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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 5 April 2008
Originally intended as an X Box release, Timeshift's been in development for years. During this time, its had a complete stylistic overhaul, and is now a shooter very much in the mould of Half Life 2 and Gears of War.
This is most obvious during the games opening hour; anyone who's played HL2 will immediately recognise the streets and propaganda screens. Everything feels a like an inferior City 17, the fact your character is a mute physicist really doesn't help the comparisons much.

In fact, it's only when the time-shifting abilities are available that Timeshift has an identity of its own. They're a lot of fun, and give the ability to slow, pause and rewind time. The carnage it creates never gets boring. The abilities are also well balanced against the player's health, and fire fights nearly always feel tense and challenging.

The levels have little interaction, the plot quickly becomes a confusing mess, and most weapons are pretty boring, so these powers really save the game. However, all puzzles or situations require is a press of the auto-button which selects the most suitable power.
This means levels are breezed through and there is no overall sense of achievement. This would have worked better as an optional feature, or just on the easy setting.

Timeshift isn't worthy of its RRP, as these are much better shoters out there.
Although this is fun, it is just a shooter with a gimmick, and poor graphics.
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on 3 January 2008
OK, well the first thing i must say about this game is the slightly dodgy graphics (i do not know the technical term but when one pans the image kind of gets horizontally lacerated)
For those wondering im running it on my bravia 37 via hdmi and its the only game which does this.

Although there is this problem the graphics on the game are incredibly sharp and detailed, one of the best i've seen on the ps3 so far.
I haven't finished the game so far but my initial thoughts are that it is indeed a great deal of fun. The ability to time shift is fun and it isn't entirely eye candy or a gimic.

the weapons are pretty sterile as far as fps goes, but they are functional which is ultimately what its all about.

The story is a little confusing at times, every now and then it seems to switch to a semi naked cgi women in bed, kind of like subliminal porn, very confusing but i figure in for a penny.

Overall i think this is a highly underrated game.

Don't be discouraged by the problems listed at the start of this review, it tends to be in areas of very heavy graphics/particle effects etc.

I give it 4.5/5 it would have been a solid 5 if the graphics fault wasn;t there but although it doesn't spoil the game it does distract a little at times.
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on 18 January 2008
I think my title sums it up really. I have to agree with the reviewer who posted saying it was like a PS2 game. Not sure why it is receiving such rave reviews. The in game graphics are passable, but with no lip-synching. Which I find strange for a 'Next-gen' title.

Gameplay is fun, if a little fiddly at times. The timeshift button combinations sometimes don't work quite how you want them to, which is frustrating in the middle of a fire-fight as this can lead you to waste your ability.

The story. Well, I have to be honest, and say, you have to guess parts of it, as it is very disjointed. Occasionally you get a 5 - 10 second FMV cutscene (I thought nextgen games didn't do this anymore) that tries to explain what is going on. I was never really involved with the story. But maybe thats on purpose for the next installment.

On a plus though, blowing up the bad guys in slow-mo or time-freeze is great fun. But I don't think Sierra should have based a game around this alone.

Overall, I was confused, a bit bored and only finished it because I spent £50 on it. Your choice, but I wouldn't recommend it. Buy COD 4 or Uncharted instead. Both are more enjoyable and have a longer lifespan.
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on 16 May 2010
I bought this game from playing the demo and thought it looked kinda cool, it is a FPS and you can manipulate time to aid you in battles or to affect the area around you to get to other places in the level.

Here are some of the highs of the game:
You are in an advanced Beta suit capable of time travel and you travel back in time to stop a madman who has taken the Aplha suit and changed time.
There are a good selection of weapos as you progress through the game and some have a secondary fire, i.e. increased fire rate, grenades, etc...
With the suit's time control you cannot regain ammunition due to the dampening of time around your body so yu cannot waste clips shooting at people then just get them back if you change your mind
There are three ways you can affect time, you can slow down time, stop time and reverse time, the time stop and reverse use more suit energy than the slow down time but at some points they are cruical, be it rewinding a train hurtling towards you are using the time options to get through certain obstacles.
You can stop time when e.g. a missile is being fired at you and blow it out the air!
The time controls are what makes the game inovative, and you cannot use it all the time as you need to let the energy recharge in your suit to do it again.
There are no health bars, as you get shot up the screen will start to splatter with blood at the edges so you will need to find cover in the big fights.
With the reverse or time stop options, you can get past enemies without them knowing you were there so it isn't always just a case of going in guns blazing.
You have clutch grenades which when you throw at someone will cling to them when you have paused time run up and hurled one at someone it is gratifying to see them explode when time resumes.

Here are some of the lows:
The graphics are not next gen unfortunately, they are ok and it is to be remembered this is one of the earlier titles so developers weren't makig full use of the PS3.
The story line seems to start off ok but as you progress the game gives you snipits of the characters "mysterious past" but you cannot help but feel indifferent about your characters past. The main focus is the correcting of the time line.
There are ammo caches around the levels and when you get to these they refill all ammunition for you weapons, and this makes the game a bit too easy as you don't really need to manage your ammunition that much as you know somewhere there is a box of infinite ammo. When there are big battles going on you just need to stand near and it and fire away merrily.
The enemy AI isn't top par, you can find areas where you can sit and pick them off at times, and the enemies don't make enough use of grenades in my opinion.

Overall, for this price the game is worth it, it isn't the best FPS out there but it does have have one great element in that you can control time, and this is something that the developers have made great use, you cannot cause a paradox as the suit will not let you. This makes the game in my opinion, it is something I haven't seen before and really works well, as you will need to stop time, rewind time to get through areas and it is a great concept.
I would recommend you add it to your collection as there is also multiplayer mode, so you can go online and with the suits you can throw grenades that have the desired time effects, so e.g you can throw a time stop grenade and if it catches someone in it they are frozen there so you can empty clips into then and grenades so when the bubble pops they are suddenly spammed and usually die :P There is also armour bonuses that you can pick up to help keep you a live that bit longer and the red team vs blue time is an age old tactic.
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on 31 December 2012
this game is a brilliant classic game, had it on xbox a while ago and when switched to ps3 i could not find it anywhere
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on 1 April 2012
this game is awesome. proper. graphics r cool . wish i could find another game like this. completed twice over. buy it
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on 2 January 2008
Timeshift is a rare beast , a conventional first person shooter with a twist. Starting with the basics the graphics and game play are first class.

You play a lab researcher on a time control suit project. Your boss kills your girlfriend and steals one of the suits and goes on to create his own world which he controls.

The suit has shield and health capabilities , hiding from danger gives time to replenish health and your shield. Your time travel capability also refreshes at the same time. This is the key to the game - the enemies are too strong, in numbers and capabilities, for you to defeat them on a level playing ground. With the timeshift ability of the suit you can stop , slow and reverse time. Your A.I. system makes a good job of picking the best option but you can override its choice.

Time reversal as an fps trick could have been abused to make the game easy and boring, however each scenario is different enough that you are forced to explore the map and pick out the best route to your target , thinking always in 4D.

The puzzles are bit tedious at times, they boil down to picking the best timeshift option for the problem. Although the game is very linear the larger maps (later on) fill with enough enemies for you really to be challenged especially once you meet other time travelers.

Overall its real fun and very addictive and lasts a reasonable length of time.
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on 27 December 2007
I was looking forward to this game from when I first heard about it, and was not disappointed. The game is very challenging, and the timeshifting capabilities of your Beta suit are very well integrated into the game: at no time does it feel forced to use the powers, it always feels natural, an area which many other games offering a unique ability have failed.
The graphics on the PS3 are incredible for the amount of action constantly on screen, including a very nice focussing effect and physics.
My only complaint about this game is that it is far to short. I'm not great at FPS and I finished it on medium difficulty in two around 12 hours, dying around 200 times... The storyline is rather bland and never explained in any depth, merely through a series of VERY brief video clips. The ending is infuriating, but very well done.
None the less this game is incredible and fantastic fun, I would recommend it to everyone.
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on 19 April 2008
I bought this Game around 3 Months Ago and have just begun to get into the Second Level,I play a LOT of FPS on the PS3 and i must admit i was pleasantly surprised by the Graphics and the ease of use of the Controls for this Game.The Time Shifting Effect is very ,Very,Good and certainly adds an extra "Something" to the Game,i was surprised to read some of the Customer Reviews that really Slate this Game.All i can say is that i found it Great Fun to Play and in My Opinion it was Money very well spent,and i would certainly reccomend it to those PS3 Gamers out there on a limited Budget (Self Included).The price of this Game wont Skint You,and neither will you feel that you have been ripped off.
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on 8 October 2009
i got this game free when i first got my ps3 ages ago, but after a very short play i turned it off as i hated it, now months later i finally have some free time and i decided to give it another go and was surprised at how good it is, true the graphics in the cutscenes arent spectacular especially the prisone scene were almost every prisoner falls in the same way at the same place but during the actual levels the graphics ar ejust as good as any ps3 game, with the time shift abilities its much more fun than regular shooting games and the online mode still has a very active community and still very fun
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