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on 12 April 2008
Project gotham racing 1 - didn't like the structure of the game and found it too hard too soon

PGR2 - Brilliant single player mode which starts easy and gradually gets harder and look up lots of my time.AND a wicked online game which introduced amongst other things the 'cat and mouse' game which i loved.

PGR3 - not as good as 2 with much fewer cities and a much less good single player mode. Online was Ok but not as good as 2

PGR 4 - Brilliant really brilliant - the single player has a nice calendar structure and the kudos you earn allow you to buy new cars, tracks (i've just unlocked the Nurburing 5 mins ago :) ) and bikes as well as game modes (Not quite sure what bulldog is yet but sounds interesting.)
Like PGR2 this game is addictive and coupled witht he arcade mode will eat into many of my free hours over the coming weeks

I haven't tried the online (no xbox live now) but this game is worth buying for the single player alone

highly recommended
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on 21 January 2015
I love the entire PGR series and MSR on the Dreamcast (the game that "founded" this franchise).

PGR4 is the same fantastic game that PGR3 is but with added motorcycles and polished graphics, BUT they changed the campaign. No longer do you seek the Gold/Platinium challenges, you just mindlessly grind through a campaign you can play on any difficulty level. There are arcade challenges but the main campaign is weak because of the change of structure.

I recommend PGR3 instead.
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on 23 January 2008
The original PGR game was my favourite racing game on the xbox 1. It had all the right ingredients, it just needed a few more cars in my opinion! PGR2 was a huge disappointment for me, it was ok but i didn't like the game running quite laggy.

PGR3 is brilliant game with brilliant tracks and loads of music!, not as good as the original gotham though!

Here we are with PGR4 and i can say that this IS the best gotham and possibly one of the best racer I've played to date, and i have played loads of them!

Graphics are simply awesome, the weather effects are superb, the car choice is brilliant and the tracks do an excellent job of challenging the player. A little niggle is the motorbikes which are fine until you fall off, where the bike goes semi-transparent and you randomly appear on the track again, which looks quite ugly, this reminds me of Midnight club 2 which did the same! Otherwise the best looking racer to date.

Sounds are good, music choice is ok with good tracks from Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park and Bloc Party, but there is a few on here i don't like such as Lily Allen. Some classic rock tracks and more indie would have been ideal here.

Overall: 5/5, An absoulte must have 360 game in your collection and goes well with Forza 2 and Burnout!
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on 9 February 2009
I'll make this quick, as it's not hard to review this game. I played PGR2 back in the day when xbox live just came out on Xbox1. Now this game along with Ghost Recon, was the forerunners for making xbox live what it is today. Now when the Xbox360 came out and PGR3 was released, it was ... OK... i don't know ask any PGR fanboy and they will all tell you, it was fun, it was fast, you had online, but it just lacked something?

Thankfully, that something is now back, in the shape of PGR4, this game is sooo much better than 3 and with addition of Bikes And weather effects this game becomes and delight off or online. For the price you pay for this game at todays rates (2009) you should be buying a bargin
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on 26 March 2018
Great Arcade racing, waaaay ahead of it's time.

Love the fact that it includes bikes but It's a shame the DLC is no longer available.
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on 29 April 2014
I cannot express how much fun this game is; it features stunning visuals (drive in rain & snow/ day turns slowly into night, drive a car or bike) weather & physics give you a sense of simulation vs arcade. You can also race a friend offline on split screen mode allowing you to drive an impressive array of exclusive hybrid cars and bikes including rare lamborghini and Ferrari models not seen since the 90's & over 150 cars and bikes in your own 4 garage collection.

This is a must have gem next to Burnout revenge on Xbox 360 and for just under £10.00 it's a must have game!. (My Score 9/10)
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on 18 June 2011
I really love the game. The graphics are sharp and realistic. The game play makes you feel like you are behind the wheel of a real car. Lots of customizations for all aspects of the game.

Not quite sure how to appreciate the Garage part of the game, but it's kind of fun to walk around the place and dream what if...

I recommend the game for all who love driving-racing games.
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on 20 April 2016
Played it for about an hour, thought it was pretty rubbish despite the favourable reviews. Haven't been back since. Toca Touring Cars on the PS1 was much better!
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on 25 August 2016
okay game with plenty of choice of cars bit hard though.
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on 12 November 2012
You don't know how good the graphics are in Forza IV till you've played PGR IV or some other games of this kind.

I mean not been playing one after another till arrive to the F4 but played Forza IV as your first racing game for XBOX and then, trying this PGR IV.

Anyway, this game was, is and will be awesome.

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