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on 2 June 2017
I hate to leave any negative feedback, but I could not find a way to contact the seller.
As always, I read through the comments for this item before purchase and since the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, I chose to ignore the negative ones.
More fool me!
As many have suggested, the air valve on this item is extremely poorly made.
I have had this item less than 30 mins. I opened up the delivery, unboxed it. Added the solution I wish to spray (woodworm killer), primed it 15 times (it states between 10 and 20) and IMMEDIATELY heard air releasing through the valve. So much so that it was depleted within seconds.
I primed again after checking it was securely fastened.. again air escaped.
I did manage to pull the trigger once before the pressure dropped too far and the jet from the nozzle was not focused at all (I had set to that). It had a weak central column of fluid and several offshoots in various directions. Definitely not what you want when spraying chemicals.

To conclude, unless the seller or manufacturer can give a solution to this issue, do not purchase this item, it may be cheap but even then it is unfortunately not worth it if yours has this issue, it is useless.
I purchased this for one job only, hence not spending much, but I now have to locate another as I am sure I cannot return it after filling its belly with nasty chemicals.
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on 3 July 2017
Bought this to do some weed killing in the garden. most of the unit is good quality apart from the bit you actually need. I have used it for 30 mins and gave up. When you use the pump to pump it up and then try and spray, the cheap plastic hose sprayer just flies out of the front. The only way to avoid this is to either not pump it up much or use the pressure lease valve. But then this defeats the object, as you cannot spray for very long or with any pressure, before needing to re pump it. In the end I just got rid of the spray bit. But of course ended up using a lot more liquid than I should of done. I haven't bothered contacting the seller, because the return process isn't worth the cost of it. Its a total joke of a product. A Fisher-Price weed sprayer. Fine, if you bought it from the pound shop, but £9, for this plastic kids toy is not good. I'm pretty annoyed with this purchase, as the product is not fit for purpose
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on 30 December 2014
I had a good look at the reviews before I bought this so I should have been prepared for this rather than hoping "it might not happen with mine" but it seems like this suffers from a design fault. As with many other reviewers I experienced air leaking. This means it can't hold any pressure and very quickly goes from a nice spray to a limp dribble.

The leak was fairly easy to locate, it's the pressure release valve. It's easy to take apart (remove the white clip below the spring, slide the spring off the pull the red bung out) and inspecting it all the components were in good order so I think it's in design rather that I received a fault unit. When it does have any pressure the slightest brush against the valve and you hear a rush of air coming out, it just seems to create a very tenuous seal at best.

As I say it seems a design flaw, the o-ring is fairly small and there seems a lot of wiggle in the stopper. Slathering it in Vaseline did help but not entirely. It allowed me to get the job I needed done out the way at least. I'll not need to use it again for a while but the next potential culprit I'll try tackling to improve the seal is to put a washer or two at the end of the spring to increase the tension - that should hopefully help counter the higher pressure and allow a bit more to build before a leak - or dig around my odds and ends to see if I have a beefier o-ring (not spares in mine as another review commented) but it's workable with the vaseline.

Now I bought this having read numerous reviews of pressue leaks/quick pressure loss so I half expected I'd experience the same. If I didn't though, I'd have given it 1 star. Still, you should expect something you buy to work, right? Yes and yes it does work, just poorly. For context though Argos's cheapy own brand is over double what I paid for this, B&Q's cheapest equivalent approaching triple of what I paid and I suspect with a bit more work on the valve it'll operate absolutely fine and still at a much cheaper cost than the alternatives so 3 stars. I got what I paid for.


Having gone back to it and reapplied Petroleum Jelly to the pressure release valve with a bit more care (rather than in frustration while trying to use it) and it now works 100% as advertised. Hold pressure well, builds up as far as it said it should and can go for ages without having to stop and pump the pressure back up. Brilliant!
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on 18 March 2017
The pump leaked air from the safety release valve and no amount of fiddling and tightening would fix it. I only discovered this after filling it with Algon patio cleaner, so I carried on trying to use it. The sprayer wouldn't maintain its pressure so I had to pump it every couple of seconds to make it work. Have returned for a refund.
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on 20 May 2017
As they say you get what you pay for. For a tenner which includes shipping it's not bad but it was the only 3 ltr sprayer I could find. Trouble is you have to pay far too much for named brands.
The faults with this particular sprayer are: the spray switch locks too easily in place, and the switch leaks, that's not good when you're using weedkillers because it dribbles onto your hand. The stem of the pump is very wobbly and only just adequate for the purpose.
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on 17 January 2018
Bought this as it showed as a recommended purchase when I purchased a product which required a sprayer, I wish I hadn't bothered.

The good, it is a nice size and feels sturdy.

The bad, 1) The adjuster for the nozzle is not very good, you can't seem to get a nice even spray pattern it tends to dribble more than it sprays.
2)The pressure relief valve lets out pressure constantly, I have checked the seals and they are ok but you get a constant hissing from the valve.
3) It doesn't seem to hold much pressure, I found myself constantly pumping the handle to get a steady spray rate which kind of defeats the object.

My advice is to look for something else.
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on 28 March 2017
In common with other buyers of this, mine leaks badly. The pressure valve is ok, but it leaks from the spray nozzle where it screws into the arm of the spray assembly. Useless.
Update: Returned as faulty. Bought a Spear and Jackson model instead.
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on 3 June 2017
Don't bother buying, complete waste of money. None of the parts would screw together properly, the air valve was broken & the whole unit is so 'cheap' in make but not cheap in price. I left it too late to return (I was waiting for a dry day to spray the garden) & didn't read the reviews before purchasing. Save your money or just throw almost £10 in the bin!
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on 4 June 2017
***Complete rubbish***. It doesn't hold the pressure. As other people say, the "overpressure" valve leaks. So I took mine out - and sealed it so that it could not leak that way. Then it leaked through the joint between the body and the hose. Do yourself a favour, and buy something else. This just isn't worth it.
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on 15 December 2016
A zero rating would be more appropriate. Having used this spray, probably for only the 5th time since purchase last year-I'm afraid I have now lost my temper with it's leaking, it's non-working spray control and involuntary depressurisation (from the day I first used it); it's now in multiple splintered, crushed pieces scattered across the lawn - but I feel better! it is utter rubbish, please don't buy it. I suspect that the good reviews, if purchasers had the time they would have followed up in a similar vein,
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