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on 3 December 2015
I am very happy with this drill. I use it for occasional jobs around the house and i never had to switch to the corded drill. Sometimes i do prefer to use the corded drill when doing some heavy work on concrete but only because the higher RPM allows me to get the job done faster. Still, this cordless drill always gets the job done even on concrete walls and most of the time i don't have access to an outlet, so i have to rely on batteries.

I don't like Ni-CD batteries but so far i haven't had a problem with this cordless drill. Sure, i have to be extra cautious not to let the batteries overcharge or store the batteries for too long without charging or even charge them before they are almost fully uncharged so they don't get addicted. This is definitely not very convenient but not the end of the world either.

Included bits are kind of garbage, which is expected, but you can buy an inexpensive bit kit with some quality bits like these:

Bosch 50 Piece X-Line Accessory SetBosch 2607010608 34-Piece X-Line Classic Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set

Overall i love it. It has way more power than i expected and has proven to be very reliable so far.
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on 13 June 2011
Purchased from Amazon, the item came well boxed within the time specified.Plastic box is very useful, though I'm not sure it will last as long as the drill.I bought this Draper unit because it seemed to offer just a little more value for money than some better known names.
The charger is fast and the batteries seem to last pretty well under my initial project which was quite demanding of juice. Everything fits neatly and the inclusion of spare drill bits in the case is extremely handy. The unit is moderately hefty which is reassuring as an 18volt drill must surely come in for the heavier jobs. It seems to be robust in construction and everything fits neatly. The controls are positive and without play/ sloppiness.
The hammer action works well and the torque settings are suitable to a wide range of needs.The only slight negative I have is that the chuck has slipped a couple of times, which at present I am putting down to my getting used to the machine. Over all I am delighted with my purchase.
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on 12 September 2014
I have to say that I regret this purchase. Admittedly when I bought it the price was very good but I would recommend anyone tempted by the price to dig a bit deeper and go for something better. The problem with this drill is the chuck which wobbles so much that any kind of careful drilling is almost impossible. It was so bad on the first drill I received that I returned it for a replacement (which Amazon were fantastic about). Although the replacement was better it was far from good and if I hadn't needed a drill for an urgent job I never would have kept it. Since then I've persevered with it and used it for quite a few home DIY jobs but it's a misery to use and every time I do I wish I hadn't bought it. Compared to the basic Black and Decker which I was replacing this drill was a huge disappointment and after struggling with it for several months I'm now looking to buy a better one and will give this away as soon as I do.
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on 13 December 2013
I had one of those 24v cordless drill that lasted for over 5 years until one of the batteries started losing charge. Over the years it's price went over the roof so I didn't replace it with a similar one and went for this Draper 18v.. I must say, this one feels strong and powerful, I mean it has more torque than the 24v. I can not comment on the battery life yet, but it is pretty good so far. I read somewhere that the Ni-CD battery is a lot better than the new li-lon simply because they can set on the shelf for weeks and months without being used and still have their charge once you use them and based on this I preferred this drill over better makes with the new Li-lon batteries.
Also dont be fooled by the saving they say you could make, its RPP is £50ish, shop around you will see but I prefer to buy from Amazon due to the good customer service they have.
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on 12 April 2011
Had this for a month or so now and been using it pretty much daily on an outbuilding project and so far it has performed very well indeed, for the price it's reasonably pokey, the battery lasts for around half a day if being used pretty regularly and having the second battery (takes just the one hour to charge), means the drill is never unavailable. The charger was not working properly when I got it, so I contacted Draper and they had a replacment out to me within a week, excellent service. On the minus side the chuck isn't huge (but in reality once you get up to big bit sizes you would probably need something with a load more welly anyway), it is a little on the heavy side and the drill bits it comes with are uniformly useless. Overall however you won't get a better performing 18 Volt drill (with two batteries), for the price. Highly recommended.

Update: OK, over three years on and the two batteries are finally knackered (will work but not for long and don't hold a charge), but they have been in constant use for the whole time and I have dropped and clattered the drill numerous times and, up until last week (when I dropped it off a ladder and smashed the casing), it has performed excellently. I will definitley be buying another if I can, for the price it remains highly recommended
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on 30 November 2011
This is without doubt the worst battery drill I have ever owned. Bought purely on the strength of the reviews on here. However the battery life is terrible. Every time I use it I have to charge the batteries first as they have lost their charge. So I run them down, charge them up, pack them away. A few weeks later go to use the drill and both batteries...... dead, or not enough power to drill a small hole.

Even when they are freshly charged the power is poor. It is cheap, and I suppose you get what you pay for....
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on 17 May 2013
This drill has everything you would need on a cordless drill apart from someone at the end of it doing the work for you. Hammer action, torque control, ( useful for driving screws,) two speeds and an electronic trigger control which allows you to control the speed while drilling or driving screws. It also has a reverse action. It comes with two battery's that charge in approx an hour to an hour and a half, a popular selection of HSS drill bits and a selection of screw driver bits all incorporated in a nice robust plastic case. The one small problem that I have with it is engaging the gearing when changing the speed ( a selector slide switch located at the top of drill ) but I get around this by slowly turning the chuck by hand when making the selection. I do not know if this happens on mine alone or is a common fault. I live in a basement flat and the walls are rendered in sand and cement, this powerful little drill copes with it well without me having to get the heavy artillery out.
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on 14 January 2014
Have to say for the price this is a cracking drill it serves all my diy needs and comes with a extra battery , and with a charge time of aprox 1hour 20 mins ish on a completely flat batt is great and value for money... Its comes in a plastic moulded case and holds all the bits that it comes with.. The drill bits it comes with especially the screw bits are poor so do yourself a favour go buy a good quality strong long lasting drill bits set for your needs...Since using this draper drill for my personal DiY jobs its past with flying colours thus far... its quiet heavy for a cordless drill and as of yet ive not had the chuck slip on me when using it on the hammer setting. Its not a expensive drill and for my needs it works just fine, and with a hammer function which lets be honest u will need some day on a job im sure... So i would say if your in the market for a drill for your DiY jobs at home then i would say buy this drill and it wont cost the earth and it will serve u well ..
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 February 2013
I am a reluctant DIYer and purchased this drill to replace an aging Black and Decker which needed a further replacement battery. Straight out of the box, it took about an hour to charge each battery and aimed with a fully charged drill and a selection of bits I have drilled masonry, wood and metal without any issues at all and so far have not had to call upon the second battery.

I am not using this item for frequent use, such for my employment of serious DIY, but for someone like me who needs to drill holes on an irregular basis it has proven to be fine and is an item that I would recommend.
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on 5 December 2014
This is my second of these drills, my first was lent out, abused & died! This drill will not win any design awards, but it works really well, plenty of torque on low speed when using as a screwdriver (variable torque & speed, very handy). The hammer action is pretty good. This is an excellent DIY tool, not for daily on site work, but for the home is ideal. You get 2 batteries, they last pretty well & the charger does the job in about an hour. Light turns to green when charged, so it does not overcharge & barbeque the batteries. The quick release chuck is OK. The carry case has enough room for essential drill bits. All in all I like this drill, really handy for outside, would happily recommend. Was delivered very quickly, many thanks!
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