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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2016
At the top of their game , phenomenon is a brilliant album , ( but I think ufo are the best thing since sliced bread ) so I'm biased. , but anyway if you love rock and haven't got this then buy it .
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on 26 January 2016
One of the best
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on 31 March 2017
Well received and in Good condition.
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on 27 March 2008
The earliest and probably the best buy of the three albums re-issued this year in my humble opinion. This is due to the package of bonus material which you may not have in your collection and which is stronger than the extra bits on "Force It" and "No Heavy Pettin". Again the music has not suffered and benefits from a more powerful upto date mix. One of the six must have 70's albums from the classic UFO line up. You won't regret owning another copy!
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on 18 January 2012
With six fantastic albums in a row (if you include their outstanding magnum opus live album Strangers in the Night), UFO should be regarded as highly as other hard rock bands of the era, and should have been as big as Zeppelin. The guitar work is just incredible, in both the heavier tracks and the blues orientated ones. As far as I'm concerned, Michael Schenker is the best guitarist no one ever mentions. He really knows how to make an insanely catchy riff, and he actually puts out some pretty memorable solos. But every other member is due their credit: the drums, although pretty simplistic, it completely suits this mid-tempo sound, and when a certain song kicks in, they really do their part. The bassist is also very suited for this style of music, and shines particuarly on the slower songs like "Space Child". And the vocals are also damn fine, and very raunchy. The lyrics here are nothing to brag about at all. Infact, I'd so far as to say they suck (they would later improve in this department by their excellent No Heavy Petting). But it completely makes up for that with the chemistry of the band, and how each of the instruments do their part in making this album sound fantastic. As for the tracks, every single song is worth listening to, and at least half are superb. I find the slower, more ballady tracks to be where UFO truly stand out, but it isn't hard to realise that the hard rocking classics "Doctor Doctor" and "Rock Bottom" are the highlights here. The intro to "Doctor Doctor" is sublime, and one of the best build ups to the core of a song I have heard. And that chorus? Holy crap, it's nothing short of genius. "Rock Bottom" has one of the most lucid, yet mindblowing riffs ever, in the vain of "Smoke on the Water". It's the sort of song you expect to hear on commercials, even on the radio all the time. But thank god it hasn't had the "Smoke on the Water" treatment. In my opinion, this is a near masterpiece. One of the truly brilliant hard rock albums, and easily UFO's best album (excluding Strangers in the Night). It's a shame it has had so few reviews, because from the looks of the ratings it does seem well liked. If you're a fan of any of the hard rock legends, pick up this album up and have your mind blown by UFO. It's addictive, and you'll want to get everything post-Phenomenom they have done.

Key track: Rock Bottom
Personal faves: Doctor Doctor, Crystal Light, Time on My Hands
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 January 2010
After 3 pretty average disc's ,UFO-1,FLYING & LIVE,this is where the story really starts,replacing Bernie Marsden with Michael Schenker was a masterstroke or in reality a fabulous piece of luck,for it was this one move that propelled this band forward.This album is somewhat overlooked and remembered solely for the two classics that it held,namely, Docter Docter & Rock Bottom,both rightly recognised as classic heavy rock.The rest of the album tends to be overlooked which is a shame as their are some fine moments from the opening Quo riff that is 'Oh My' to the excellent 'Queen of the Deep' which closed the original album.Inbetween we get hints of wishbone ash in Schenkers playing especially on 'Space Child/Crystal light' and the occasional Quo/Free groove on others such as 'Too young too know/Time on my hands'

BONUS TRACKS: Pretty decent its good value to have the 2 non album tracks Give her the Gun/Sweet Little Thing and the unreleased Sixteen all of which fit in with the sound/style of the original album,the 2 demos i could have done without and although the live version of Docter Docter seems out of place,it does highlight just how good a live band they would be.Like all of the remasters i dont really hear too much improvement on the original discs especially the 1999 remasters.

All in all a really good disc/value for money and in hindsight not really preparing you for what came next!
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on 10 March 2005
I was a huge UFO fan 20-odd yrs ago but in a strange adolescent phase I got rid of all the albums! I bought them all again on vinyl recently and was reminded that Phenomenon really is fantastic. I think it's the best thing they did. The other review written on Amazon gives a good run-down of what's here. Two of their very best top-drawer rockers are on it - Doctor Doctor and Rock Bottom. In other areas the album is more mellow and the rhythm is often acoustic. Then Schenker cuts over it with beautifully fitting guitar solos in that understated but powerful Flying V tone (e.g. Time on My Hands particularly). Built for Comfort is great rock blues. Buy this. It's a great rock album.
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on 7 September 2000
Right it's a great album but i'm gonna tell you whats in the album what is there for you. *1st track - Oh my - fast guitar, heavy riffs *2nd track - crystal light - good soothing track *3rd track - doctor doctor - amazing guitar playing from schenker strong and powerful vocals from mogg if u like ufo you carn't go wrong with this track. *4th track - space child - great song! *5th rock bottom - this track is it! the guitar solo is breath taking the song has a heavy riff throughout the song which is pure brilliant you never go wrong with schenker on guitar. *6th track - too young to no - great track written by way/mogg slightly distorted guitar with strong singing this is very good *7th track - time om my hands - very good well produced song well written a bit slower this track is more relaxing than any of the others. *8th track - built for comfort - great blues track ufo didn't write this track they covered it from willie dixon its played on the guitar with a deep blues tone, schenker plays the basic riff...i think its double tracked because it has alot high pitched guitar along with the deep bluesy tone which makes this an all round great song. i'm not too sure about tracks 9 and 10 there good like all the others just hard to explain. this makes an over all classic british rock album any ufo listener or any one who likes classic rock like deep purple, led zeppelin, gary moore will likw this album. ufo are undoubtedly one of the all time greats! if you decide to buy this album send me a personal email if you think my review wrong in any way. PHENOMENON = *****
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on 1 January 2012
I have recently been playing catch-up on all the music I should have been into in the 70's but due to circumstances was not able to. UFO were a big gap in my knowledge, I had heard of them, remember reading articles in Sounds about them but never bought into them, my mistake, my loss.

I was recommended "Phenomenon", "Force It" and "No Heavy Petting" by friends and I now have them all, good rockin' albums one and all, it is no good regretting that I did not get into them sooner, I have them now and I love them.

Now to go out on a limb a little, everyone raves about "No Heavy Petting" stating it is the album that should have been but wasn't and can not understand why and that Phenomenon was the crude but gifted child showing it's potential. In my view (for what it's worth), I can see why NHP was not the success everyone thought it would be, it sort of reminds me of listenning to "Get Born" by Jet, you are spotting all the influences in the songs, it sort of sounds like something else you have heard and that kind of distracts from the otherwise good music. NHP just sounds a little like a British group trying to be American and sounds like other stuff by other people which is a shame, there is some good stuff on it.

"Phenomenon" however I see as less pretentious, being UFO's third album and first for Vertigo it showcased the amazing talent of young German guitarist Michael Schenker drafted in for the erant Mr. Marsden whilst on a German tour, and that was just a stroke of genius MS's guitar licks are just plain beautiful, and while it is easy to bang on about "Doctor Doctor" and "Rock Bottom", the album as a whole has a really good feel to it, they all seem to be enjoying playing this music and then when you get to the instrumental "Lipstick Traces", well, what can I say, an absolute guitar classic penned by Schenker it is just awesome. Also look out for the cover of "Built for Comfort", a wonderful reworking of a classic song.

As good as UFO are, for my money they should have gone more bluesy, Phil Moggs voice seems to fit it, but what the hey, they produce good Brit Rock and you will not go far wrong buying their albums, yes "Phenomenon" is a signpost for greater things but do not underestimate it, it is a cracking album in it's own right.
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on 28 December 2007
the best period of UFO would be their Micheal Schenker era especially on the first three albums, Phenomanon, No Heavy Petting and Force it and since the three are under going a reissue programme these albums will be a welcome addition for 2008.

back to this album the tracks that have gone through digital remastering have not robbed them of their originality with tracks like "doctor doctor" still sounding new especialy with its status quo like guitar driven boogies enough to make you dance and hum along to while Rock Bottom still gives the album plenty of punch which alone is amazing to think that band of their calbire was much more appreciated elsewhere rather than here in the UK!
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