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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 June 2013
Race with the Devil is a fine example of the 1970s obsession with the occult and the Satanic rituals. Peter Fonda and Warren Oates play a couple of friends who take their wives (one of them being Loretta Swift - 'Hot Lips Houlihan' from M.A.S.H.) on vacation in an RV. Things don't go to well when the two guys witness a satanic ritual where a young, naked female is sacrificed by a bunch of robed cultists. Spotted lurking in the bushes, the guys make for the RV and put pedal to metal in an attempt to escape. What follows is a fairly usual tale of out-of-towners up to their necks in the Texan outback where seemingly everybody is in league with the cult (including the Sheriff) and is out to get them although they mask their evil intentions behind that brand of polite local friendliness, seen in stuff like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It was an amazing film which will keep you wishing the nightmare will just end for those couples but at the same time you would want this movie to go on forever! It meets expectations and it does well to keep your attention. It had some neat chase scenes as well. I would say we can call this one Hills Have Eyes meets the Hitcher. The ending is very unique in a way that it is something new to the horror genre. Anyways I am a big fan of horror movies which have some excellent stories to follow and if your like me you will find this movie great. It is a highly intense and satisfying film in my opinion and it is very rare for a movie about road trip horror to go this well. Great cult classic from the 70's, however don't expect any gore or blood but instead it has tons of atmosphere and suspense. Oh, and I highly recommend that you get the blu-ray double feature edition which has this film along with the excellent Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry from Shout! Factory if you can.
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"When you Race With the Devil, you better be faster than Hell!" screams the trailer for one of the all-time great irresistible chase movie premises: vacationers Warren Oates and Peter Fonda inadvertently witness a ritual killing and find themselves and their wives pursued in their RV by a bunch of unrelenting Satanists. And these aren't any old Satanists - these are Texan Satanists, and darn well connected ones too. Pretty soon it's looking like the whole of the Lone Star State is part of a Satanic conspiracy, and thankfully it's one that involves lots of car crashes. While it doesn't make quite as much of the idea as it perhaps could and the great ending completely defies logic, it's still as much fun as it sounds. It's not a great movie by any means, but as Peter Fonda says on the US DVD it was never meant to be: it was just about having a good time with it (though I'm guessing that original director Lee Frost didn't have such a great time since he got replaced by Jack Starrett). Unfortunately, but perhaps predictably, there is a remake in the works.

Sadly the UK DVD is not a patch on Anchor Bay's Region 1 issue, which also features a 17-minute featurette including an interview with Peter Fonda, audio commentary by producer Paul Maslansky and actress Lara Parker, stills and poster gallery, 3 radio spots and original theatrical trailer.
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on 16 September 2013
Road Movie, Horror, Action.

This is one of the best films I have seen in years. The story is simple enough, Devil Worshippers after holidaymakers, after witnessing a satanic ritual. but it really adds to the tension of the film. This Movie is worth it for the Extras alone. Pick up the Region 1 DVD for the bonus Features. I sold my Region 2 Copy. Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Swit, Lara Parker RG Armstrong give great performances.
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on 30 October 2008
Two couples(and their adorable dog) are on their way to a skiing holiday, when they stop off for the night. The two men Roger(Peter Fonda) and Frank(Warren Oates) notice some strange goings on and soon realise they are witnessing a full scale satanic ritual complete with human sacrifice. They are spotted by the satanists, but manage to get away. They arrive in a nearby town, and the two men return with the police to the scene of the crime, whilst the women(Loretta Swit and Lara Parker) stay behind, only to find an occult spell pinned to their vans back window. Soon they are being pursued across America by the unstoppable Devil worshippers.
This is a great 70's film, part road movie, part horror movie, and full enjoyment factor. It is a very creepy film, as the foursome start to realise how far the influence of the cult reaches and how much danger they are in. This being a 1970's film the couple are very fond of eachother and unite against the peril they face(if this was made now, they would probably all be sleeping with eachother, and bitching constantly). The ending is the highpoint, shocking and abrupt. There must have been a few gasps from the audience when it was originally shown. The performances of the main four protaganists are uniformally good, and theres nice support from R.G Armstrong as the local Sheriff.
So, an excellent film, as good as I remembered it from watching it in the early 80's. 4 out of 5
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on 1 November 2012
an above average 70's chiller.the picture quality of this dvd is excellent.good chemistry between the four leads. Warren Oates and Peter Fonda on top form and RG Armstrong is very good as the sheriff.enjoyable if you like 70's films or any of the actors involved
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on 14 July 2007
i recently saw "ghost rider " with peter fonda starring alongside nicholas
cage,it prompted me to try to remember that peter fonda was in another
"biker" thriller in the 70s also about the devil.checking on amazon i saw
"race with the devil " wow ! i watched it years ago so when the dvd came
i couldnt wait to see it ! was it good ? absolutely gripping ,half the stuffing is gone in my armchair ! campers firstly witness a murder at a
black mass ,they are chased relentlessly through the desert & towns ,
their dog is hanged,snakes put in the van ,forced off the road you name it
but cannot give too much away because of the surprise they get
out alive ? brilliant ! cant give much more away ,just watch it ! theres
also an inteview with peter fonda & extras .
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on 3 February 2014
I watched this film many years ago and really enjoyed it. When I saw it for sale I decided to buy it and I am glad I did. It is still great to watch. A real gem of a film from an era when actors had to act and were not there as extras for CGI operators. Great performances from the four main characters and well worth buying.
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on 4 April 2014
Nice little well made horror film, well directed and quite well acted by a well chosen cast of formidable actors, the story line is well maintained as well and although not edge of the seat stuff moves along at a good pace.
Well worth a watch at this price.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 November 2013
Race with the Devil is directed by Jack Starrett and written by Wes Bishop and Lee Frost. It stars Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Swit, Lara Parker and R.G. Armstrong. A Panavision/ DeLuxe Colour production, music is by Leonard Rosenman and cinematography by Robert Jessop.

Two vacationing couples have to flee for their lives when they witness a ritualistic slaying by occultists.

Great fun. A raging "B" movie for the 70s drive-in crowd that tapped into the decades new found taste for the occult and highway speeding. Film is cloaked with a paranoia vibe as our two frantic couples desperately try to stay out of the clutches of Satanists. Life and death confrontations come and go, and as they are never sure who is in league with the hooded blood drinkers, they have to assume that they alone must fight the good fight. It all builds to a crescendo of exciting vehicle carnage, which in turn leads to the final denouement, which quite frankly is frustratingly brilliant. Oates and Fonda entertain with brisk and airy performances, though Swit and Parker are really only directed to be screaming banshees waiting to be saved by their burly men.

Best served with lashings of Bourbon and Coke, and not designed to be scrutinised for moral or ethical worth, just enjoy the ride and try and stay one step ahead of Old Nick. 8/10
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on 6 July 2015
I first watched this gripping film when I was 13 years old and was totally blown away by it. Not only by the disturbing ending, but the action paced vehicle carnage in between. After watching it again I feel it was a good film for it's time and some the stunts are still as good to me. I was so glad to watch it again after so long! Be careful where you take your camper!
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