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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2004
Spaced series 1 and 2 in one box. If you've seen Shaun of The Dead thenyou'll like Spaced as it's co-written by Simon Pegg and directed by EdgarWright (the writers of Shaun Of The Dead). This is a superbly written sitcom... every shot, every line and every joke has been thought about a lotand honed to perfection. It's more of a work of art than a sit com.
Actually that's a bit over the top, but it really is well made and veryvery funny. It's funny because the characters feel like they could beyour mates - it's not just a load of one liners fitted around a situation,it's a bunch of funny guys and girls who are funny in their own right.
Also it's spectacularly well directed: shot like a film would be, which isunusual for a sit com but works very well.
So, it's excellent, and the extras on the DVDs make it even better. It'sworth re-watching the whole series with the comentary track turned on, asthis in itself is pretty funny. The two DVDs in the box set are the sameas the DVDs you can buy individually.
By this now!
Mark. (mixedcasesspaces)
PS: if you can't work out how to get the 'homage-o-meter' to work, thesecret is that you have to switch on subtitles track 2 (it's not very wellexplained on the DVD case)
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on 14 April 2017
They don't make them like this anymore, which is an absolute sin, but truthfully it would be damn near impossible to ever replicate the brilliance of Spaced so I'm kind of glad no-one has tried.

On paper, this doesn't sound too promising; a story about a couple of underachieving losers deciding to flat share. Don't be fooled - the sheer creative brilliance of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson combined, has resulted in a comedy quite unlike any other. Why this didn't win every award going continues to baffle me to this day.

If you haven't seen Space, remedy that sorry state of affairs immediately! You will not regret it. There are moments of such comic brilliance that you'll wonder how they thought it up in the first place, and how the hell they brought it so perfectly to the screen. If you're of the nerdy/geeky persuasion, this will appeal to you without a doubt - there is homage after homage to many of the greatest moments in sci-fi and film littered liberally throughout this - it's great fun trying to spot them all, and I'm still finding new ones even after many, many watches.

Spaced only ran to two series, and as much as I have mourned its passing, I'm glad it stopped when it did. There's nothing worse than watching a once great and enjoyable show desperately trying to ring out the last remaining drops of what made it so amazing when it has long since jumped the shark. I don't imagine for a minute that the same fate would have befallen Spaced, but I'm relieved we'll never have the chance to find out - too risky!
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on 13 January 2005
OK, where to start? Tim (Simon Pegg) and Daisy (Jessica Stevenson) meet up in a cafe having got nowhere to live. After ceaseless searching they find a flat but it's for a professional couple only. What to do? Pretend to be a professional couple and get the flat. And it works, the only trouble is, they have to keep up the pretence that there a couple. Cue holding hands in the corridor and fake sex noises. This is no ordinary sitcom, and all the better for it; it's quite simply brilliant! The whole show is crammed with film references, most of them to do with Star Wars, but the great thing about it is that even if you don't get the film references it's still a great show in it's own right. Everyone can watch this show because there's something that everyone can relate to; a group of 20 something people struggling through life, falling out and making up with each other on the way though a number of jobs that they don't want wondering when things will get better. It's so much like my life that it's quite scary! Apart from the fantastic writing, the other thing about this show are the characters. You've got Tim and Daisy and the whole will they, won't they senario, alcoholic landlady Marsha, played brilliantly by Julia Deakin, flirting with modern artist Brian (Mark Heap) who lives downstairs in filth and squalor. However, he finds happiness in the shape of Daisys best friend Twist (Katy Carmicheal) who works in fashion, or the local dry cleaning shop. Lastly but by no means least, in fact in someways he's the star of the show, you've got Tims best friend Mike (Nick Frost). Mikes a gentle guns obbsessed member of the TA who would have joined the regular army if he hadn't jumped out of a tree when he was younger and detatched both of his retinas. Infact, at the start of the series he's not even in the TA, as he was thrown out for stealing a tank and trying to invade Paris so he has to make do with combat canoeing and all terrain rambling in the rough ramblers.Even the minor characters who only pop up every so often are brilliantly crafted and complete, you feel as if you know all of them and have done all your life. A lot of the credit also has to go to the fantastic direction of Edgar Wright. The camera work and use of flash backs and montages' set's this sitcom apart from all the others. While it deals with ordinary issues, it's always teetering on the edge of reality and you expect it to go crashing over at any minute which is why it's so brilliant.
The boxset it's self is tremendous.3 DVDs, both series, a bonus disc of material including a documentry "Skip to the end" where they visit the places where they filmed. You've got commentry, deleted scenes, biographies, out takes, trailers and much more; it's very good value for money.
So in conclusion, buy this DVD, get some Jaffa Cakes and watch it all in one go while sitting on a bean bag wearing a beanie. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch Spaced and you will. Oi Oi, you lucky people!
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on 1 February 2012
This is the epitome of the late 90s, early millenium comedy. The Office was just around the corner and the sitcom had evolved, via Black Books by way of I'm Alan Partridge, into a self-effacing, postmodern, self-referential medium of pretension and cheeky asides. But it was, at heart, still the same beast as Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses and Porridge (all the decent sitcoms)just brushed off a bit for a modern audience. Ironically these days (2012 at time of writing) Spaced itself seems a little dated for the same reasons. But it's still one of the best comedies ever created.

As with all the (British)greats it is slight yet full of talent. I won't go into every episode as they are all both excellent and throwaway. But its the homages to cinema (Tarantino, Romero, Warchowski Bros etc) that stick in the mind most. Frost and Pegg may have come from humble beginnings but it's no wonder they are where they are now on this evidence. And Jessica Stevenson is just a magnificent actress.

Could watch it over and over and over and...
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on 14 August 2007
I'm actually just 3 months older than Tim in Spaced (Simon Pegg's actually 4 years older according to Wikipedia!) so I totally relate to the slacker don't-know-what-I-want-and-can't-really-be-arsed-when-I-get-it generation characters in this most excellent Ultimate Spaced DVD boxset.

Even bought the 3 DVD boxset after buying the original 2 DVDs. (Gave the original 2 DVDs away to a friend, but sneakily kept the inlay sheets for the 3 DVD boxset ;-)!)

Also bought an old Playstation just so I could play games featured in Spaced like Tomb Raider or Resident Evil 2. (Which I'm still rubbish at as I've never really been able to move on from a ZipStick Pro on an Amstrad CPC 464!)

The flat hunting, the job hunting, the language of Pop Culture they speak, the I-still-like-kids-stuff-even-though-I'm-way-too-old thing, and the characters being ordinary, everyday, real, directionless screwed up misfits, the endless Star Wars/Evil Dead references, it's all there! And that's before the most excellent deadpan humour utilized with Robocop like precision throughout.

I especially relate to Tim's dissapointment with 'The Phantom Menace' along with probably the rest of the Prequal trilogy. (Thank god for the novelizations, they really fill in the gaps!)

Anyway, Spaced is THE British Comedy Boxset to get if you're budget is a bit tight on JSA. Also great for showing the older generation who don't understand our generation or the younger generation who haven't had decent kids TV since Jamie Oliver's anti-junkfood advertising campaign and the 'Dick And Dom In Da Bungalow' baby birthing target practice episode (which I sadly missed).
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on 14 September 2004
An eclectic mix of film genre styles and multiple references to classic and well known flicks, this is a genuinely funny and watchable comedy with a sharp wit mixed amongst classic silly and sight gags seemingly aimed at the 18-35 market who will get all the references from robot wars, star wars and many others.
The sharp editing and quick verbal battles mix well with the romantic comedy aspect as well as the eccentric tortured artist and drunken lonely land lady sub-plots. If you liked Shaun of the Dead you will be pleased to know that the spaced series format is similar using sharp camera switches and intelligent banter(if you like spaced please watch Shaun of the Dead it is hilarious!!) and features Simon, Jessica and others. The 'resident evil' homage episode is where they got the inspiration to make the film.
The first series IMHO is better than the second, but the value for the amounts of hours viewing can't be argued with - there are a hell of a lot of features and they show that most of the cast and especially the leads seem like funny and mad characters, there are trailers, outakes, commentaries and more
Weird yes, entertaining yes, understandable...mostly - more that your normal sitcom - definately. (but if you already have the series' this doesn't add that much new to buy it again - but if you haven't got it this is the one to buy!!)
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VINE VOICEon 17 February 2007
Spaced is an hilarious sitcom, jointly written by it's co-stars, Jessica Stevenson and Simon Pegg. It concerns the minor goings-on of two platonic friends who pretend to be married (but that's not really important) in order to secure a London flat.

Ostensibly, this sounds like formulaic sitcom material - keeping up the pretence of being married in front of the drunken landlady, the wacky neighbour downstairs, the clingy friend and so forth. What elevates this above the merely conventional is the sheer force of imagination that lies behind the show: the endless parodies of film and television programmes (The Conversation, Taxi Driver, Manhattan, Fight Club et cetera) that at times make Spaced seem like a live action version of The Simpsons; the heightened sense of realism that makes the show seem at once familiar and yet absurd.

Episodes can revolve around loved-up clubbing, where certain things are implied without being shoved down your throat (you know what I'm talking about - Spaced takes a fairly relaxed attitude to many facets of modern life), paint-ball contests (plenty of war film cliches) and lots of other nonsense.

The whole cast is uniformly superb, so it seems churlish to single anybody out, the script is sharp and hilarious, never descending into mawkishness and the whole thing is directed with gusto. Spaced is an excellent sitcom and worthy of hanging out in the Hall of Greats, alongside other contemporary classics like The Office and The Day Today. If you love this, then you'll also love the film Shaun of the Dead, made by the same perps!
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on 4 November 2004
To the untrained eye this looks like another Channel 4 series that the mainstream ignore and those in the know devour with relish. However dig deep into this wonderful world of film geeks, graphic artists, conceptual painters and gun toing best mates and you will uncover a gem that will delight for eons to come.
The characters are wonderfully real and throughout the pop culture drenched episodes you realise that you too would love to have mates like Tim & Daisy (luckily I do).
The DVD is so well presented that anyone with a love of surreal comedy, Star Wars, cinema, music (in fact all things geek) will never tire of watching it. I have spent the last week with it on constant loop and I still find gems in every scene.
Buy this DVD if you ever sat in a cinema in 1977 watching a Star Destroyer chase a rebel space ship and wondered what life was like before you witnessed that moment!!!
All time classic!
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on 9 November 2004
I live in the US so we didn't get this series broadcast, but I recently ordered the boxed set and didn't stop laughing the entire time. My only question is why aren't there more of these series? Same with "Black Books." It's such a shame that great comedy gets put down in its prime.
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on 9 August 2005
Prehaps one of the best sitcoms of recent times, Spaced is a brilliant combination of everyday life with humour and movie references.
This DVD boxset is what every Spaced fan needs, because as well as containing the two series in full, it also has a nice little documentary and a brilliantly funny music video on the third disc. Add to that the usual extras on the first two discs such as out-takes and commentary, and it's a must-own for any Spaced fan or sitcom lover!
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