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on 6 May 2017
Having tried '57 Varieties' of ear plugs without great success, my hopes weren't too high for these ones. Was I ever wrong! They really are brilliant and reduce sleep interruptions to practically NIL. Read the instructions because there are two different 'plugs' for different types of noise pollution. I'm totally delighted with mine and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to everyone desperate for some serious shut eye!
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on 20 September 2016
I'll start by saying that I purchased these for one specific reason: I wear a bone conduction headset, want to hear in "stereo", but also to be able to hear my surroundings, but bone conduction technology isn't there yet for volume, so if you're in a noisy environment you can't hear them... thus the earplug, as blocking one ear increased the volume incredibly!

After testing the 2 inner parts on these things, I've stuck with the orange as the white seem to do almost nothing, or only a very minor noise reduction, so I could almost throw them out...

As with other reviewers, I found the applicator almost redundant, but have found a few possible issues - if you're not careful you can push the earplug in too far, especially if you don't follow the angle of the ear canal, as pushing at a different angle will provide some (obvious) resistance, and as soon as the angle changes you'll push these things in quite far - when this happened to me I quickly pulled them back out to avoid damage, and have got into a decent routine of how to fit them

I've only had them a few days, but they seem great, although I only wear one at a time, so have never felt what it's like to wear both
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on 30 November 2014
My other half is a very loud snorer, it was either leave him, buy the house next door just to sleep in or find some decent ear plugs, I am now on my 4th set and still living in the same house as him! I wear them every night and a pair lasts me about 6 months before they start to lose shape and fall out with my night time movement, they don't totally block out the noise but I think I would hear him over a jumbo jet landing in the room, they simply dull the noise and make sleeping possible.
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on 25 November 2017
I had high hopes for these to deal with noisy environments but they are utterly ineffective. The silicone in the flanged buds is so thin that they block less noise than a pair of cheap audio earphones with no music playing. The attenuator plug is a good idea and one that sold this product to me, but it is so poorly implemented that it is ineffectual. Don't be fooled by the technical spiel, it is nothing more than a gimmick the way it has been implemented.
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on 19 June 2016
These really do cut down noise very well and are very easy to put in, compared to silicone or wax in my opinion and are more hygenic too, I would think. Love the sound deadening options too. Just one thing, they can generate their own noise, when laying on my side, as the centre tube tends to contact the pillow occasionally, which was disconcerting initially. However, I do seem to sleep better with them in and perhaps I haven't quite got the positioning right in my ears yet. On my second pair now, as one went walkabout and still hasn't been found 6 weeks later. Are they perchance made from old socks? I gest of course :) Suggest you try em.
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on 14 November 2015
These are great little ear plugs, they work better than cheap foam ones but still don't cut out a lot of noise. It cuts out ambient sound of traffic but I still get woken up by people moving about in the next room.
They come with 2 separate plastic filters that supposedly filter sound differently - I can't tell any difference.
The bag they come with is handy, and the applicator. I don't usually use the applicator because it presses quite far into the ear canal, but that means I find them falling loose quite often, they don't fit in my ear very well. They need different sizes as ONE SIZE FITS ALL, unless they're too big and they suggest cutting them smaller (I'm not taking the risk)!
I've worn them everyday since I got them which was a couple months ago? Now however the rubber has split on both ear plugs so I've had to superglue them together! For this price you don't want to have to replace them every few months but seem to be holding out at the moment.

So - it's a good product and will help you sleep, but I'm still looking for something a bit better and more durable.
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on 28 October 2017
Having broken my nose recently, I bought these for my wife. They have done wonders for marital bliss - oh and the bruising around my ribs is fading so I am sleeping better too. ;)
Seriously, these plugs are great. The quality carry case means they get taken away for overnight stays away which extends their usefulness. You can change the core which makes them useful for those concerts where things just get too loud without blocking the atmosphere. If you are looking for industrial noise protection then you should probably look elsewhere. Highly recommended.
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on 9 July 2012
I have suffered from insomnia for years, due to my acute hearing sensitivity which often causes me to wake at the slightest noise.
I have tried a few different ear plugs now and these have been the best so far. There are two types of noise reduction options with the inserts for the ear plug housings.
My house has paper thin walls too, so I often hear my neighbour's moving about.
I have used the white inserts for general noise reduction and they are sufficient enough to block out my financés snoring and also the general hum of electrical noises, that I am usually sensitive to.
I even slept through knocking on my front door. (not such a good thing for the delivery man!)
They are comfortable to wear and stay in all night. The snug soft rubber fits nicely even if you have small inner ears. The inserts are easily snipped with scissors to make the perfect fit too.
Easily cleanable and the small travel pouch is ideal too.
I will be buying a few more for the future, as these are 2/3rd's of the price than in the shops.
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on 14 November 2016
Better quality than other ear plugs I have purchased previously, they don't tend to make a crackling noice like other foam ones. I use mine regularly as I am a very light sleeper and live next to a major road and they do dampen the traffic noise but allow my alarms to still be heard. It also blocks out snoring! The only thing I would say is that sometimes I would wake up as my ears would be hurting with them in, but this happens much less regularly than other earplugs I have tried. These also tend to stay in my ears all night, others I have tried would often fall out halfway through the night.
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on 24 April 2017
These are ideal for use when sleeping. The little zipper pouch is great for use whilst travelling. Seem to last far better than the foam type earbuds.
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