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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 November 2002
Within Temptation are hard to comprehend when you consider that being a band is just a hobby to them, since they spend a lot of time in 'proper jobs'. How then, they've managed to get Mother Earth together is a wonder. This band have been likened to After Forever [and indeed they do collaborate occasionally] and their style is similar, though softer and more dreamy, for want of a less annoying word. All the elements are there - the heavy guitars, the choirs and Sharon del Adel's incredible voice which is one of the purest and most beautiful in the genre. I read one reviewer describe WT as 'orchestral Gothic metal' [whatever that means], but that's the closest I've heard anyone get to what this is.
All of the tracks here are good, but the title track, Ice Queen and Caged could be dubbed as outstanding. There are softer, piano-dominated tracks, such as Our Farewell and Neverending Story [yes, there is something Fantasy-esque about this album, as the cover-art hints at]. The only slightly annoying thing is how the Mother Earth theme permeates much of the album and how they use some kind of flutelike effect in some of the songs, but if you can get over this [which isn't hard to do, admittedly], all the better. If you like your instrumentation heavy and your vocals soaring and harmonic, this is for you.
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on 24 May 2017
Another stunning album, combining an almost Riverdance Celtic influence with the beautiful voice of Sharon den Adel. Similar to Evanescence, but far superior.
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on 25 February 2017
Within Temptation like nightwish have a good sound and produce good music
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on 5 September 2017
I love it .
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on 21 July 2017
Good but not their best.
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on 2 September 2005
This album continues to astonish me. The celtic theme drives the album throughout, and makes for a comforting, if tentative, view of the world. The power of Sharon den Adel's voice is incredible. Forget Nightwish comparisons, the emotive power of this band comes from a completely different place (The Netherlands in fact).
However a word of caution; if your looking big metal riffing, this album will disappoint.
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on 14 November 2006
this cd arrived last week and i have been shocked by its brilliance sharon den adels vocals are incredible brought tears to my eyes the whole album is impossible not to like. female rock singers like this is the best thing thats happened to the genre for aeons bringing rock music to females in a big way at long last.Spine tinglingly epic one of the best albums ive heard in years.Stunning.
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on 6 November 2007
I first found out about Within Temptation when they joined Road Runner Records and after purchasing The Silent Force i thought id investigate some of the older albums. With the Silent Force it was a little heavier then this album which is ok cause this way it showed that they just kept evolving with the present day music BUT if you want to hear Within Temptation on a mellow-level lower and smoother then their current albums "The Silent Force" + "The Heart Of Everything" then it would be worth checking out how Within Temptation sounded a long time back. My favourite song on here would have to be Mother Earth cause it was soooo smoothing and relaxing for me and to almost here a story about mother nature through a song is a rare thing in music these days
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on 24 February 2006
I bought this album after I had bought 'The Silent Force' by Within Temptation. I also got WT's 'Silent Force Tour' DVD and that's what encouraged me to get the 'Mother Earth' album as there are songs from that album on the DVD.
Upon first listening to the CD, the title track 'Mother Earth' comes through with a catchy celtic start that boosts into guitar riffs and gets you banging your head in time with the beat. The song is a personal favourite of mine, not only for the great music, but for the lyrics as well.
'Ice Queen' comes next which is the song that gave Within Temptation a big boost in their native land. The first two songs are great openers for the album.
'Our Farewell' tones it down to a slower song and is alright to listen to, but personally I kind of switch off when it's on.
'Caged' is an amazingly good song and Sharon's vocals on it remind me of Kate Bush so much. The opening celtic sounds remind me of the music from Lord Of The Rings movies.
'The Promise' is probably the song that I'm not that interested in on the album. It's 8 minutes long and for me personally, it doesn't interest.
'Neverending Story' is a great song. Considering it's another slow song, the third of four on this album, it is actually better than the rest. It's melodic and once again the lyrics are excellent.
'Deceiver Of Fools' comes next and is a fantastic track. Probably the best track on the Mother Earth album for most people. It's rock at its best and Sharon's vocals go fantastically well on it. And although it's 7 minutes long, it doesn't get boring like 'The Promise'.
'Intro' leads into 'Dark Wings'. It is a bit strange having an intro so near the end of the album in my opinion, but the song 'Dark Wings' is another personal favourite of mine. It's very symphonic and orchestral while Sharon is singing but has instrumental rock sections throughout too.
The final song, 'Perfect Harmony' is the last slow song and comes second to 'Neverending Story' for being a good slow song.
Most of the songs on this album aren't about what normal songs are about. They're about nature and fantasy and Within Temptation have been pretty creative throughout the writing of this album. It may be a little slow in places, but for me, it's still a great album to listen to.
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on 31 January 2004
Within Temptation are a out-standing female-fronted metal band from Holland. Starting off as a doom-metal band with beauty and the beast type vocals in their debut EP, "Enter", they have evolved into something entirely different on this release.
This album was originally was released in 2001 in Europe, but overwhelming demand - the fact that is sold over a hundred thousand copies in tiny Holland alone is quite remarkable - it was released in 2003 for the American and U.K market. And it is very easy to see why this album is so popular as it is very accessible.
While they have lost the "beast" growling vocals, the death metal-esque riffs do remain, but they have been toned down in order to not drown out Sharon Den Ardel's beautiful voice. This is not a stereotypical metal album as it also utilizes keyboards, a choir, string instruments and even on some songs, wind instruments. This is all together put, a simply amazing album.
Starting off with the title track "Mother Earth", it begins with wind and string instruments along with the raising vocals of a choir behind it, until abruptly the guitars and drums kick in, already you know that this song is going to rock, and rock hard. Sharon manages to project her beautiful voice over the music, as she sings about, as the title suggested, Mother Earth. One of the singles off of this album, this is a great introduction to the album.
"Ice Queen" was the song that initially attracted me to WT when I saw it on German MTV. Starting with a gentle piano in the background, sudden bursts of the choirs vocals along with electronically produced sounds, much like before the band jump in all of a sudden as the song really kicks off. This is the perfect WT song and is one of my favorites on the album. Those wondering whether or not to purchase this album should really check this song out before hand.
Slowing things down next is "Our Farewell". Accompanied by only a piano and some string instruments, Sharon really has a chance to shine here, showing off her awesome voice. You can really hear the emotion in her voice as she ponders whether it's the last farewell between her and a loved one. A beautiful song, this knocks spots off of Evanescence's "My Immortal", and only up until the end of the song do the guitars kick in.
"Caged" starts off with wind instruments, a flute perhaps, before the drums introduce the entire band, as Sharon sings with despair, scorned by a deceitful loved one, she bitterly and venomously sings out the chorus. The sense of loneliness and rejection is projected nicely in this song, a song for anyone whom has ever been betrayed. Later in the song she looks back regretfully as she knows that the relationship entailed in this song has had its repercussions on her, and how hard it is to trust someone new.
With a slow intro, "The Promise" is one of the longest song on the album, and takes a time to get going. When it finally does it rocks along nicely, before quietening down to put full focus on Sharon as she sings about a lost loved one. One of the more epic songs on the disc, it tells a tale which is easily followed as Sharon pours out her heart and soul.
"Never-Ending Story" is the first song on the album so far not to use guitars, but it isn't the last. A definite "lighter in the air, arms swaying" sing-along song it uses nothing more than a piano with some gentle drumming in the background and brief involvement of the choir, it is a majestic song.
The choir is used once again to open up next song, "Deceiver Of Fools". Telling a tale of a dark being who rules people ruthlessly. This song uses the orchestra beautifully, and never gets tiring. A emensely enjoyable song, this is the longest song on the album.
With "Intro", it serve no real purpose on the disc other than to be a pre-lude to "Dark Wings". The latter song is currently my favorite on the album. Starting off strongly with the choir, drums, and some great catchy hooks and riffs, Sharon really shines in this song, the heaviest on the album. I fell madly in love with this song as it so just easily commercially appealing it's a crime that Within Temptation are not a big band outside of Europe.
"In Perfect Harmony" much like "Never-Ending Story" uses no guitars what so ever. Plodding along almost mischeivously, it is about men living in peace with nature. Definitely not what you'd expect from a band who a few years earlier were doing "doom metal". A nice, gentle and relaxing song it also uses birds tweeting and nature calls.
Included on the album in bonus form are tracks "Restless", "Bittersweet", "Enter" and "The Dance".
"Restless" was included on their debut EP, but this is the "classical version" of the song, it is a great song. A nice touch to the album.
"Bittersweet" is a song that was included on one of the singles from this album as a b-side. It is one of the shortest songs on the disc as Sharon sings over a piano and the orchestra. A lovely song, it fully deserves its place on this album.
"Enter" and the "Dance" are tracks from their earlier EP's - going by the same names - and are performed live. This shows what the band once was in comparison to now.
I strongly recommend this album to fans of Evanescence, as WT are far superior to said band. Also this is for anyone who wants something that can rock hard, but is not stereotypical metal music.
For fans of the two live tracks, may I also recommend another Dutch band called Orphanage who play the same type of music WT used to, and have toured with them.
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