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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 June 2011
I have seen a few other Queen DVDs and have a penchant for concert Blu Rays in general so I had high expectations going into this. Queen Rock Montreal not only lived up to my expectations but in many areas exceeded them. Not only is the concert filmed just before the synthesizers-period, with the band absolutely playing the hell out of their instruments, but the technical aspects of the concert recording are top notch too, leaving the whole thing great in all departments.

The sound quality is absolutely superb, crystal clear and very big, which really brings to attention all the skill and virtuosity with which Queen played the gig, and that's not just the mix but the recording quality itself too.

The video, which is of course excellent in the main concert, has been scrutinized and cleaned up on the original 35mm prints before being re-scanned for maximum quality, there is even a fairly detailed description of the process in the linear notes. Consequently, the concert looks amazing and clear in a way no other Queen concert does as of yet.

In terms of the concert itself, there is no question of quality whatsoever. Queen are absolutely electric and deliver a wide array of some of their hardest and heaviest material in about as energetic and impressive a performance as has been captured on film, and mix it up with a few quieter numbers for balance and variety, leaving a full and complete Queen concert experience.

The band don't even just stick to the big radio hits either, playing material such as 'Dragon Attack,' 'Get Down Make Love,' and 'Sheer Heart Attack,' that you wouldn't necessarily expect in with the 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' and 'Under Pressure,' level songs.

The highlights for me were the excellent performance of 'I'm In Love With My Car,' with Roger both singing masterfully and nailing the drum fills to perfection as well as their fast and hard rendition of early number 'Keep Yourself Alive.'

The band's performance is excellent, the track listing is excellent and the audio visual quality is excellent. What more could you possibly ask for in a concert Blu Ray ?

In terms of extras, you get commentary from Brian and Roger, A hilariously bad 80s TV special on Queen, An interesting rehearsal/interview for Live Aid and of course the excellent Live Aid performance itself, which doesn't even require describing it is that well regarded.

Overall I highly recommend this product, I enjoy a lot of Live Concert DVDs and Blu Rays and this is definitely one of the finest I've come across, especially if you like the harder rock side of Queen.
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on 9 August 2016
I think it's impossible to not get your money's worth when you but a Queen product. And this concert is NO exception. With the amazing lighting effects to the great track list and perfect quality, this is a must have for any Queen fan.
1. Intro
2. We Will Rock You (Fast)
3. Let me Entertain You
4. Play The Game
5. Somebody to Love
6. Killer Queen
7. I'm in Love with my Car
8. Get Down, Make Love
9. Save Me
10. Now I'm Here
11. Dragon Attack
12. Now I'm Here (Reprise)
13. Love of My Life
14. Under Pressure
15. Keep Yourself Alive
16. Drum and Tympani Solo
17. Guitar Solo
18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
19. Jailhouse Rock
20. Bohemian Rhapsody
21. Tie Your Mother Down
22. Another One Bites The Dust
23. Sheer Heart Attack
24. We Will Rock You
25. We Are The Champions
26. God Save The Queen

The band smashed it, with Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody to Love in particular. A five star product any day of the week!!
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on 30 June 2017
Superb concert with Queen pulling out all the stops to thrill and entertain. Watching this is like seeing gods from Mount Olympia coming down to do a concert. Bands today just don't come anywhere near the majesty of Queen. When talent and musicianship really meant something.
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VINE VOICEon 17 May 2013
I saw Queen play Wembley in 1986. I am on that dvd. But even so, if this is not the best Queen show on dvd then where is it. This is the "WE WILL ROCK YOU" video, but with so much more. As mentioned DTS as well as a total clean up of the 35mm negative. It is readjusted to 16:9 ratio for your widescreen tvs. And commentary from Roger & Brian... and you still want more?!....
...Live Aid is what you get, not just Queen, but Freddie & Brian's set to.

Montreal showcased Queen just after making it huge in USA and before they took a slight dip in their popularity. The lights are awesome - years before The Floyd made light shows all their own. It is a 95 minute Hard Rock show from the same era as the 2LP Live Killers. I am a fan of the Queen ROCK style and that said, my fave Queen LP?... A Day At The Races (just in case you were wondering - and you were not).

So turn of the lights, turn up the 5.1 volume, don't get settled in your fave chair cus this is stand up and shout and headbang stuff (most of the time) and when it isn't, that's the time to catch you breath.
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on 18 November 2008
What can you say - Freddie is in fine voice (though he does look a little bit fed up at times working so hard to get the audience involved - they aren't an over enthusiastic bunch), Brian's Guitar is brilliant as ever (despite the comment in an other review - was he watching this DVD?), Roger is on form and in really good voice compared to some live offerings (although for my taste the DTS mix is marginally over heavy on drums) and John's bass drives the whole concert with energy (how we miss him these days - come on John get out on the next tour!).

Someone commented that there are songs missing from this version but comparing song lists they are identical.

All in all the whole concert seems much fresher and the visuals are crystal clear (compared to the original NSTC release of this concert).

It is also a fantastic record of the last concert where Queen were a pure four piece band (pre Hot Space). Its also quite a heavy concert - concentrating on the heavier rock songs. Why 4 stars and not 5 - the audience which is an integral part of Queen's concerts feels slightly distant and strangely subdued: maybe it is because they are all seated.

Now I am waiting for the official release of Live in Budapest, my favourite concert by far - their "Love of My Life" is spine tingling!
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on 2 June 2018
Dreadful. Have a couple of Queen concerts on DVD this is most definitely the worst to the point of almost being sleezy
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on 30 May 2018
If you love Queen you will love this with plenty of content unlike some music DVD's.
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on 13 January 2010
I purchased this bluray on the positive reviews here. The DTS HD soundtrack is without doubt the best quality I have heard on a DVD music disc, never mind this being a bluray.
This is Queen in their pomp. Freddies' voice soars,Brian Mays'guitar work is exemplary and Roger Tatlors'drumming-wow-is all I can say. What energy.The picture quality is very good but not perfect. It's a little grainy in dark backgrounds. But you don't really notice the picture , it's the sound that absorbs you.
Highly recommended,a no brainer particularly if you like Queen
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on 16 March 2018
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on 19 April 2012
The picture quality is amazing considering when it was filmed a little too good when Freddie is just prancing about in tight shorts . The Live Aid quality isn't as good but it's all there and the box it's comes in is thinner so doesn't bulk out the blu ray shelf , I wish more would use these boxes it's much much better .
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