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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

on 6 April 2017
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on 9 November 2007
Bands such as the Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs, Wombats, Pigeon Dectives have really managed to get away with selling a shed load of albums due to clever marketing by record companies and backing by our wonderus music paper the NME!
Unfortunately that has left Millburn's incredible first effort 'well well well' low down on many peoples shopping list! A sad fact is that this second, equally as good effort 'These are the facts' has suffered the same fate! After a few listens you'll know once again these have produced an album containing 12 works of Indie pop genius! Crammed full of clever lyrics and intricate guitar parts

Lo and Behold- A very catchy first opener! Bring in Millburn's ska influences, basics lyrics that are meant to hook you in, does a good job at crashing in less than two minutes!

What Will You Do (When the money goes)-First single and a prime example of just how talented this band are! This is much more mature than anything off 'well well well'! A great floor filler! Crashing drums! Great lyrics and set the standard for the album.

Wolves at Bay- The sound of this track will always draw comparisons to the Artic Monkeys, and is a possible contender for a single! Once again lyrics are fantastic! Continues the albums catchy theme!

Summertime- slows the tempo down a bit for the first time, and as shades of the Corals first album in it! Bit of liverpulian swagger is always good thou! Possible single, but the slow tempo would count against it!

Lucy Lovemenot- This is by far my favourite on the album! Possibly as good as 'What will you do'. The lyrics about a girl who has a reputation for 'putting it about'. Despite its upbeat tempo, the cleaver lyrical content makes it a very sad song! The whole guitar, drums, bass and lyrics all work so well together! You can't help but empathise with the poor girl they sing about! Would do well as a single and worth buying the album for. Just over 2 minutes, always nice when a great song never outlasts its welcome

Sinking Ships- An acoustic effort! With a bit of angelic, yet distorted guitars working on this track! Possibly the bands view on the current trendsetters that hang onto every new band out. Slightly autobiographical maybe in the lyrics 'if you back the underdog, you may collect your winnings' a great track! Speaks allot of truth!

Cowboys and Indians- Carry's an air of slightly Beefheart/ Early Coral with its rhythm. A definite single!!!! Full of great instrumental work! Turn up the volume, you all love it

Being a Rouge-Could be described as a bit of a filler track, although not that bad its not up to the strength as all that has come before it, would look out of place on 'well well well'

Count to Ten- the most under produced track on the album; great stomp in its rythem. Distorion filled! Overlapping vocals, great lead and rhythm guitars working with each other.

Come away with me- a combination of Lucy Lovemenot and Lo and behold, another fantastic track, full of surprises. A romantic, poetic air. Good track for the end of the night, cigarette and ya other half!

Rubicon - The best acoustic track on the album. Again does remind me of the first Coral album. A beautiful track, with beautiful vocals by Joe, the singer! Although I have no idea what he's singing about

Genius and The Tramp- The longest song on the album over 4 minutes, typical of the album filled with brilliant guitar work, surprises round the corner. In no way predictable, unlike so much of the crap that's around now. Great song to finish off an album that may get lost in the Indie archives ;(
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on 25 September 2007
Gone is the guitar crashing, off beat rythym, raw arctic-monkeys esque anarchy that was the sensational "Well Well Well". But before you hit the back button on your browser in discust, here me out. Milburn as a band have matured, there is no questioning that. The music has more structure, more delicacy and more form. However, you can't help but think, is this just a transition album to what is still to come from the Sheffield four-some? Maybe. Also this album doesn't have that smack you in the face and leave you there impression, "Well Well Well" had. Maybe. And this album will take you longer to get into. Also maybe.
But, even on just my third listen, I am picking up all the subtle guitar picking and the subtle lyrical genius that got me to stop and listen to Milburn in the first place.
Yes, I'll admit I felt a tad disappointed on my first listen, but isn't it the albums that take you a while to get into that end up becomming your favourites? Milburn have not lost there raw energy to become more mainstream, they are just showing their capabilities with something different. If they made a copy of "Well Well Well", you'd be happy for a month, but subsequently get bored. With "These Are The Facts", Milburn have left us with an album to ponder, an album to wonder, but mainly an album to appreciate and get excited about the future of one of the brightest things in Britpop today.

Noticeable songs - What Will You Do, Summertime and Cowboys and Indians.
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on 7 December 2007
I was tipped off about Milburn by a colleague at works who'd seen them at the Carling Leeds Festival in 2006, Having never heard of them before I took a gamble and bought the album 'Well Well Well'. The gamble certain paid off because it would be in the top three of albums that I bought last year! I was struck by the raw feel of the music, the catchy tunes and the youthful lyrics.

When I heard Milburn were bringing out a second album I pre-ordered it straight away. Much excitment ensued until the day it arrived and I played it, oh dear I was disappointed.

Gone was the raw sound, to be replaced by a more mellow, more polished and better produced sound. Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad thing, but I prefer the rawness of 'Well Well Well'.

I've heard 'These Are The Facts' described as a more mature album than 'Well Well Well' - is it possibly a case of Milburn mellowing with age?
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on 20 November 2007
Having originally got in to Milburn through demos given to me by friends etc, I always knew that their first album was going to be a good one. Their second however, was a completely different matter.

I refrained from buying it for at least a month just in case it didnt meet my expectations, but why I ever doubted them is beyond me. I've heard people call Milburn 'an Arctic Monkeys style band...but not as good' in the past, and this does them no justice whatsoever. They're a completely different band with their own style, now developed to the full in 'These Are The Facts'.

They may have slowed it down a bit, but it's done wonders to their sound. It seperates them completely from the bands they were considered to be emulating, and songs like 'Summertime' and 'Sinking Ships' make you want to sing along, and for me, put them a cut above the rest.

For goodness sake, do yourself a favour and buy this album, you definitely won't regret it!
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on 19 December 2007
Anyone who loves milburn's first album "well well well" would be disappointed at first listen as it is quite different. However you MUST give this album a chance as it grows on you like hair on a werewolf! A more refined and varied collection of songs with something for everyone. From rip roaring "cowboys and indians" to mellow "sinking ships." All in all, another brilliant effort from a talented and very underated band.
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on 26 April 2016
Quality Indy band who got left behind when everyone jumped on the Monkeys band wagon, superior writing ability sets this band apart from others with a mix of funk and ska influence in some of the tunes. If your looking to extend your music collection with some good tunes well worth a listen.
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on 28 February 2012
These guys are amazing. If you are a fan of The Arctic Monkeys you are just gonna love Millburn. Both albums worth buying.
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on 5 April 2016
Awesome - looking forward to their gig later this month
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on 21 September 2007
I would probably normally give this 3 out of 5 but because Milburn are my favourite band I feel they are probably just about worthy of a 4 here. The second album is not as good as Well Well Well, there are more slower tracks than the previous album but that is not to say it has a few gems - What Will You Do, Cowboys and Indians, Count To Ten and Genius And The Tramp. Yet overall unfortunatly there is also alot of filler, songs that just drift along without really creating the excitement that nearly all the tracks on Well Well Well had. Still, worth picking up and I look forward to the tour dates coming up.
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