 March 2009
Imagine the date, August 2008, the place Faro airport, the time 9:00. It's dark and I've just picked up a hire car to drive 30 miles to our holiday apartment. Navigation is in the hands of my geographically challenged daughter, and a detailed set of instructions. Two hours later we're back at the airport buying a map, and further two hours later the gods smile upon us and we stumble across the apartment.
Fast forward to February 2009, I'm sure I've just driven the wrong way down a tram lane to escape from Nottingham city centre, and I return home to find the current Mrs R has picked this years holiday. It's on the south coast of France, and as the flights and hire cars are awful we're going to drive. I have a nightmare vision of 700 plus miles in the hands of afore mentioned geographically challenged daughter, and two weeks doesn't seem long enough to get there, I admit defeat I finally need a sat nav.

My initial thoughts were for a model from one of the top three makes with European routes, no other bells or whistles. However after filtering down the choices, I decided on one last look out side of the major players, and stumble upon the Strabo. The price was excellent (I paid £65 Inc delivery), it had all the features I wanted plus a few extras, so I thought this is the one.

As a Sat Nav Jane (as it's become known from the voice option menu) has performed excellently. Only blip was in trying to direct me down a lane that's been closed at both ends for at least 20 years. But from reading reviews of other makes this seems a common fault. All need a little common sense). Other than that directions and instructions (screen and voice) are clear and timely. I haven't taken it abroad yet, but have tried inputting this year's holiday location, and a hotel in Germany I stay in with work. Both were found along with the route I'd expect to take

Other features are:-
Speed cameras. At the time of buying there was a free for life data base access, which is updated daily. Other systems charge a fee and are updated monthly. I've found this extremely useful especially in new locations.
Blue tooth . Forget it, although it works, and is better than using a phone by hand, a combination of poor speaker quality, and microphone too close to the speaker result in poor sound quality.
MP3 player. Needs an additional SD card. Sound quality is better than for blue tooth (no microphone feedback) to the point of being listenable but still not brilliant. However when used with earphones I found it excellent, as good as a normal MP3 player if a little bulkier (but with a better screen).

Overall, meets all my needs at unbeatable value for money. I recommended it to a colleague at work, and he's been just as pleased
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on 16 May 2009
Having previously owned two other leading brand sat-navs, which were satisfactory but not great and more expensive I have been pleasantly surprised with the Strabo. It gives really clear instructions, found satellites immediately and I wouldn't be without it. Snooper's customer service is excellent and quickly enabled me to download the speed camera technology. All in all a great buy. I had never heard of the Snooper range before but it beats better known brands hands down!
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