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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Whisper [DVD]
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on 13 November 2008
Max and Roxanne are a couple in financial trouble. When Max's make or break business deal falls through, they become involved in a plot to kidnap a child from a rich family. Disguised as Santa, Max kidnaps angelic David Sandborn during the childs Birthday party, and along with Roxanne and fellow kidnappers Sydney and Vince takes the boy to a hideout in the deep woods. Theres only one problem, David's no angel and soon strange things start happening to the gang, as David manipulates them to turn against each other and is able to enter their minds to drag out long buried secrets.
This is at times highly derivative of the original 'The Omen' cycle, a couple of scenes could actually have been lifted from those films, given a tweak or two. However this also happens to be a highly enjoyable little horror in its own right, and is stylish and atmospheric throughout. All the actors give good performances, and young Blake Woodruff is wonderful as the demonic David. In fact he gives the best performance in the film, some achievement considering Michael Rooker is in the cast. A very fine effort. 4 out of 5
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on 28 April 2017
A good production with good actors and staging and photography.
My only criticism is that it is a bit 'one paced' and lacks the power and mysticism of the great productions such as 'The Omen'.
I found it an enjoyable movie but not one that I would particularly want to watch again.
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on 17 August 2017
An interesting story, good acting, good sets, & good photography, but the premise, that the kidnapped boy could control his kidnappers' visions & thoughts, was too underplayed for my tastes. I was bored half the time.

Sort of like THE OMEN without the action. (and take my word for it, I can be totally engrossed with 2½ hour sub-titled foreign films).
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on 28 October 2012
These films with a psychic theme have always intrigued me.As in "The Omen" a boy is gifted with supernatural powers which help him in trying to outwit his kidnappers. The difference with the "Omen" being that this boy is not the antichrist but an angel of Satan who has been snatched by people who want to extort money from his parents, to guarantee his safe return after the ransome has been paid. I had not heard of this film before, but saw it advertised as I browsed the Amazon website. I bought it there and I enjoyed it very much.
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on 21 August 2017
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on 8 November 2011
I bought this DVD for my girlfriend because Josh Holloway was putting in an appearance. I didn't expect much of it and thought it would be some formulaic thriller nonsense but was very pleasantly surprised.
A strong cast and yes, Josh Holloway essentially continues to play 'Sawyer' but the plot in general was well done and I certainly didn't see the ending coming.
I would recommend this film to all - a particularly good movie for watching in the run up to Christmas!
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2008
Whisper was a great little chiller that I came across in Blockbuster, hidden away on the back shelf. Having not seen much about it I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasently surprised. I was gripped from start to finish.
The story begins with convicted felon Max (Sawyer from Lost) who is hired to execute a kidnapping of David, the son of a wealthy woman. Along with his wife and two other strangers, they take refuge in a secluded lodge and wait for ransom instructions. But little do they know that David is not like a normal child, and that he is far from innocent, causing trouble among the kidnappers.
The acting is great from all of the cast, especially Max, who is played by Josh Holloway, known for his great performance as Sawyer in Lost. But it is Blake Woodruff who plays the young David who stands out, giving a truly splendid performance as the demonic child. Although this is at times similar to The Omen, it is still a great horror, proving that those unknown DVDs on the back of Blockbusters wall can actually turn out to be rather good (with the exception of Lake Placid 2, where calling it dreadful would be polite).
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on 8 August 2010
Never heard of this film til i spotted it on Amazon, But a fan of creepy movies i thought i'd give it a bash. I enoyed this film, a bit like the Omen it has a wierd boy controlling people's minds but without the annoying music!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 December 2012
This is a very honest B-movie, which clearly borrowed a lot from "Omen" (a much better film), but is definitely more than just a pale copy of this already legendary pillar of horror cinema.

"Whisper" is the story of 8-years old David Sandborn and four people who kidnapped him for ransom. The leader of the four is an aging bank robber Sidney (Michael Rooker), a dangerous criminal who spend half of his life in jail and who has blood on his hands. His wingmen, thieves Max (Josh Holloway) and Vince (Joel Edgerton) are younger and less dangerous, but they are also career criminals. Max girlfriend Roxanne (Sarah Wayne Callies) was co-opted to take care of the kidnapped child.

Well, as it is signaled on the back cover of the DVD, pretty soon it will become clear, that David is not an ordinary child - and in fact it is not him who is in danger, but the people who abducted him... I will not say more here to avoid spoilers.

The scenario is not bad at all and almost all the film makes for a nice watch. The ending could be a little bit better, but it is not half as bad in most of horror films. The one big hole in the plot is the abysmal idiocy of a policeman who drives to a distant and isolated location without any backup and without even signalling where he is going - but I have seen much worse in B-movies (and not only B-movies)...

All actors performed well, but it was the young Blake Woodruf (he was 12 at that time) who plays David who really impressed me, because unlike Damian in "Omen", David speaks a lot and well. And if this young actor can play something else as well as in this film, well, he has a great future before him... Another strong point in the cast is Sarah Wayne Callies, a very beautiful woman but also clearly a very good actress.

I liked this film and I think I will keep the DVD for a rewatch one day. Recommended for all horror amateurs. Enjoy!
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on 30 December 2011
It's a nice yarn but it's just not scary.

As already said, the acting is fine and the cinematography is very pleasent to watch, but if you are looking for a scare, you will not find one here.

And a kid whispering to make people kill? Really?
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