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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Heroes of Mana (Nintendo DS)
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on 19 June 2008
I've always been a fan of Square-Enix RPG's what with the Final Fantasy and Star Ocean series' which have always sustained my fantasy adventurer side. With the Mana series It's always been a bit of a hit and miss, the first Mana game I ever played was the PS1 classic Legend Of Mana it was a beautiful game with its hand painted-looking scenery and a hoard of colourful characters. Heroes of Mana for me just falls short, it does again have a whole host of cool,funny characters but the main flaw of this is the gameplay, the real-time strategy could have been developed a bit better, as someone has already said the fights can be very slow, almost unbearable. Alot of the elements of the game reminded me of Command & Conquer with the resourse gathering, but with Rabite's instead (which is actually quite cute).The good points are that the story is very solid and the dialogue is outstanding, but I wouldn't go any further than that.I do recommend this game to the hardcore 'Mana' fans but for anyone else I'd give this one a miss and opt for Children of Mana instead.

Graphics: 4/10

Story: 9/10

Gameplay: 3/10

Extras: 4/10
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on 8 January 2010
Ok first off, despite the cover, and being a Mana game, this is a Real Time Stratergy game, NOT an Rpg or Action rpg.
It does NOT play like any other Mana game, being it Secret of Mana,Sword of Mana, Children of Mana or anything else.
The story takes place int he Mana universe and has some nods to the snes Mana games, but is otherwise unconnected.
The story is intresting at first, but soon becomes very cliche.
The characthers are mostly and unintresting, and don't really devlop as the game goes on.
The ai of this game is frequently maligned. True it doesn't have much innotive, and won't do much if yu don't order it. However its very obediant and will respond quickly to commands, although sometimes the pathfinding is eh. But the ai is no worse, and in fact, considerbly better than Revenant Wings or Mech Platoon. If you command it properly, it will never screw you over, though its hard to fight on multiple fronts with it. On a single front it will obey you commands with lighting speed, and you will feel like a real general.
I do not understand why it recieve so much criticsm, where as the ai in the much loved Mehc Platoon or Revanent Wings will do stupid stuff and constantly ignore your orders.
The system is simple, yet effective and allows for surprisng depth. Their are only 2 resources on each map, one to build buildings with, and one to create units. Their are 4 units types, with each one being strong to one and weak to one. These units are quite varied and different from each other and you will have to adjust your stratergy while in battle.
Each of your characthers has 3 slots to equip items with various effects, boosting hp, protecting from status effects, making self strong and weak to types, etc. You will need to plan ina dvance and change as the missons require it.
Each unit has an effect they have when not on the field, and one for when they are on the field. Anyone who only picks characther for strength without using their effects is a fool who has probably not proceeded past the first half of the game.
The missions are varied, some require you to rush, some require you to build slwoly, some require you to play defesnvely, some have boss characthers, possible multiple boss characters, etc. You will be constantly thinking and adapting your stratergy. The diffaculty curve of this game is slow and gradual, easing you in before throwing its hardest punchs, but genereally not gettng so frustrating you'll pull your hair out.
The campaign is about 20-30 hours long. Their is a hard campaign, and its actually done very well. Their is a multiplayer, although ti requires a friend, and also a bunch of side missions.
Overall, this is a great portable rts, at a riducously cheap proce. I highly recomend it, if you can 1) Deal with the ai (which is better than the other portable rts games) 2) Are prepared to stratergise and adapt (don't expect to grind your way to victory like in Revanent wings or to be able to get through the game with pure brute force) 3) Accept this is an RTS game and not an action game
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on 6 November 2007
I bought this game because I normally enjoy the Mana RPGs and did not realise this one was different- it wasn't very obvious from the "blurb". If your reason for considering this game is the same as mine you may want to think again. This is a strategy game involving the gathering of resources, building and deployment of gatherer and fighter units, etc. I found it painfully slow and laborious, despite the story and varying characters. This may well be my own fault, since the game was not what I'd expected, however I would advise you to think carefully unless you're a fan of this genre- and maybe even then!
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on 6 October 2011
I purchased this Nintendo game for my nephew on his birthday and he really enjoys playing it all the time.
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on 31 July 2007
this game is a amazing i spent 4 hours playing this when i first got it. it lets your mind run riot in a huge game of fantasy and adventure very like final fantasy 3 it spands many charecters in the game.
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