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on 16 September 2010
I'm in the I-saw-the-English-version-in-1987 club too. I searched high and low for the English version. The BBC didn't have it and the commissioner's office put me on to Eureka Video who told me that, even if the English dubbing was found and the rights were not an issue, it would not be cost-effective to print a new batch of DVD's containing the English soundtrack anyway. So I bought the original French version. You know, I'm glad I did. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Even with subtitles. This cartoon has stayed in my mind since 1987. It really is a top notch piece of work. Big thumbs up.
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VINE VOICEon 11 February 2008
This film freaked me out when I was a little boy. I saw it on BBC2, and when we got to the end with its shocking twist... I think that may have been the moment I really fell in love with science fiction.

Anyway time passed, I couldn't remember what the film was called and thought it was japanese, until I was looking at something about Moebius, the legendary French artist of the Incal and Blueberry and the Airtight Garage etc. etc. and realised that this was that film I had loved and lost.

So how does it stand up twenty years later? Well, the animation isn't as smooth as some of the stuff you get these days, but it has a strong design sense and distinct imagination that simply is never done in live action sci fi.

A little boy is trapped on a lethal planet after his father dies after a meeting with those rotten hornets. With only a microphone for company he travels across the planet facing bizarre natural threats. The microphone connects him to a spaceship carrying a heroic pilot and a spoilt prince who has stolen a fortune and his sister. They try to keep the boy safe while they travel across the galaxy to gather him up. Along the way they catch up with an expert on the planet, an old man who was attacked by those rotten hornets. They also face various threats that keep them from rescuing the boy.

To go any further will spoil the ending. I should say that as with Moebius' comic strips the ending comes out of left field - the plot is a string of adventures against the tension of whether the travellers will get to the boy in time - and isn't quite as incredible as I remember it (but I also think I'm slightly misremembering the film as well) but is still pretty fun.

It is still a great film though. I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of things like Labyrinth and the original Star Wars and all those late 70s/early 80s sci-fi and fantasy films. You know, back when they were adventures in metaphysics about the nobility of the soul, instead of thinly-veiled allegories about 9/11 and the war of terror.
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on 13 December 2013
This film was from the same director and writer of the 10/10 masterpiece la planete sauvage (also available from masters of cinema) so I had high hopes for it, but I didn't expect to be this good, likeable and memorable characters, full of imagination, great 80's feel and soundtrack and (omg) that ending......I won't give it away, beautiful. You must buy it now, the only reason this film wasn't a success was because it didn't get a fair chance cause it came out the same year as e.t.,blade runner and the thing , we must make this film famous watch now.
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VINE VOICEon 30 November 2007
The fourth emergency service: the metaphysical rescue mission. A young boy is stranded on a strange planet with a microphone as his only connection to the universe.//

IF ONE WAS ASKED to imagine a Hungarian/French co-produced animation; a well paced, intelligent, science fiction flick that features bursts of frenetic visuals more likely to be associated with Anime would probably be the last thing from your mind. Yet that is exactly what we are presented with here! Following a thrilling race across the wasteland of the planet Perdide, the story follows the solitude of Piel, juxtaposed with space adventurer Jaffarâ(tm)s incredible race to save the boy. On board are a renegade prince, his fiancée, a couple of telepathic gnomes and Silbad who knows Perdide a little too well! The animation conjures comparisons with //CowBoy BeeBop// and //Ulysses 31// as the art design provided by Jean Giraud (aka Moebius of //Heavy Metal// fame) really lifts the organic/mechanic wonders through-out. While the individual character animation of Piel and the gnomes is so lifelike that they are truly marvellous to watch every time they appear on screen. The story has an adult depth quite rare in the modern fayre of contemporary animated cinema. The characters are well rounded and engaging, and the story really has a sense of urgency, terror and adventure to it. Though there is something uniquely French about being able to take a break at a villa as you wait for the planets to align while on a rescue mission, it only ultimately adds to what makes the film so unique. But it is the final twist in the tale that is really quite a surprise and helps to make this a little known classic of its day.

//EXTRAS// The film gets the Eureka Masters of Cinema treatment with a new high-def restoration, shown here in the original aspect ratio alongside newly translated optional English subtitles, trailer, a collectable booklet and sadly little else.

Conceptual artist and designer Jean âaeMoebiusâ Giraud has also been responsible for bringing his vision to such films as The Abyss, Fifth Element, Willow, and erm⦠Masters of the Universe.
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on 26 June 2011
all i could remember about this film was the ending and the twist. I too saw the english dub in the late 80s. I searched "80s" "sci-fi" "cartoons" "time travel" and found it pretty quick. Been bugging me for YEARS
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on 21 October 2013
Enjoyable animated science fiction movie. What makes the movie enjoyable is the characters. The movie may seem to slow in some places. However this allows the characters to develop and the audience to eventually care about what happens to them.
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on 23 July 2008
If you like SF-comics from the 1980s, Moebius, Heavy Metal and so on, you will probably like Les Maitres du temps. If you're a fan of Laloux and/Moebius you have probably already bought this DVD. Recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 30 January 2010
Rene Laloux, director of the absolutely stunning Fantastic Planet, strikes again with this animated Euro space-jaunt, joining forces with artist Moebius to present a tale in which our heroes struggle across space in a desperate attempt to reach the planet Perdide, where a young boy is stranded and under threat from some truly abominable hornet creatures.
You know when you finally see something you haven't since childhood,and it turns out to be just as good as you remember? Well, that was definitely my experience of `The Time Masters': I first saw this as a boy and seem to recall it was on tv more than once over a comparatively short space of time, etching itself into my mind as a result. In fact, as an adult, I would say I enjoyed the film even more this time around, finding myself able to better appreciate its wonderfully off-kilter atmosphere and becoming less frustrated by the from-out-of-left-field ending. It's not really a film to watch for the plot (which is essentially two sets of picaresque adventures), more for the striking visuals (the faceless alien Xul angels are a standout) and the often unsettling mood.
The film looks great, and the DVD comes with an extensive booklet by Craig Keller, analysing and critiquing the film and Laloux's recurrent themes: whilst the interview with Moebius is very welcome, I can't say I always warm to Keller's tone in the rest of the booklet. For me, there's a fine line between erudition and pretention, and this frequently crosses it. His somewhat facetious comparison between Wah-Wah the Ouin-Ouin and Jar-Jar Binks is rather unwelcome as well, given the charming nature of the former. Still, there's plenty here to get your teeth (or your razor-sharp proboscis) into.
Overall, an excellent, trippy piece of cinema, not quite as cohesive as Fantastic Planet but very welcome nonetheless. Watch out for that ending though. It's about as memorable as it gets, but... well, just watch it.
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on 7 September 2016
Without a doubt the most transfixing animation I have ever seen. I remembered fragments of it as a child and like most of you I remember the English version (which is on Youtube) and hunted high and low for it though from reading others comments that will not be happening.
The visuals where so burned into my brain that I spent years trying to find out what this film was called and if I could purchase it. The hunt made harder as the Film is french and I had no idea art first. For me this is by far my favourite film of Laloux. So glad I now have it all be it without english dub.
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on 30 October 2013
this dvd was truly excellent and I would recommend it to anyone interested in animation and an interesting and thought provoking storyline.
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