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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
In Search Of Sunrise 6: Ibiza
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 19 September 2007
Quite accurately, given that September has given us the best weather this "summer", the 6th installment of Tiesto's album offers us another excellent compilation of flowing beach tunes. As with previous albums, the quality of Tiesto's mixing on both albums is truly sublime and cannot really be faulted. The order and precision of songs is sensational and is the main reason why this album is good.
As with #5, you can picture yourself on a beach, either during the day with more chilled, ambient tracks, or in the early hours with the thumping trance numbers. Both types of song appear on both albums, which allows you to progress from your favourite Ibiza experience in such a short space, just by playing this CD in your bedroom or car. This, again, is all down to Tiesto's fabulous mixing technique.
I feel, however, that the actual choice of songs is not as good as we heard in #5. Let me first of all emphasise that this could purely be down to taste, but to me, there are less individual brilliant songs on #6 as there were in #5. I did make the point, as is the case here, that the album is better listened to from start to finish, but as it grows on you, you realise that there are 3 or 4 tracks that stand out ahead of the rest... I didn't feel that sense of uplift or excitement this time. For example, the stormer by Leama & Moor on CD1 of volume 5 struck me as brilliant from the off, whereas none of them have done that this time.
On the flip side, there are no total failures, and all of them fit in to the style of heat and passion Tiesto wishes to portray.
It is still an excellent album, and one that I would recommend to people who enjoy trance, house, progressive and ambient music, or who simply have an eye for amazingly constructed compilations. Perhaps many of you will say the that this album, and not #5, has the most striking songs in; after all I recognise that is is a matter of taste. Despite this, Tiesto has not let me down, and he, once again, plays a key role in keeping this style of music well and truly alive.
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on 31 January 2018
That's a trance lover for 20 years with over 500 trance albums I have never really enjoyed in search of sunrise series because it is just too chilled with no trance uplifters but this volume 6 is actually quite surprising as cd2 offers some trance which is uplifting in places!
Before I heard vol 6 there was only volume 1 that I ever truly enjoyed with its decent amount of trance.
I give this three stars for its cd2 but I wouldn't bother with CD 1 as it's all just the same as the previous CDs in the series with its chilled out Style trance.
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2007
Well quite frankly the answer to this is yes and no.
For anyone who is new to Tiesto; the man has been known and quite rightly so for his epic trance and euphoric 'hands in the air' anthems that got him his superstardom 'god-like' image. When you're that high up and have that much power it's easy to see why artists such as Oakenfold have sold out and gone for the mass appeal rather than reward the loyal fans who have followed the artists since they began their career. Tiesto, however much you respect or like the man, have to admire what he's done for the music industry.
However, saying that it's ironic that the style that got Tiesto his 'god-like' appeal is hardly evident in his latest mixes and cds. That's not to say the man has sold out; it's simply stating that this is the "transition" period all artists go through. Do you sell out and get more money and in return a hell of a lot more fans? or stick to what you're doing and reward the loyal fans?
In Search Of Sunrise is, in my many respects, the complete opposite to what the Magik series offers. It's a chilled out, mellow 2 CD pack that is ideal for sitting on the beach with a martini and watching the sunrise. But is this really Tiesto? I can't help but think his new style has been influenced by, in my opinion, the greatest trance artist of the moment Armin Van Buuren. Listen to 'A State of trance' and then listen to this cd and I guarantee it will sound exactly the same. Same type of tracklisting, same feelings throughout the tracks and seamless mixing (although it would be due to everyone using computers to mix seamlessly nowadays)
In Search Of Sunrise 6 has always been a 'summer' cd and considering many of us didn't actually have much of a summer in the UK, its possibly come in the wrong year.
The CD starts, as it usually does, with a chilled out balearic track that builds nicely into the best track on the cd 'Contact by Glen Morrison'. A progressive number that slowly builds and builds until you find yourself nodding your head with one hand in the air. An excellent track to start a CD off with. A real moodsetter. Unfortunately for Tiesto, it's all downhill on the first cd from there. 'Dont belong' 'summerfish' and 'Madras' are all relatively mild tracks that should have been played nearer the beginning. The CD picks up slightly with a beautiful track 'searching for truth' by The Veil Kings which you cant help but feel has 'ARMIN VAN BUUREN' written all over it. The tracklisting goes up and down from here, as if Tiesto couldnt decide whether to go back to the mellow tunes he delivered in the middle of the CD or drop in a few euphoric tunes. From here onwards you find yourself wondering exactly what Tiesto was trying to accomplish from this CD. For a man who has been deemed 'the master of progressing a set', this really does sound sloppy. The CD ends with another mellow, beautiful tune 'Lonely' by Reeves. Looking back at the first CD the tracks that really cut it were, strangely, the progressive house tracks and not the trance tracks. Which is bizarre for the man who is responsible for awesome trance sets. I was left feeling slightly confused after listening to the first cd as to what exactly Tiesto's intention was with his journey that he portrays so well in his cds; almost, but not quite, to the same effect as Sasha.
The 2nd CD, like the first, starts very, very well with a chilled out trance melody that continuously rises until it goes into 'what you need' by Nic Chagall. The cd once again takes a step back and goes into a more relaxed, chilled out tone before slowly picking the tone back up into more 'electric trance' territory. Synthy bleeps and vocal samples as well as some tracks which, in my opinion, seriously do not suit a 'summer chill-out cd', including the electro track which seems to be everywhere this summer 'Arguru-Deadmau5'. Sticking to this style of electric trance, Tiesto reaches into the bag and pulls out the best track on this cd 'Falling-First State'. A chillingly euphoric track that has some amazing effects and instruments over some awesome vocals. Once again, after an amazing track, the mood dips back down again into a fairly mellow trance track, but good none-the-less 'Fall to pieces-Jonas Steur'. It falls even further into chilled territory with 'Mercury Room-Tom Cloud' before picking it back up for 'Chase my rabbit' and then dips again for the last track. So all in all, the 2nd cd just cuts it as the better cd but once again you find yourself wondering what Tiesto intended with this cd. Hints of the Magik Series are shown throughout both cds but, just like mainstream cds, there seems to be no thought to progressing the set and no 'journey' which Tiesto has delivered so effectively in his previous cd installments.
All in all, I didn't enjoy this CD as much as his earlier work. Is this due to his style that emulates so closely the man who pulls off chilled trance so well; Van Buuren? Possibly. The one thing that really struck me with this cd is Tiesto's tracklisting. A strong tracklisting, I'll give him that, but the way the tunes have been meshed together seems sloppy. The mix between progressive house and trance is seamless, as expected, but this most certainly doesn't even come close to his best work.
Howver, saying that,I didn't feel the emotional euphoria I usually feel with all of Tiesto's work which, in my opinion, is what music is all about; and what DJs are their for. Tiesto didn't cut it for me this time, which is a shame for a man who you expect so much from. If you want a taster of the same chilled-trance and euphoric trance of the same calibre I strongly recommend 'A state of trance' by Armin Van Buuren, or Anjunabeats-Above and Beyond.
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on 3 October 2007
Well i've been a fan of Tiesto for years and i can whole heartedly say this CD does excatly what it says on the tin e.g. if you liked the previous In search installments then you WILL like this one too. I don't think people people saying "its not very Ibiza" has anything to do with this album because i've never felt the series reflected the music geogrpahically- naming the albums after places like Panama, L.A, Ibiza is a personal thing to Tiesto because its a selection of music he himself played in those areas so it won't mean squat to you unless you were there at the time. All albums are great, the music brilliant regardless of where he played it, so pay no attention to comments like that. If you bought this album hoping that it would cover this summers cheesey dance anthems heard around some of the lesser clubs in Ibiza then you'll be dissapointed (go for a more mainstream/tacky series album such as the millionth ministry of sound release), this is the real side of dance music e.g. music played and mixed by one of the worlds best dj. I think Tiesto (along with Armin) really is in a class of his own when it comes to dance and this series has rasied the bar for "chilled dance" time and time again.
Each album in the series has been different enough to keep me intersted but has stuck to the same formula at the same time to keep me coming back and i own every single one. As normal CD1 is the chilled on the beach vibe and CD2 is the louder, harder selection of tracks.

Easily a 4 out of 5, possibly even a 5.
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on 10 September 2016
This is lush as my boss had a copy of this at work I loved this as that's why I brought my very own
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on 11 October 2015
I'm an avid trance fan and this is one of my favourite all time albums. Can't understand why this has some bad reviews? Possibly because people may see the word "ibiza" and just automatically think of "bangers"? I think Tiesto has captured the Balearic ibizian vibe perfectly here, on disc 1 especially. Track 3, belong, being a personal favourite. Please come back to trance and classic albums like this Tiesto. The new stuff is awful!! Anybody considering this.....hit buy NOW!!
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on 4 December 2015
In Search of Sunrise 6 Ibiza by Tiesto music collection contains some dance/trance hits that give a person a feeling of being musically transported to a happy/blissful world. Tunes such as Imagination by Jes and Different Day, Different Light by Progression. In Search of Sunrise 6 Ibiza Tiesto can either be enjoyed inside the privacy of one’s living residence and/or taking a walk outside (even for long walks ranging from 30 minutes or more).
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on 7 March 2015
Tiesto what more do I say great album amazing sound well worth tit I got from
Zoverstocks well good service do get it all round great we'll worth 5 stars
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on 18 September 2011
Great album, continual great tune after tune, one of the best Albums Tiesto has done, Its one of my favourite CD'S along with his Elements of life. I play it everyday I love it. I definitly recommend it.
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on 4 April 2017
Arugably the best album in the series. This is pure bliss for a summer run or bike ride
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