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on 29 November 2015
The reviews here are very kind to this Bruno Mattei bodge job, but realistically it is unremittingly terrible.
Other reviewers have commented on the unintentional comedy, the lousy script, the interminable stock footage of wildlife which destroys any build up of tension, the wooden acting and all manner of other misdemeanours.
They excuse the faults because they claim to have found the film highly entertaining.
While I respect their views I would beg to differ.
The film follows a pair of journalists and a unit of soldiers who travel round in a Jeep and experience a variety of encounters with zombies after an accident at a chemical plant.
I found the whole set up very stilted and really quite boring.There are some absolutely ludicrous scenes. For example when the female journo has to lose her clothes and paint her boobs so that she can go and parley with the natives!.
The soldiers know the zombies can only be killed by a head shot, yet steadfastly refuse to do this simple thing.
The zombies for some unfathomable reason move like effeminate marionettes.
At over 100 minutes, I felt that this movie well outstayed its welcome.
Whilst the special effects were pretty good, I couldn't get past the storyline, script and acting problems.
If it had been shaved down to about 75 Minutes without all the unnecessary footage of elephants , bats, cranes and all other inconsequential diversions I might have given it another star.
My advice would be to stick with Romero who understands how to drive a movie along.
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on 25 May 2012
Yet again another great zombie classic from the 80's, this movie was previously cut but is now presented in all its gory glory in this U.S uncensored version! There is a cool story and plenty of bloody zombie eating action, if you love 80's movies then make sure you get this, this movie also goes under the name of Zombie Creeping Flesh.
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on 25 February 2010
I also agree with the reviewer below, Hell of the Living Dead was an awful film but it was a fun and trashy zombie flick. The acting is awful, the zombies look stupid, the make up is cheap, hilarious nude scene, it also contains stock footage and pretty much everything about this film is very poor, but I still love it!. Bruno Mattie is a total hack that does these horrendous low budget Italian gore films (some good like this one while others were just plain awful). Yes it does contain moments of pointlessness and yes it is pure cheese! I'm unsure what some of the unhappy viewers were expecting when they got this film as it is obviously primarily a zombie film that is fast paced with absolutely loads of blood guts and gore practically all the way through the film. If you want an in depth meaningful life affirming film then look elsewhere. If however you want a highly entertaining fast paced ultra bloody zombie gore film that doesn't let up its relentless assault on the senses until the final reel then wait no longer. The movie was written by Claudio Fragasso [Zombie 3, Rats, Beyond Darkness, AfterDeath, etc..] is a complete rip off of Dawn of the Dead, with Goblin Music which was taken from Dawn of the Dead & Luigi Cozzi's Contamination. The movie was pure cheese but still awesome. Where else are you going to see a swat member dress up in drag, only to be eaten by zombies. The characters are hilarious! My favorite member is the swat member with long brown hair "Guess I'm not on the menu after all!". The dubbing is so bad it rules! The acting is hilarious and fun. The story is basically the same "Government project gone wrong" story which we have seen many times in low budget zombie films and the FX are cheesy, yet fun to watch, watch out for the zombie kid and an old woman with a cat jump out of her stomach!? total lunacy. This title is pure cheese, but great cheese! Bruno Mattei flicks are not one of my favorite but this was probably his best effort. This and Bruno Mattei's Rats: Nights of Terror are definite "Must Have" titles.
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on 8 January 2015
Be it sweden, denmark or norway,these guys know how to treat their horror films. crystalline picture,very good
delivery and uncut. Of course you could pick holes in the film (a lot of holes) but this film gives something a lot of films don't,FUN!.Also a lot of claret.
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