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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 December 2007
Excellent work out - Liam is his usual brilliant self and having done the DVD a few times now, I have to say that it is very engaging and interactive, as well as being a tough cardio work out session. Initially I didn't like the music that much, but it has grown on me and is actually motivational and puts you in a good mood!!!

I think the main difference for me was that in this DVD there was diminished squat work and on the set exercises, the arms section with weights is excluded. I thought the set execises in this DVD were shorter than Ultimate Challenge but they are quite taxing. The stretch/cool down is improved and you can really feel your muscles pull and stretch out. I think if you use the two DVD's alternatively, (Ultimate Challenge and this one) you will have the best of it all!! ... and that is what I intend to do!! :) I highly recommend you to try this or Ultimate Challenge, the results I have seen personally are brilliant - fitness levels inceased and my weight dropped from 9stone to 8stone 6lbs now, and that is purely through the exercise. The DVDs Liam and Nell produce are easy to follow routines and are the only DVDs that I have not tired of and look forward to exercising to. Well done Team Nell!!!
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on 10 February 2009
This is my first time of using any of Nell's fittness video's and I loved it. High cardio and funky music and a class that look like normal everyday people what more can you ask for.
The moves are repetitive which is easier to learn and the challenge is to make it to the end without stopping.
I have followed this programme for five days and combined it with healthy eating and have dropped 6lbs as well as feeling fitter for it.
Well done Nell and team i didn't rate you before but am hugely impressed.
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on 5 February 2009
This is my first Nell McAndrew workout and it is quite advanced. I have been using Davina's for about 2 years and thought to try out other DVD's for comparison.

I did this workout start to finish, it is tough on the knees as there are lots of jumping on the spot (so bad if you have neighbours!) and the moves are repeated at least 5 times throughout the workout.

The warm up seems to take forever (it's about 8mins) because it was slow. Then first part is a 30 minute cardio. It's lots of arm waving and jumping on the spot and hopping but variations of it. Because of the lack of imagination with the routine, I got easily bored and it felt like I'd been doing it for an hour - however I was sweating and tired by the end, at times I had to slow down (and I would say I am at advanced fitness level).

The core and stretch is integrated which is pretty good. It works your tummy muscles a treat and very tough. It lasts about 20 minutes altogether.

I do find the instructor rather annoying, he is always talking because the moves are done for not long but they are repeated often. The music is some sort of funky trance dance which doesn't get me going at all. I find the routine lacks in friendliness and it is very repetitive. Although tough, I didn't find this enjoyable so I doubt I'd been running home to do it again.

In summary, this is a good cardio and core workout but you'll be bored by the end of it and want to revert back to your favourite DVD's again. Due to way it's structured, you can't break up the routine, you will have to do the whole thing so not good if you have less time.

I recommend the following workouts which I find fun and really works your whole body:

- Davina's Power of 3
- Davina's High Energy 5
- Billy Banks Tae Bo

- Davina's High Energy 5
- Ministry of Sound Pump it up - The Ultimate Workout
- Billy Banks Tae Bo Ultamite

- Coleen McLoughin's Brand New Workout(esp for toning)
- Davina Super Body Workout
- Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred (My favourite routine: do level 2 & 3 as one workout or do level2 with one of Davina's Super Workouts - very effective!)
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on 24 December 2007
Well I've just tried this and its as good as the last three. If you loved the previous Nell DVDs you'll love this. The same group are back and the workout is very much the same as the last. The music is great and it has something for everyone. I love to exercise and this really gets the thumbs up for cardio. I started my love of exercise with Nells older DVDs and they are the best of the usual annual fitness stuff. If you're a beginner it will be difficult to keep going but she says in the intro to just march in place or dance. Its a dvd that grows with you and your fitness level will improve. The rest can't compare with the quality brought out by Nell, Liam and Michelle. I'll just enjoy this and look forward to next years DVD.
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on 9 January 2008
Just done this and like all of Nell's workouts it certainly works you!! However this reminds me of the first one, not so hard on the upper body though and personally I prefer the second and third workouts as they are more circuits.

I feel like this one is a half hearted effort, thrown together with no thought by the makers. The abdominal sections are not really that good and there are not any weights and bum exercises on this one and you can get a free 3 day gym membership from any gym in the country.

I workout 4-5 times a week, mainly to Nell or Karen Voight (her great weighted workout is a great one to use alongside Nell) and I find that all of Nell's cause me Repetitive Strain Injury of the calf muscles which mean I have to visit a sports therapist every couple of weeks to have sorted out, this is something that happens to me if I run also.

I would like to see Nell and her team put together a well balanced circuit workout using weights and cardio as I feel that sometimes the cardio is over cooked and once you reach a certain point you stop burning fat and start hurting your body.

Don't get me wrong her workouts really work and melt the fat but sometimes I wonder if it would be better to do a lower impact workout more often as you can't possibly do her workouts daily, you have to give your body a day off or it will break down.

I also workout with British Military Fitness in a local park twice a week and don't workout at home when I do this and Nell's workout certainly got me fit enough to complete their tough tough drills and this is something I would recommend all Nell fans try.

Beginners won't like these workouts and I suggest they start with Karen Voight or Denise Austin whom explain form, which is something you never ever get with the Nell workouts, which is quite lethal. For example the plank in this one, he doesn't tell you to pull you abbs in to support you back.
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on 9 January 2008
If you are not familiar with Nell's workouts (she's now done four DVDs!). They are all based around the same principles - warm up, an intense cardio workout with running on the spot with various arm movements and jumping on the spot with intervals of slower stuff, killer squats or punches, depending on which DVD you do. Then there is a toning section, which before this DVD all had an arms, bum and abs section. They are excellent challenging workouts and I found them more effective than gym classes. You really feel liked you've exercised everything and for the first time ever my cellulite looks better and love handles smaller!

This DVD offers more of the same brilliant stuff but the toming section is slimmed down with no arms or butt section, it's all over in an hour. The cardio has less frequent intervals that her other stuff and the other DVDs last between 1hr 10mins to 11/2 hours. The music's not as good as Ultimate challenge and I think the toning session really misses the extra work.

In saying that it is an excellent workout and I am fan of Nell's (she rocks - ran the marathon in an elite time). This DVD is an excellent subsitute for ultimate challenge if you haven't got the extra time but don't want to be seen bailing out......

Take it easy if you are a beginner (but don't be put off - you'll be getting throught them all in no time) these DVDs are tough!
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on 8 February 2008
I just ordered this DVD last week and received it a few days later (thanks Amazon) and got to try it out later that day. I am fairly fit and used to do boxing quite a lot and have to say Liam and Nells workout is pretty intense and will make you sweat an awful lot.

The workout is solid and the music is absolutely brilliant, very pumping and energetic. I would recommend this to anyone, no matter what your level of fitness. 10/10
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on 27 September 2009
I am still trying to make up my mind about this DVD! I'm a big fan of Nell's fitness workouts as they are very challenging and suitable for the limited space I have available when excersising. My favourite Nell DVD is Peak Energy Nell McAndrew's Peak Energy [DVD] [2002] but doing the same workout 4 days a week over the last 18 months can get pretty boring so I was looking for something new. I find this DVD easier than Peak Energy but would say that you do need to be fairly fit before attempting it. It's also quite a bit shorter than the others - only around 55 mins if you do the whole thing.

The DVD consists of a short warm up (around 8 mins), then around 25 mins of aerobics (lots of running, jumping jacks etc) but you do get a few breaks every so often to get your breath back! Then they take you through around 10 mins of leg work, including squats and lunges, before a final 5 mins or so of fast aerobics. There is a short cool down (the proper cool down is at the end of the toning section). The next section, Core & Stretch, does just that - lots of excercises for the core, although there seems to be more excercises for your back than stomach.

I would have given this DVD 3 1/2 stars if it was possible, as I find the frequent breaks in the aerobics a nuisance and the toning section is not as good as previous Nell DVD's. However, this is still a good work out and I really like the funky music which makes excersising that bit more fun!
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VINE VOICEon 13 January 2008
I do my bit - I buy the DVD's, I do the workout, I lose the weight and sweat and gain the muscle. So why don't the DVD's ever improve?

Its not that Cardio, Core and Stretch is particularly unfit for purpose. Following this workout routine will without doubt help you shed fat and tone up. Its just its not particularly different to the majority of workout DVD's out there and there are things it could have done so much better.

The cardio section is essentially around 40 minutes of jogging on the spot, waving your arms in different directions. Ten times up, ten times to the left, ten times to the right. Then ten times bending them at the elbow in front of you. Ten times bending them at the right. And so on, until we come back to just raising them above our heads ten times.

The core and stretch section matches the cardio's blandness with its brevity. A few dozen squats. A few dozen press ups, and a few dozen times raising your head to your knees. You are done. Now a few stretches, pretty much exclusively of the calves and thighs and that really is it.

Of all of this, with the exception of Nell McAndrew's introduction, the cardio section is the hardest to get through. Nell even tells us it may be impossible. 'Don't worry if you can't complete it, its meant to be challenging'. It challenged me and won the first time round, but don't worry I will be back for more.

What more could you expect from a workout DVD? Well, maybe a variety in exercises would be nice. Even workouts for people at different levels might be nice. I have seen it done before with much lower profile stars on the front cover (which reminds me - why IS Nell McAndrew on the cover of this DVD? She contributes nothing to the workout except her perfect abs, and the extras (meet the cast!) add nothing to the package). More emphasis on warming down might stave off a few attacks of post-exercise cramps and aches and make returning to try again more appetizing. And perhaps an introduction that actually tells you what you're going to do, introduces the movements coming up, rather than just letting beginners get left behind as a dozen rejects from the cast of 300 go into their well-rehearsed routine, might stop a few people being left staring at the screen scratching their heads, thinking 'what the hell are you doing there?'.

Overall - adequate then. If you've been to a few gym classes and know your way around an aerobic workout I've no doubt this would be a great additional session a couple of times a week. If you're new to this sort of thing, perhaps looking to shed a few pounds, I would actually recommend going for several long walks instead or look into other titles. This DVD trades heavily on its association with Nell McAndrew, rather than provide anything you can't find elsewhere.
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on 27 December 2007
I have to say that this is a very demanding workout dvd. Great soundtrack and really motivating, it's one that you will be able to work out to over and over again.

Highly recommended!
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