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on 7 August 2017
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on 29 December 2007
What alot of fun this game was. Played it over Christmas with friends and had such a great time.
Not all the mini games are brilliant, but the graphics are hysterical, making this a must have party game. I can imagine the one star reviewers are playing solo, which would be a huge mistake as this game is so much better with friends.

Best games include slapping the Rabbid kids in the car, serving burgers, running from the boulder, and
rabbid aseall...but so many of them are just too much fun.
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on 2 January 2008
I'm only reviewing the multi-player aspect of this game, as it's the only part I've played, and ultimately I believe this is what the Wii is made for. If you're playing solo most of the time, then you might not agree with my views with this game, or the fact that you should get out more.

This game is great fun, whether you are with children or adults, drunk or sober. Most of my comparison of this is with other party games such as Raving Rabbids 1, Mario Party and Super Monkey Ball. The first great thing you notice is that you don't have to play for ages on your own to 'unlock' the multiplayer games. Just open the box, put it in your machine and choose the multiplayer trip with your friends.

I'm sure most people will also agree that the Rabbids characters are much funnier than the Mario characters and the Monkey Balls, and the activities and noises they get up to reflect this. However, comparing the mini games with the original Rabbids, most of them are more straight-forward, and I guess this is why some reviewers have said they lack the need for any skill. However, what they lack in skill they make up for in fun.

For example, running from the boulder game simply involves moving remote and nunchuk up and down as fast as you can - yes, no skill needed whatsoever - but the fact it leaves you and your friends with cramp in both your arms and in your stomach from laughter makes up for that.

Yes, the games aren't all perfect. There are a few games in the original Rabbids which are better, but looking at the whole package, I believe this sequel is much more playable and overall more fun.
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on 20 November 2007
I really enjoyed this!

Although I've seen complaints about the game not being fun when played alone - which to an extent I do actually agree with - when they are played in a group most of them are brilliant fun! The burger balancing game mentioned in one of the reviews below is genius in it's level of chaos once you get four players involved! Plus, it certainly helps that the Rabbids themselves are hilariously funny (maybe it's the blend of deranged cartoon violence and toilet humour...)

For the simple reason that this is meant as a party game, I think it's a tad unfair marking it down for a mediocre single player mode or a lack of storyline (I wouldn't play Raving Rabbids 2 by myself but, on the other hand, I wouldn't play the absolutely fantastic Metroid Prime when my friends come round - but they are both really good at what they set out to do).

As a mini game compilation it's perfect for playing with friends round. The simplicity of the games is great for non-gamers, but the level of humour means that hardcore gamers will still have great fun. Although the Wii is a bit flooded with party games at the moment, the Rabbids and the ensuing chaos they generate make this my party game of choice.
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on 29 November 2007
Put simply, this game is pure party fun genius. Having made vast improvements in not only the style and variety of mini-games, the humour has been cranked up into overdrive and makes the whole experience that much more fun, and harder too as its very hard to keep your Wii-remote steady when you and your friends are laughing so hard at the on-screen chaos that often ensues with this game. On top of the great mini-games there is a whole new style of "on the rail" arcade shooter in this far superior sequel - using real video you wonder through several major global destinations in an attempt to stop the invading Rabbids.

All in all this is a game that brings back what gaming should be about - good honest laugh out loud fun. A must buy for all Wii owners.
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on 31 January 2008
Really enjoyed the original Raving Rabbids, as did my wife (so doubly happy to find a game we can both enjoy!)

I'm not as impressed with this sequel. It's pretty much just a whole bundle of mini-games with no real target to aim for or storyline to keep you wanting to move on to the next stage. Once you've been through the games once there's nothing really to make you want to come back and play them again, unless spending a night with friends and a bottle of wine, when the instant access to the individual games can be useful.
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on 11 January 2008
Loads of fun - perfect party game - I still enjoy playing it on my own though (objective then becomes getting the highest scores really rather than any kind of story mode like Rabbids 1).

The rythmn/dance/music mini games at the end of each 'trip' are still my favourites! Especially when playing in 'normal' mode as if you hit a beat wrong with your instrument it actually plays it that way - very funny when more than one of you is playing!!

Definitly the best Wii game we've bought yet.
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on 16 November 2007
I got this game today, and it has many improvments over the original. It is far more accesible when you begin to play it. It also has two different levels of play (easy and normal). The Wii remote is perfectly suited to it and it dosn't have you screaming in frustration because it hasn't done what you want it too. Ultimatly it is a multiplayer game but it can still be fun with one player. I found it very funny, an all round enjoyable game.
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on 1 January 2008
Multiplayer gaming for the wii, never looked better,i bought a wii lately and i was told to choose a package deal, i bought mostly adult games, but i bought this one for my sister so she could play aswell,with a fantastic array of kooky and quirky minigames keeping myself (21yrs old) and my sister (8 yrs old) well entertained until 3 in the morning at which point i went to bed and she finished the game :) although some of the instructions are abit fuzzy on the minigames getting to gribs is around a 10 second lapse of time then your straight in.

this makes a good mini game multiplayer and single player and the customisable characters from rayman to rabbid are fantastic ( theres nothing like dressing your rabbid as altier from assassins creed and then beating someone at a downhill shopping cart race)

the musical minigames are alot like guitar hero in a way but way funnier

all in all a very good game 8.5 our of 10 for playability

id suggest this to anyone with small children who like to play games aswell
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on 11 July 2008
This game lacks the storyline of the first Raving Rabbids. It's lots of mini-games - some are silly and VERY short, whilst others are really great fun. I like the Bumper cars game (especially if you have more than one wiimote and therefore more of your friends can play against you) and I like the music ones whereby you have to move the wiimote and nunchuck in time with the music (Funky Town, Satisfaction by Rolling Stones, Smoke on the water to name but a few). It's definitely worth spending £15 to get this game. You will find it fun no matter what age you are.
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