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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2007
Its great to have this DVD. I am a massive McCartney fan and I love seeing these promo videos, many I have not seen before. For the money it does seem good value I have to say and the sound quality and picture is amazing, especially on the 5.1 setting.
The live footage is great so is the bouns footage. Any McCartney fan would enjoy this DVD.
My only criticism is that I had hoped it would be complete. True the widescreen criticism already mentioned by previous reviewers is a little bit of a shame, and I can see their point, but to me the biggest dissapointment was that it is not complete. I hoped it would be all of Pauls promo videos but lots are missing. Where is "Stranglehold", "Again, and Again and Again", "Spin it on", "Wildlife", "The World Tonight", "Young Boy", I could go on and on. Also Rockshow and Unplugged sets from disc 3 are only highlights, I thought they would be the entire shows, maybe I was expecting too much, but I would have gladly paid a little more and had it all complete.
But all in all I am pleased they have done this DVD set, and it reminds you just what great music Macca has given us and continues to give us.
Keep it up!
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It doesn't have every video, but there's a good selection. However several stars off for the fake widescreen. The majority of the videos were filmed in fullscreen and the only way to fake a widescreen picture is to crop off the top and bottom of the original picture. If you know the original videos well you will be aware how much is missing.

If you can accept this, then there's a lot to enjoy on these DVD's.
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This three disc set covers over forty years of Paul McCartney and Wings with studio video, live performances and extras that you probably have never seen. All the songs have been cleaned up and most are in 5.1 surround sound. Paul also contributes valuable and interesting voice-over commentaries for much of the material, if selected.

Don't let the first disc fool you into thinking that all the videos will be the same. Some of the storylines and video may be a bit dated looking and fuzzy, but the sound is perfect. "Ebony & Ivory" is a bit saccharin for my tastes, but Mac makes up for that with great video renditions of, "Mamunia", "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Mull Of Kintyre" and of all things, "C-Moon", which sounds great.

The second disc covers videos of Paul's work in the eighties and nineties with crisper videos and great sound. There is new life breathed into, "Pipes Of Peace" and "Fine Line". It's a nice grouping of songs that were not as popular as the Wings ear, but just as creative and important. This disc also has interesting extras, including the documentary, "Creating Chaos At Abbey Road", which is not to be missed.

The third disc is much better in visual clarity and covers seven songs from the seventies with the classic "Wings" performing in fantastic form with great sound and a spectacular light show. The second `unplugged' section with studio musicians in a small theater is perfect with the amazing dexterity and clarity from an acoustic performance. Paul and band mates perform four gems here. This is followed by the concert at Glastonbury, which looked like an amazing event with Paul performing nearly a dozen songs, including great renditions of, "Let Me Roll It", "Flaming Pie", "Hey Jude" and a mournful, Yesterday".

The extras on this disc are great with Paul's "Live Aid" contribution of "Let It Be" and friends. Paul overdubs the problems with sound and how there was no rehearsal or sound check. The sign of a true professional. Superbowl XXXIX is a visual and sound-ful knockout with - "Baby You Can Drive My Car", "Back In The U.S.S.R.", "Live & Let Die" and closing with, "Hey Jude". The crowd is completely taken with him.

Paul is alive and although this collection is exhaustive, he shows no sign of slowing down his recording of marvelous material. Don't forget about the extensive booklet, either!
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on 9 March 2011
This is an excellent visual history of the music of Paul McCartney from the post Beatles break up album 'McCartney' in 1970 to his 2005 'Chaos and Creation in The Backyard'.

Even though the collection is not a definitive video or performance collection it still is great value for money and contains a good variety of Macca's solo and Wings recordings.

Contents of all three discs:

Disc 1:

"Tug of War"
"Say Say Say"
"Silly Love Songs"
"Band on the Run"
"Maybe I'm Amazed"
"Heart of the Country"
"With a Little Luck"
"Goodnight Tonight"
"My Love"
"C Moon"
"Baby's Request"
"Hi Hi Hi"
"Ebony and Ivory"
"Take It Away"
"Mull of Kintyre"
"Helen Wheels"
"I've Had Enough"
"Coming Up"
"Wonderful Christmastime"

Disc 2:

"Pipes of Peace"
"My Brave Face"
"Beautiful Night"
"Fine Line"
"No More Lonely Nights"
"This One"
"Little Willow"
"Pretty Little Head"
"Birthday" (live)
"Hope of Deliverance"
"Once Upon a Long Ago"
"All My Trials"
"Brown Eyed Handsome Man"
"No Other Baby"
"Off the Ground"
"Biker Like an Icon"
"Spies Like Us"
"Put It There"
"Figure of Eight"
"C'Mon People"

Disc 3:


"Venus and Mars"
"Rock Show"
"Maybe I'm Amazed"
"Lady Madonna"
"Listen to What the Man Said"

MTV Unplugged

"I Lost My Little Girl"
"Every Night"
"And I Love Her"
"That Would Be Something"


"Flaming Pie"
"Let Me Roll It"
"Band on the Run"
"Back in the U.S.S.R."
"Live and Let Die"
"Hey Jude"
"Helter Skelter"
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Live Aid performance

"Let It Be"

Super Bowl XXXIX Halftime Performance

"Drive My Car"
"Get Back"
"Hey Jude"
"Live And Let Die"
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on 12 November 2007
Have just received this in the post, and am pleased to report sound quality is suberb (knocks spots off other Paul DVD's). You have the choice of playing the soundtrack in chronological order, or in an order picked by Paul. It most cases, visually it looks good too.

The third disc contains excerpts from 3 concerts, including bonus material from Live Aid and the Superbowl concerts. The unplugged songs are particularly good.

Highly recommended!!
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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2007
How long has everyone waited for this? An official release bringing together a large proportion of Paul's little seen videos and films spanning his post-Beatles career - seems like forever. I eagerly awaited my delivery of this but my heart sank when I read some of the wording on the back cover upon its arrival. The phrase I'm referring to is "given a new lease of life in widescreen format" ! Unlike feature film productions, none of these promotional films were produced in a widescreen format except possibly the very latest examples like "Fine Line". Therefore the wide picture format does NOT give you extra image at the sides compared with the original. Instead we are seeing less picture than we ever did before because the image has to be zoomed, cropping top and bottom from the original 4:3 ratio picture thereby creating the widescreen result. It's rather ironic that the song "So Bad" (which sums up my feelings about this DVD release) IS presented in it's original 4:3 ratio as it is only an extra and not part of the main selection. Maybe they didn't bother to "restore" this one! Have a look at that and see the difference. Also, just compare any of the more common videos with examples viewable on a certain well-known internet video website and see how much picture is missing. These videos should have all been presented in their original 4:3 ratios- it's all very disappointing. The 1-star rating is for the DVD presentation not the musical content of course.
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on 18 May 2010
I really liked the idea of this DVD coming out. I particularly liked the idea that this was going to be the ultimate McCartney DVD. Even though it is really good, which is why I gave it 5 stars, it isn't what I expected. I wanted more Rockshow, and more Backyard (which can be briefly seen in the main menu of disc 1). There was also a problem with the widescreen (they chopped off Paul's head in a few videos). The sound quality is superb though, especially when heard in DTS, and the multi-angle in "Goodnight Tonight" and "Baby's Request" is very interesting.
All in all, for the price, this is a lovely DVD to have but I hope Paul's people will talk him into re-releasing Rockshow, as that really is Paul at his best (post-beatles).
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on 12 June 2010
This DVD contains pretty much exactly what the description says it contains; all of McCartney's music videos from 1970 to when the DVD was released (I think, I'm not an expert on McCartney's solo career). In addition to this, there is some great footage from live performances as well as the full 'Chaos and Creation at Abbey Road' film. There could have been more stuff packed into this DVD, such as the full Parkinson interview rather than just the 2 minute snippet, but it's still a great collection and excellent value for money!
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on 30 July 2009
Amazing to get such a collection in one place. Spanning nearly 35 yrs, from early solo tracks like Maybe I'm Amazed to the Chaos and Creation album of 2005.
Loved the commentary from the great man himself describing the videos.
Would love to see a rarity box set if at all possible or a McCartney 3 album.
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on 8 January 2008
I agree with the others. I also would have loved a full McCartney Video set, he has around 80 videos, so i was disappointed it wasnt and also would have paid more to get the full set, still its brillant to have the collection. Ive no complaints about the screen size, to be honest i never noticed anything. McCartney is probably the greatest songwriter of the rock n roll era, he may never be surpassed
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