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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 January 2009
This is a great action game.

You play the role of an agent wearing an adaptive suit that "learns" as you use abilities, running, jumping, shooting, driving etc. and increases your ability as you do so. (A little like Grand Theft Auto). So initially you're little more than a fairly athletic man, but with a few power-ups you become super-human able to leap tall buildings with a bound and pick up cars to throw at criminals. And each kill powers you up a little more.

I found it a very empowering game. I felt like Neo from the Matrix while jumping huge distances and heights, and sorting out the bad guys. As my abilities grew, it was great fun discovering what I could do. The graphics are excellent with long draw distances and a pleasing cell-shaded look to them that works very well.

Granted, it's a fairly mindless action game, but it's great fun and with a second player online, it gets even better.

The quality of this game belies it's cheap price and ready availability. Buy it for under £10 and enjoy! :)
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on 6 February 2008
This is an entertaining enough game but lacks any real depth. Once the 21 bosses have been wiped out, an achievement that should have been more challenging, there is little reason to return to the game. The final 'twist' is poor too and makes little sense. A good bargain bin title.
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on 14 October 2009
This game is like the old arcades: much fun but little story. You're thrown in the middle of a warzone, armed with a submachinegun and a pistol. Your enemies are many and well armed but you're constantly evolving while wasting those punks and, if feeling lonely, sharing the thrill with a friend.

One of the best games of the 360 without a doubt... o_O
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on 12 November 2010
I started playing this game with high expectations and i was not disapointed. Set in a large city with very little boundaries, this game initially reminded of GTA with the abilty to jump into a variety of vehicle's and cruise around the city. You start of a normal cop with limited abilities and you are tasked with cleaning the streets up by taking out gangs. As you play along you strength, agilty (speed and jumping, weapon efficiency (including explosion upgrades)and Vehicle handling start to improve as you collect orbs. Where this game sticks out is that there is almost no limit to how far you can progress abilities. Once i had finshed i was jumping from skyscraper to skyscraper and blowing up whole streets, GREAT FUN!

Also the agency Vehicle's change depending on your ability and are alot of fun. The multiplayer is alot of fun too, i had the game for a while when my friend bought it and asked for my help. So i jumped straight into his city again with no boundaries i could be anywhere else on the map i wanted to be. The best part was that my characters abilitie's were almost maxed so while he struggled to jump a wall and shoot enemies with his gun, his jaw dropped when i leaped over a building and destroyed half the gang with a few well placed explosives.

Graphics are good not great but gameplay more than makes up for this.
I would highly recomend this for anyone looking for fun game to play
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on 18 June 2013
The main reason we play video games, or at least in my experience is to have fun. Some games can be immersive and have amazing storytelling. Others have great gameplay which is incredibly fun and addictive to play.

This game has awesome gameplay. It has a Grand Theft Auto type deal, but it's a lot more wacky and ridiculous.
You play as an Agent, someone who has been genetically modified to fight crime, so you can jump higher, run faster and hit harder than the average human. These skills are all improved through practice in them or collecting orbs. As well as these you can also get better at Explosives, Guns and Driving. Upgrading these will make your explosions bigger, your guns do more damage and you get better cars. As your strength increases you'll be able to hit enemies or enemy vehicles so hard they'll fly across the street. You can practically jump a skyscraper when you get your agility to the highest level. This adds longetivity to the game and you will find yourself practicing each skill to get it to the next level.

The missions and things that you do are comprised of taking out key gang members in the three different groups that span the city. Killing these gang members make your ultimate goal easier, killing the kingpin of that particular gang.

The story isn't that great and you don't feel particularly immersed, you don't really get to care about the characters. That's the only reason this game isn't a five star for me. But the great gameplay mechanics make up for this.

I'd definitely recommend it!
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on 7 September 2013
I absolutely loved this game, it kept me entertained for hours, it came within the 3 - 5 day promise and I was very pleased when it arrived two days after the order. It came with no scratches and no cracks in the game case. There was enough to do as there are lots of bosses and you constantly are under attack from rebels so it is very action packed, the graphics are not glitchy and I have had no freezing or lag problems with this game. I hope you found this review helpful, James :)
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on 1 November 2016
Came in what looked like a Polish box but the game was still English. I had to download a program to let me play it off Xbox marketplace. It works fine and I can play online with a friend after he's download the program too. Was very quick dispatch and delivery.
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on 15 April 2012
>Very cheap, good value for money
>Incredibly fun gameplay
>Good, cartoon-like graphics
>Good system of levelling up
>I loved the jumping once I had achieved four stars, far too fun

>Fairly short
>Not too much variety with bosses
>No local co-op, only online or system link

All in all, Crackdown is a hugely fun game, and for around a fiver it is great value for money, but will not last a massive amount of time.
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on 23 October 2014
Crackdown is an amazingly fun super cop game where you start as an above average power character and level up abilities to the point of super human.
The story is barely existent and the boss encounters are anticlimactic; the mission is to take down the 21 mob bosses that have infected the city but all I found myself doing was bouncing around the city collecting power-ups occasionally taking up mob bosses.
The game-play is passable with a basic melee and a focus on guns; the guns handle in a third person arcade style with power-ups available making it less tense in large fire-fights. As your strength is increased you can also lift heavier objects starting with pipes and bins and ending by lifting tourist buses, reinforced doors and even more without any effort.

In conclusion Crackdown is a fun sandbox for messing around but lacks substantial depth which may put some off.
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on 4 February 2016
Great game., great price.... Originally overlooked when 1st released due to more people interested in the HALO demo than the actual game... Very enjoyable action game, better than the 2nd in my views, and watch out for the reincarnation on the XBOX ONE later this year
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