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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Game Party (Wii)
Price:£16.10+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 4 April 2017
Received in excellent condition
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on 8 August 2017
Good fun
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on 3 March 2008
A poor game that only just scrapes 2 stars if played with friends. I wouldn't bother if playing alone.

The games :

Darts - Controls takes some getting use to, but with some perseverance can be mastered. I would suggest trying high score firstly just to get used to controls before going onto other variations (301, 501, cricket)

Air Hockey - Very fiddly controls make it almost impossible to beat the CPU player, again best played against a friend, even then the amount of silly own goals conceded can become frustrating..

Hoops - Basketball shoot with fiddly control system (done better on Party Carnival), basically the more hoops you shoot, the more tickets you win.

Skii Ball - Roll the ball to try and hit the highest scores (Again control system and feel of game is better on Party Carnival).

Ping Cup - Bit of a weird one. The idea is to through a ping pong ball into one of 10 of your opponants cups?! At first was virtually impossible (after trying to follow on screen instructions), eventually with trial and error I can now hit a few cups, but have yet to complete a game (I normally quit out after about 1/2 hour).

Shuffleboard - A bit like curling on a table. Probably the best game here (again played with a friend as CPU player will beat you). The controls are fairly easy to master after a few minutes and can be quite fun.

Trivia - Oh dear... All questions have strong American slant (unless you are really into US sports and TV then avoid), plus scoring system not well documented in instructions.. Poor. Obviously the developers couldn't be bothered to change the questions for the UK release!

Borrow it if you must and try challenging a friend to Shuffleboard or Darts. Other than that avoid..
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VINE VOICEon 28 February 2008
Game Party is below par, far below par.

The game is simplistic and the only plus is that a few of these mini games are quite fun playing with 2 - 4 players.

On the downside the games are very limited and there are other games out there with more games that are fun to play together. Besides the controls arent always as smooth as you would like them to. The games that come with the Wii are far superior.

Not sure what the value is, but I would not buy it even if it went at a bargain.
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on 9 February 2008
I have to agree with the other comment on this game. I've played a review copy of this game and it is awful. There are far better games for the Wii and if you want a party game get WarioWare Smooth Moves instead, and if you've pre-ordered cancel it. It's criminal games like this sell over great games like Zak and Wiki and Mario Galaxy.
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on 18 February 2008
And thats it.

Trivia is too American to be playable by non US people, Shuffle board is a pretty US Centric game, not sure it's too well known outside the US, although it's not too hard to pick up. The games are fun for a few minutes, but nothing here is going to hold your interest for more than an hour at the most (and thats about how long it takes to play each game once). The unlockables are unlocked in a few replays of each game and they don't add anything to the game. Different colours of bats / balls or scenes and different people to play with, none of which seem to change the game mechanics, just the visuals. They've tried to give the game characters the appeal of Mii's but as they can't use Mii's its just not the same.

Controls are so so, there not unresponsive all the time, but sometimes they are, depends on the minigame. It's worse value than Wiiplay in terms of the variety and mix, at least Wiiplay you know it's only purpose is to make the controller pack a bit more reasonable. This has no such luck.

Avoid, buy Zack and Wiki or Endless Ocean.
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on 23 March 2008
This is just a little bit of fun on a rainy afternoon, it's not for serious sports fans. The other reviews slate this beyond belief, giving it less than an hours play. It's light and easy enough for Granny to play, but enough fun for the kids to give it some welly !

The main thing is the all the games are set in calm atmostphere, so if like me you cringe at the constant squeals and irritating soundtrack of Super Mario Charged Football this sequence of team and individual sports has a soothing easy going feel to it.

You earn tickets to unlock new games - however you only earn tickets in single player mode and this really is a family or group sort of thing.

We started with darts, loads of options from 301 through to 701 or cricket style challenge. Easy enough to master the throwing motion. Unlockable game is baseball darts - we've not got there yet.

Hoop Shoot - quite easy to master and a good 10 minute challenge.

Ping Cup, the only infuriating game, throw the ping pong into one of the cups, hmmm we just couldn't get this right.

Shuffleboard, we spent hours on this and it was highly addictive, curling is unlockable.

Skill ball, it's okay feels a bit like bowling on wii sports, once you master it it's simple fun.

Table Hockey - love this simple object of the game, made a little but harder with the slipperyness of the surface.

Only thing we haven't played is trivia, didn't have time after 2 hours.

For under £20 it's a good afternoons entertainment, not recommended for hardcore gamers.
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on 23 April 2008
Quite simply one of the worst collection of games I have ever had the misfortune to play, Darts with a flawed control system, throwing ping-pong balls down a table into cups, american trivia, 'shuffleboard' oh god don't get me started... If this CD wasn't packaged in the Wii bundle I would have not only demanded a full refund but also sued for pain and suffering.

The only game worth spending a little over 2 minutes playing is the air-hockey which does actually work quite well, but sadly didn't stop me adding this CD to the ever growing collection of games that are no where near as good as Wii Sports..
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on 7 July 2008
What a waste of money! I agree with all the negative comments above - this game is the worst Wii game I have. I can't believe that they would allow a load of American questions on the trivia bit when this is coming to an English market - that has to be one of the most ridiculous decisions ever made. The games are boring and there wasn't one I enjoyed that much. I did try to play it again with friends to see if I liked it any more in a group, but I didn't. Don't buy this - you will regret it. Mine's going on an auction site as soon as I get round to it.
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on 22 February 2008
I too made the unfortunate choice of purchasing this game. The graphics and games are poor with little to no enjoyment factor. I couldn't believe how limited the 7 games were. 5 mins is all you need to suss this out as being pretty bad!!!
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