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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2008
Reviews aren't my "thing" but as this has yet to receive any feedback, I thought I would offer some food for thought...

Now that I've had it for a few days or so GWG has become one of my top five favourite Wii games.

It's nice that they've included the XBox Live original, which gives one a good way to compare how much more there really is to this new title. There is a great deal of variety with different challenges to be had within the fifty-eight stages (sixty-five if you also own the DS version). Some of them can vary quite a bit.

For example, there's one that has a gravity well in the center of the stage which affects both the enemy drones and your own movement. Another has waves of drones coming from the outer bounds of the arena crossing from one side to the other; the trick is that as the stage progresses you'll eventually have four waves (or more) crossing from all sides at the same time, making it quite difficult to survive. Others have mine layers, random moving blocks through which only the enemies can pass, and narrow tunnels which make one's life tough. Some stages will give the player only one life and no bombs.

It's nice that each type of drone has its own specific spawn sound. That way one can easily discern what one needs to look out for. The player's helper drone is quite ... err ... helpful, but even it can't save you from poor movement choices. It takes a bit of playing to level it up to make it really useful, though.

As far as controls are concerned, I much prefer IR over classic controller. Surprisingly, the IR controls feel a whole lot more natural and comfortable to me, and they don't limit me to only angle shots.

All in all, GWG is a very fun game better played in short bursts, although I have played it over an hour at times. I give the game a 9/10.

Wii vs DS version: Some reviews posed the question whether the higher price for the Wii version was worth it. I would give it a resounding yes. The Wii game allowed me to download Retro Evolved to my DS, and I must say I was quite underwhelmed when I tried it out. The trademark graphical effects are completely missing and it looks generally dull. In addition, the DS game runs noticeably slower. If you have both a DS and Wii I would definitely recommend you get the Wii game.
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on 26 January 2008
This game looks fairly simple, and it is. There isn't super 3D animation etc. I was a tad bit disappointed when I first started playing. However, several days on, all I can think of is 'just having another go...'

The overwhelming amount of things going on simultaneously is outrageous, however the control system allows you to accomplish the impossible. If you like old school gameplay, with tarted up graphics then this is a winner. - Just don;t knock me off the Internet rankings board.
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on 6 February 2008
Well where do I start?
Well I could start off by telling you how much of a frustratingly addictive game this is, when you 1st start playing, you look at all the galaxies that are available to you, and think to yourself, this is gonna be a breeze, well guess what, it aint.
Without going into too much detail, and if you aint a PGR fan and haven't seen this game before, it is a sort of play on 80's games like Asteroids and Robotron, i.e a space ship that fires and moves in a full 360 deg. on a grid. You basically have to blast away at everything, and collect GEOMS, which are the Galactic currency.
With the Geoms, you can upgrade your drone ship which helps you in your quest, or you can unlock other Galaxies.
What I find so good about this game is the fact that it is going back to basics in a way, it has a distinct 80's feel about it, (vectrex anyone?)but with a few twists, and it is just sooo addictive.
When I 1st saw this game advertised, I thought it was gonna be like an xbox live rip off, but the programmers have added a lot to the original concept, which keeps ya coming back.
Also a friend bought the DS version which is also a really good game, and can be linked upto the Wii version to download an extra galaxy onto both versions, which I know is not much, but at least the programmers did actually bother to add that to both the games.
Also there has been added support for the Nintendo classic controller for all Xbox purists out there, (who I know are gonna moan about the classic controllers thumbsticks being too close together, myself included lol).
Secondly, I hope Bizarre/Sierra reap the benefits of releasing this game on the Wii, as it has been released at a lower price, and is definitely a 5 out of 5 value for money game in my eyes, and I just hope they follow up the good work with another release on this theme at a later date.
So if ur a Wii owner that has been a little bored with the latest realeases, and wants something a little different to play, give this game a go, be patient, and hopefully your patience will pay off and this strange little game will get into ya head and hopefully stay awhile.
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on 25 July 2015
Its a bit harder to control than on a PC, especially with a classic controller. Its like the analog sticks are moving in steps which effectively defy their purpose. But, its solid fun using wii mote + nunchuck.
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on 16 November 2013
Don't be fooled by the deceiving screen shots. This is a HIGHLY fun and addictive shooter. Tons of action, colorful and very addictive. Even if the graphics are simple that doesn't detract at all of one of the best (if not THE BEST) Wii 2D shooters. If you can grab it at a bargain don't miss it.

Hint: for a very frantic fun try Claduo and Maesis on Beta with the collect drone. Amazing! Great way to collect geoms and huge scores.

Best with the Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro.
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on 29 September 2015
I always was meant to buy this game to add to my Wii collection but I always forgot about it in the end. Bought the game now though and it's just amazing although tricky at times you might need a spare controller if you rage real bad lol. No on-line leader-boards now of course as WFC has been discontinued however it has a pretty decent single player campaign that should make you want to go back for more...and more....and more....and more.
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on 6 May 2013
i love this game as it like space invaders but with shapes and the colours are brilliant its like having a fireworks display in your living room but on the tv when the shapes explode into different colours
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VINE VOICEon 5 February 2008
Slickly done, but VERY repetitive, simplistic and completely relentless gameplay.
Start the game - enemies come at you getting more and more intense until you make a mistake and die. That's it.
You can upgrade weapons, the enemies and their attacks vary a bit, but only buy this if you find really old-school games like Smash TV or Robotron fun for long periods - the basic gameplay here isn't significantly evolved beyond old games like those.
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on 14 September 2014
Solid game. I bought this back in 2009-ish, aprehensively, thought it was OK then played it on and off from then. Cue exams in 2011 and I get back into it, as a perfect stress reliever of simple fun to deal with exams and stress. I still come back to it now, 5 years on, to give it a whizz when stressed. In that time the game hasn't aged badly and has remained fun and engaging, making it one of very few games i own to succeed in this (others include metroid primes, tf2, san andreas, wind waker).

All in all it's a simple and effective 2D shooter that never slows down or jumps the shark. It's glorious fun from start to finish, played in bursts is best. Excellent stress reliever, little else compares for longevity.
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on 20 April 2009
Imagine all the things you hate about life - bosses, other motorists, politicians. Imagine having nearly no control over them but being allowed to blast them to bits!

Well, I think of each of the geometrical shapes as something I hate. I can barely control the little ship. So I just shoot and shoot and shoot.

I can only stand the hectic pace for a short while, but oh boy! Die die die!

I suppose I really need to find out what this game is actually all about some day ;-)
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