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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 26 November 2007
I've only had this game a couple of days but am enjoying it so far. The tests are quite challenging but will hopefully get easier with practice. The format is simmilar to that of Brain Training in that doing well in one test rewards you with the option of undertaking that same test at a "hard" level and also unlocks additional exercises. Graphs and best scores are recorded so that you can plot your progress.

The sports exercises are fun, especially the table tennis (the only additional game I've been rewarded with to date). The games are short but you can repeat them as many times as you like (tho' only your first result of the day will be recorded).

Overall, if you like the Brain Training series then I'd guess there's a good chance you'll like this.
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on 27 December 2007
Yes I agree the ultimate purpose of Brain Training was to train the brain but some of the tasks were tedious and repetitive.

With Sight Training however the fun element is re-introduced. Not only is the game overall a lot more captivating - revamp of menu styles/narration etc. but the mini games are ones you may have been brought with maybe at school, so that sense of nostalgia is there, the difficulty levels are great to lessen the repetition and there's dozens of mini games that eventually become available after completing tasks. For me the game itself was the improvement from the Brain Training series, definately worth looking into, I have more intentions at this stage of going back to it than I did with the Brain Training series.
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on 9 January 2008
I received a DS lite for Christmas and Sight Training was the second game I got for it. (The first being more Brain training).
I defy anyone not to enjoy using this great little collection of programs, particularly the sports games. I am unsure as to whether using Sight Training actually improves your eyesight but there is much fun to be had trying to lower your eye age in a similar way to trying to achieve a lower brain age in Brain Training.
The different exercises involve tracking moving objects using your eyes and using the stylus to tap objects on the screen. Others test your peripheral vision by flashing symbols in different parts of both screens and then asking you to recall what they were or indicate where they appeared. Your progress in daily tests is recorded and then plotted on graphs which can be compared with your friend's profiles. The more you play the more games are unlocked.
Overall, this title represents excellent value for money and is one to be enjoyed by people of every age.
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on 3 January 2008
I enjoyed Doctor Kawishma brain training and sight training was made by the same makers so i got it. I'd say the science is abit more firm than brain training and i believe it does help your eyes. The games are alot of fun (i like the sports games the best) and challenging! One of the good features of this game is that it gives you a recomneded (bad speller) training programme which helps you improve your weak points. I have to agree with the other reviews, the narator isn't that good as he repeats himself time and time again and mostly states the obvious. For thoughs of you that aren't familiar with brain training or that type of game made by tough generations you do your workout daily and when you've finished your first minigame you but a stamp on the date. As you collect more stamps more games become available or you can play the games you've already unlocked in a different style or you can unlock a special feature like i can now do the eye relaxation exercise at any time. Speaking of the eye relaxation exercises they do become a bit annoying as when you've completed todays recomened training you have to do it (i think you can quit) but whats more annoying is that when your doing custom training (you can play on any game which you've unclocked) if you've done alot of it it stops you right in the middle and asks if you want to do eye relaxation, i tap skip and it says lets call it a day and takes me right back to the main menu where i've got to go into my profile and listen to the welcome speech. But all the same its really good fun and thoughs who played Brain Training and enjoyed it will certainly like this
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on 23 November 2007
I got this today and I found it highly enjoyble, I havent unlocked all the Puzzles yet but i will. The games on it are top notch, especialy sporty ones, the only minor grip i have with it is the music (but thats what the volume switch is for). All in all, i found this to be fun and i will be using it everyday (like More Brain Training)so if your looking for something a bit different, give this a go.
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on 6 April 2008
It is great fun but I do wish I could turn of all the chat which is very irrelevant. I suppose they had to think of a new title but this is more brain training 3. Why do all these games have an obsession for speed, surely they could have some puzzles that did not only rely on speed.
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on 8 March 2008
If you like Brain Training and Big Brain Academy you'll like Sight Training.

I really enjoy the different exercises and the fact that there are two levels: normal and hard, available. Even the "eye exercises"! I've had hours of fun with this but there's one thing that lets Sight Training down - I couldn't find a challenge mode! That's the really fun part in Big Brain Academy and other similar games, you can play other people, hence only 4 stars.
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on 13 December 2007
It's been now two weeks since I have been playing! The tarining is good and rich in variety. There are however some small details that could make the difference. The repetitive character of some of the hints given is quiet tiring, unfortunately impossible to ignore since they keep appearing after having completed one of the activities or before. And one word for the graphics. Though the sports sections is very carefully modelled and rendered the main "narrator" is very poor in graphic design and rendering. Details, but details that do make the difference. Apart these, everything else is very enjoyable.
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on 5 December 2010
This game is so much fun! I bought this for my wife and she hasn't stopped using it. The game is so addictive!

There are various exercises which are all aimed at working out your "eyesight age" - dependant on how well you score in the game itself. The games are mixed and varied. You have to do well to unlock other features within the game - hence why this game is so addictive. I would disagree with other reviewers who say the games are repetitive.

There is an excercise where you can rest your eyes - and this bit is boring!

Not only is it suitable for children , but everyone can take part, and you do feel as if you are training your eyes - albeit I am not convinced it actually does.

Loads of fun - highly recommended!
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on 8 January 2008
As an Air Traffic Controller I have little need to 'train my sight'. But the games themselves are fun to play and i can see the progress of my partner showing me that it works well.

It aims at certain sight related tasks that will eventually help to improve all round eye sight.

If you have no interest in improving your sight then just play it for the mini games. They can be fun and enjoyable.
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