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on 9 January 2016
​3-year usage Review::

Right, how many products are still working after 3 years of use?
How many products would after 3 years gain a 4-STAR review?

This one does!
I have been using this Mouse, not every day, but from time to time.
It works perfectly still!

The only reason why I have given this a 4-STAR rating after 3 years usage is that the mouse was never designed with an AUTO OFF detector, this makes this mouse really annoying.

Why oh why, cannot an AUTO OFF detector be put into any mouse design, they all seem to have an ON/OFF button, which you never use!
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on 17 February 2015
brilliant little mouse
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on 23 June 2008
Having used a Microsoft mouse on various desktop PC's I decided to order this model to use with my Dell Inspiron 1720 with onboard Bluetooth.

Setting up was a breeze and works flawlessly. Unlike some of the reviewers I do like the click on the wheel, it just seems more positive in use. Just shows it's a matter of taste.

I wish though that Amazon would tighten up on their advertisers. Like others I ordered this item from BC UK expecting a retail boxed item and got the OEM pack which actually should only be supplied with a PC. Not that bothered but didn't get the mouse case which did matter.

On complaining was directed to the small print hidden on the advertisers page showing item was OEM. Couldn't find it otherwise. I don't expect to have to search when buying something from a site I use and trust!
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VINE VOICEon 5 April 2008
Provided your notebook has built in Bluetooth this mouse will give you full wireless control without the need to plug in a dongle and use up a precious USB port. Once installed it connects everytime you switch your PC on. It is sharp and precise, although being laser, it does not have the comforting red glow of an optical mouse. The batteries last ages and the supplied carry pouch is very useful. I do not agree with the comments about the absence of a software disc - even the retail version does not come with a disc but mine installed to Windows Vista with full functionality. In fact, you do not even need to use the on and off switch on the mouse - it simply shuts down after inactivity. Overall, strongly recommended - form and function are 100% in my view.
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on 27 August 2008
Having ordered this, late on a tuesday night prior to a bank holiday, i was delighted to find it waiting for me when i got back from a short holiday over the weekend despite estimated dispatch date of the tuesday after the bank holiday. Very Impressed amazon, well done!

As to the product itself, i have to echo what other reviewers have said, size wis it is very good. for a notebook mouse. not unuseably small as many are, but a good comfortable size.
the buttons are well placed, not too close together, so they dont get in each others way, even the 4th button which is on the side, it is above the natural position for the thumb so no real chance of accidently hitting it as is the case with many other mice. the buttons themselves have a soft click which, although it is different to the last mouse i had, is not unpleasant to use. the wheel has an almost stiff feeling, which some reviewers have seen as negative, i agree with another who sees it as a positive click, you can tell its clicking round and its not too loose so you cant accidently move it.

my computer found the device without any trouble at all, and it works very well, although im not yet sure whether or not i can get away without needing to press the link button on the bottem every time. i cant see it being a major problem if i do need to.

the only slight niggle i can find so far is infrequently the computer will drop the connection, quickly rectified by a quick press of the link button. not a big deal, although it does make a life a bit more challenging if you happen to be playing a first person shooter at the time.

despite this (i cant make any comment on battery life and other such long term things as i have only had it for 3 days) it appears to be a good buy and so far i would strongly recommend it to anyone with a bluetooth enabled notebook who is lacking in USB ports for a dongle/wired mouse.
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on 7 January 2008
I use a laptop and hate the touchpad on them. I also dislike having trailing wires everywhere. So a bluetooth enabled mouse is ideal. It saves clutter and it frees up a USB port as there is no cable or dongle (unlike other "wireless" mice).

The Microsoft mice are by far the best, I have tried all sorts over the years and have never found better. They are comfortable, ergonomic, reliable and very robust. And this 5000 range is no exception. I loved the 3000 range but the cable took a battering through poor storage and caused a dodgy connection (my fault entirely).

Only word of warning is I bought this through Amazon from a company called PCArena. The mouse arrived in a small brown paper package, with none of the original packaging or intructions, although it was supposed to be new.

So for intructions - insert 2 AAA batteries, switch on at base. Do search on PC for new bluetooth devices. If it does not immediately find the mouse then try pressing the bluetooth button on the base of the mouse for a second or two and do another search.
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on 16 September 2008
I bought this mouse to replace my wired Microsoft notebook mouse 3000, which was just worn out. At first, I thought the mouse was very good as it seemed like my old mouse without the wire. After 2 weeks of use, I sent it back. Mine was broken but the batteries had run out too.

The buttons do not give a very tactile response and seem dampened. Quieter clicks but harder on your fingers. The middle-mouse click is good though.

The mouse wheel is ok for certain uses but I prefer the free-scrolling wheel on the 3000. No clicks and much easier to scroll large documents. There is no tilt on the 5000 for left-right scrolling.

This mouse will also pair with just one machine at a time so if you switch machine you have to pair it every single time.

Drop outs occur due to the energy saving mode. If you type for a while, it will put the mouse to sleep to save batteries. It's something you can live with but can be irritating.

Batteries always make the wireless mice heavier - this one uses 2xAAA so not too bad but still noticeably heavier than a wired mouse. Some people may prefer the extra momentum but I prefer the lighter mouse for prolonged use.

I have since ordered another notebook mouse 3000. I would either recommend that or the Logitech VX Nano. The Nano is not bluetooth but is a very well built mouse and the batteries last much longer.

It's a shame because this mouse is the most stylish mouse I've owned, even better looking than the Nano.
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on 22 November 2007
I bought this mouse for its compatibility with both Mac OS and Windows operating systems. This is therefore an excellent addition to my Macbook which is dual bootable and being bluetooth mouse requires no drivers or ugly USB dongles.

Out of the packet it looks small, however it fits perfectly in the hand and I have had not problems using it day to day. It also comes with a rather nice neoprene slip case, which stops any damage when you through it in your laptop bag, and first set of AAA batteries.

Only minor comment is that the mouse wheel feels a bit stiff and doesn't have a fluid feel, but all in all 5 stars for me.
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on 11 February 2008
I've had this mouse for about four months now and found it to be reliable, accurate, comfortable and relatively light on battery use.
If your laptop supports bluetooth then I would recommend this unreservedly.
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on 8 May 2008
I hummed and haa-ed, spoke to friends and despite being advised to go for the Logitech V470, I went for the Microsoft unit. I've been happy with their mice in the past, and it was a few quid less too. To cut a long story short, I have now bought a V470. I have both units in front of me as I write, and sadly the 5000 isn't even close. The scroll wheel sensitivity cannot be adjusted (or re-programmed, unlike the Logitech, with their excellent control centre software), and the buttons are already beginning to stick. The Logitech mouse is a dream; fits my hand perfectly, nice feel to the buttons and wheel. BTW, I am using a MacBook Pro running OS X and Windows XP
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