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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2010
A very good dehumidifier, well designed and constructed, with features which include 2 speed fan/heater, auto & manual settings, min (silent setting),laundry drying facility, ioniser and air filter (for clean air supply & dust removal). Power consumption 430W (max setting), 30W (min setting). Humidity control at 55% is accurate. I operate this upstairs on landing with all bedroom & bathroom doors open & windows closed on mimimum setting after the 55% has been achieved on Auto - big difference for removal of condensation on all windows and walls. It is not necessary to use downstairs if windows remain closed and adequate ventillation is provided through airbricks and home heating system. Best price for this was/is? through Amazon with free and expedient delivery. Recommended.
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on 22 October 2012
I read a lot of the reviews of this prodeuct before I bought one, and the marvellous things that other people were saying about this are, in my opinion, in no way exaggerated.
Like some of the other buyers, we, too, live in a very old house, but until this year we have never had any noticable problems with damp. We do all the things that you're supposed to do, and we tend to have the windows open a lot, so I was horrified when I realised that 'that patch of dust' on the flagstones was actually mildew. I looked about and discovered that there was even a grey film on some of the beams. Shock horror! I had visions of us all going down with something 'orrible. I was particularly concerned about our parrot, as fungal infections are one of my greatest fears.
So I bought one of these. Nice, light and compact, I had none of the problems that a few others have had with damage on arrival or anything like that, I just plugged it in and away it went. Every so often I could hear water trickling into the tank, and after a couple of hours I took a peek.
Well, I am surprised that we aren't wading about in wellies. The tank was nearly full.
Since then I always put it on for a few hours whenever it rains, and I've collected gallons of water.
The good thing about this is that there is nothing abstract about it. There's no 'well, I think it works' the results are there for all to see.
It's true that the term 'whisper' is a slight misnomer, but if it was on its lowest setting I don't think it would keep me awake.
A fantastic product, and very worthwhile if you've got damp problems.
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on 31 October 2008
If I number the cons vs the pros, it's tempting to actually give this 3 stars rather than 4. But the bottom line is that it's core function of getting moisture out of the air is performed well.

My wife and I previously had the DNC60, which we prefer the look of. We stick with these non-compressor models because they are less hassle to reposition and also have the ionizer/negative ions functionality built in.

This DNC65 model vs it's predecessor.....

Noisier. None of these things are whisper quiet (sales sphincter talk) unless coasting in "fan-only mode" maybe, but this one seems to be less quiet than usual.
Uglier. Slightly bulkier than it's predecessor, and without the funky blue light we liked.
Vane motion. Although the "swing motion" of the vent does work, unlike in Mr B's review, it's motion/travel is not as smoothe in parts of it's cycle as I suspect it should be. A minor quible as it has not deteriorated since first use.
The 2 litre tank. Not so much a "con" as a lack of improvement. Although the tank is clearer and it's easier to see how full it is, when emptying the new design provides different awkwardness.

Care of. Slightly easier to clean/maintain.
Functionality. New "clothes drying" mode. Essentially a sort of boost mode (though uses a little more electricity for those keeping tabs) that makes it work faster. Useful for, yes, you guessed it, drying clothes. Note: even when using this function, it will still take some hours to fully dry a full load hung out on an indoor rack. But still better than all day/overnight. Also, this model features an option for "continuous drain"; which if set up correctly negates the need to ever remove the tank for emptying.
Bottom line. Works harder and faster. With equivalent conditions I'd say it's 20% or so more efficient/fast. (Maybe the reason it's a bit louder?)

Summary: Quite good, but not as nice as it's precedessor.
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on 22 October 2010
Beware the magnet!

Now I've worked it out the machine seems to be working fine. However when I opened the box and turned on the machine, the "tray full / tray not in place" light was on all the time and it refused to work.

After a lot of head scratching I realised there was a tiny 2cm magnet lying on the carpet next to the box. I found a vaguely magnet-shaped slot in the float part of the tray and tried slotting it in, and hey presto it worked.

There is no mention of this in the manual - all it says is that if the light is on, the tray is not fitted properly. There is no diagram of the tray either.
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on 8 July 2009
It does its job. It is a bit noisy though, but I use to let it run at maximum capacity for 1-2 hours in the bedroom before going to bed, so it doesn't really bother me. It is light unlike the older type which are using a refrigerator type of dehumification.
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on 30 October 2012
Bought this product for use in a damp cellar in Norway.....This de-humidifier costs around £333 over there, (special offer would you believe)!
A lot of houses in Norway have cellars, and ours was built ca.1939...The cellar is huge and prone to moisture, and the humidity reading is approx 91% (normal reading should be around 55%)
I have been using this for about one month now, and I can honestly say that this is a great product. Its lightweight, therefore easy to move around and can easily be plumbed in permanently.
Not knowing how much electricity it would use I put it on "minimum" and run it for an 8 hour cycle at a time. This fills up the container with excess water to max and has brought the moisture level in our cellar down to 54%. It also warms up the room slightly with the processed air coming from the "swinging" vents...(a must with sub zero temperatures outside)
Before I took it to Norway, I decided to use it here in the UK just to make sure it wasn't damaged and worked properly. I put it in my damp utility room which is of average size and put the setting on "auto". In less than half an hour the humidity level dropped by more than 10%!
Its early days yet, but so far it is faultless and a sound investment.
Although this being my first humidifier, I would definitely recommend this great product.

*Note: One slight disappointment is that if you use this unit with a time switch, it wont work as the On/Off button has to be pressed again once power has been disrupted, and you will also lose your preferred settings. If you use the preset 2-4-8 hour settings, then the unit will switch off automatically, and revert back to the settings you previously entered once the power button is pressed again.

**Update: 29th of November 2012. Two months on and the unit still works perfectly in Norway. I'm so impressed that i have now purchased one for use here in the UK. Don't hesitate, treat yourself and buy one!!
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on 29 December 2009
Having used it for a couple of weeks now, overall we are very impressed with the DNC65.
It does exactly what it says on the box and although it isn't as quiet as we'd have liked, we don't use it in a room were we sleep.
No problems with removing the water tank other than if it is completely full and we have not been careful removing it, then some water does spill out.

**Updated** No spills now - just needed to make sure that the plastic cap for the drip tray was secured properly.

On the plus side:
Very good at what it is designed to do
Reasonably quiet
Ioniser actually makes a difference
Gets washing dried in less than half the time when placed in the same room, even on Min

On the downside:
Not the prettiest (are they supposed to be?)
Could be quieter

Measured Power consumption:
Min - 27W
Max - 550W
Economy Washing - 450W

Finally, we have condensation free windows!
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on 27 February 2009
The only real drawback of this unit is the small 2 litre tank (though it comes with a drain connection and hose for people who want to plumb it up).

Otherwise, it's very quiet in 'minimum' mode and reasonably quiet in 'max' mode (our 3 month old baby sleeps fine with it in either mode).

Fantastic for drying clothes in winter, and because it's a condensing type it will work better at lower temperatures than a compressor-based unit (so works well in our utility room overnight, for example).

It's light and has a carrying handle, so it's easy to move from room to room. I can definitely recommend this product.
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on 6 October 2008
When I first tried to use this product, it would not switch on properly. The light to say that the water tray was full/not inserted correctly was lit. After investigation, I found that there is a magnet in the water tray that is used to detect if the tray is full. This magnet was not aligned with the system because of the poorly designed plastic cover. This was slightly warped (it feels like cheap plastic) and made sure that the magnet did not make contact. I managed to bend the plastic, and it started working, but after emptying the tank each time I had to go through this step (and it wouldn't always work first time).

Also, there is a vent that moves to blow air in different directions. It should move on it's own (there are three different settings), but this would not work at all; this may just have been my bad luck, but on a brand new product this shouldn't be the case...

It seemed to get water out no problem, and you could feel the difference in the room on your throat. It retreived the 2L in about 24 hours on "auto" setting.

We returned the item and I am considering a more conventional model.
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on 16 November 2011
I was really pleased when this first unit arrived. The size is nice and compact and it has lots of good features. Noise level is fine (it does have to suck air in, so there will be some noise but it's not as bad as some make out).

When the unit first needed to be emptied it took many, many attempts to get the unit to recognise that the water tray had been put back in. The unit did a good job, but on second use it refused to recognise that the water tray had been put back in and it would not start up again. This is bad design due to a small magnet (on a float)that the sensor struggles to detect. I returned the unit to try another of the same model.

It just arrived today and whoever assembled it in the factory must have slammed the tray in so hard that it broke the neck for the bung (used when you attach a draining hose) off from the back of the water tray. Twice is enough for me, I really like the unit in principle, but the reality of flawed design and poor build quality and now twice having to await collection for a return, have really let Delonghi down. My advice is to avoid, but you may be lucky and get one that arrives and works as intended - flip a coin if you like.
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