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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2007
I think pet shop boys fans are amongst the most devoted and design conscious of any group, and the most avid. Disco 4 is really a collection for them. There is a huge demand from them for a CD that collects together their work as producers, and therefore I think it's unfair to call it lazy. The fans want to complete the gaps that the main albums have, namely, the work they've done with other artists which has actually accelerated since Disco 3.
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on 21 May 2009
In a departure from the three previous Disco remix albums, Disco 4 largely showcases other peoples' songs as mixed by Pet Shop Boys. To look at the luminaries represented on this CD is to realise how esteemed Neil and Chris are in the eyes of their peers: Madonna and David Bowie are musical legends, whilst Killers and Rammstein are both hip and at the forefront of popular music. My favourite track here is Atomizer's 'Hooked on Radiation'; it just makes me want to hit the dancefloor, while one of only two PSB tracks; a fresh take on their barnstorming Disco epic 'Integral', pulses with life, wit and sly subversion. I'm not a huge fan of 'The Queen of Pop', but 'Sorry' is one of the best tracks from her 'Confessions' album, and whilst I'm similarly unmoved by Yoko Ono's crazed ramblings, the mix of her 'Walking on Thin Ice' is a shimmering sliver of Disco perfection.
Great album, and an essential PSB release.
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on 26 October 2007
to "wonderland pop pop music":

i can only guess that your review was tongue-in-cheek, because it actually reads like the rantings of an imbecile.

surely anyone with even a solitary brain cell will be able to equate that artists (e.g. the pet shop boys) don't just release albums for those who already have every single track already released. anyway, who cares what you think. this is still a very valuable collection.
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on 4 September 2007
Pet Shop Boys Disco series allows Neil and Chris an excursion from the official Pet Shop Boys duities - ie studio albums. In short a different sort of creative freedom.

With these mixes what is interesting is that Bowie, Ono, Killers all sound like they are guesting on a PSB track. What combines these random tunes and artists are the Pet Shop Boys unique skills as artists and producers. And Disco. Obviously.
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on 22 September 2007
Totally agree with comments left by 'old dog' on 30 Aug. I too am a huge fan and already have these mixes. Disco 3 showed what a remix album should be, brand new mixes of well known and not so well known PSB (Closer to Heaven tracks etc). Despite my dissapointment I have ordered this, just because it's PSB. By the way I do think the mixes and collaborations are great and I can see exactly what they are trying to achieve with this release, but I get the impression with many of their releases that they and thier record company look for any excuse to cash in on die hard fans desire to own PSB material at any cost.
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VINE VOICEon 26 February 2008
Barcode: 5099950604623

The Pet Shop Boys are amazing. It's a fact. Not only have they mainted their success throughout 20 years but they have continued producing top quality tunes and Disco 4 shows that they are just as skilled at reinterpreting fellow artists' songs.

A great range of bands on here, on paper you'd think it'd never work but the Boys' production is flawless and the album blends together perfectly, all the tracks complimenting each other perfectly.

I know a lot of people prefer the original album version of Integral, but ultimately, with a song as good as this, it'll always be pretty damn good no matter what form it takes. If you're a fan of synth-heavy dance tunes with ingenious melodies then this is the album for you - Madonna's 'Sorry' and the notoriously rare mix of David Bowie's 'Hallo Spaceboy' overflowing with ambience and conjuring up all kinds of feelings. that's how powerful these songs are.

Lastly, i have to give special mention to their mix of the Atomizer song. I'm a person that is very reluctant to listen to new artists but this remix completely won me over, all Giorgio Moroder synthesizers and rave squelches - all in all, i think Disco 4 is a job extremely well done!

Note: Pre-ordered copies of this album from HMV came with an exclusive sleeve with the different catalogue number: 5099950259823
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on 17 August 2007
As an album this probably deserves 4 stars as Neil and Chris have become excellent remixers in recent years. In terms of value though this a 1 star release that has left many PSB fans feeling insulted. It features just 2 mixes of PSB tracks (the extended mix of IWS is already available on the Jap edition of Fundamentalism and as a download)with the remaining 6 tracks consisting of PSB remixes of other artists.
If this album was called something else (eg. Remixes) or if it was a double cd featuring all their mixes it would be fine. The problem with this release is that it doesn't contain their mixes for the likes of Blur, Fat Les, Pete Burns and Bloodhead Gang and so is not a comprehensive collection of their remixes.
In terms of quality the highlights are the new mix of "Integral", the pulsating collaboration with David Bowie that made the song their own and their fantastic electro mix of the Yoko Ono classic "Walking on thin Ice". The Killers remix lifts the song to a new disco level while their remix of Madonna's "Sorry" adds to Stuart Price's production but doesn't radically rework the track.
Despite the excellence on offer, the lack of new material means this is a non-essential purchase for most PSB fans who will already own these remixes.
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Pet Shop Boys do remixes that are decent, but not fantastic, and which just don't reach the heights of quality that you get from (most of) their original material.

On the plus side, their remixes are usually very musical and tuneful and Neil Tennant often adds new backing vocals, or in the case of the David Bowie track a whole new second verse, which gives the original song an extra musical twist. On the downside, too many of their remixes are based on a rather uninspired and ploddy electro beat and bassline that is just a little bit too downtempo and drab and which can make their eight-minutes-long remixes drag on a bit.

The best track on here is the David Bowie collaboration, which is a fair bit older than any of the other tracks on the disc but which is still an inspired track, and the PSB extended mix hasn't been released on CD before so this is a must-have. Their Xown remix of "I'm With Stupid" are also very good.

The most disappointing track is the remix of their own track "Integral". The original album version of "Integral", on the "Fundamental" album, is one of the best tracks they've ever done that wasn't a single. However their remix basically ruins it, it strips out the passion and character. The Yoko Ono, Madonna, Atomizer, and Rammstein tracks are also just a tiny bit flat- better remixes of those particular tracks were done by Felix Da Housecat, Stuart Price, Jimmy KLF Cauty and Arthur Baker respectively.

Better than Disco 2. Not as good as Disco 3.
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on 8 November 2007
I can't believe how well this works and is actually really good. I, like a lot of people were a bit sceptical about another addition to the Disco series but the idea of using remixes for other artists and a couple of their own songs is a fresh idea , a bit like the last one had a lot of new songs. I had heard a few remixes of other artists over the years but hearing all these i had no idea what brilliant remixers they are. I am also a fan of Rammstein, The Killers and Madonna so this is great as i have a varied taste in music. No wonder they're still going after all these years they've got so much to offer music. I agree with some of the previous reviewers who said you can't really fault this and that some reviewers missed the point and shouldn't have been so critical. Just a pity Girls & Boys couldn't be on.
Love the baselines to the Yoko Ono and Atomizer songs. They were and still are one of the best groups in the world.
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VINE VOICEon 17 October 2007
It's not very often that I would call something the Pet Shop Boys released "perfunctory"; sadly this is one of those rare occasions.

It's not the concept that is a problem in itself, bringing together as it does some rather wonderful remix collaborations with the likes of Madonna, David Bowie and The Killers, more that with no liner notes there isn't the feeling that this is something of a "must have". It's also not a complete retrospection of their remix work, with the omission of the Girls and Boys remix being particularly sad.

Throw in one excellent PSB own remix (I'm With Stupid) and one so-so one (Integral) and you have a decent collection but not one that that any non-PSB obsessive needs in their collection. Still, at least it's not Disco 2 all over again is it?
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