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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2010
For any fan of Green wing having every episode is obviously a must and this Box set does give you this, but if you are thinking of buying this collector's edition the 8th bonus disc is a bit of a let down.
It does contain unseen material namely extra deleted scenes and a so called documentary which although entertaining, only lasts 15mins and I feel it could and should have been longer to give a true fan what they deserve!
If you can get this 8 disc collectors edition for about the same price as the other separate series 1 & 2 plus special together, then it is worth buying but don't spend too much extra as the 8th bonus disc isn't worth it.
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on 16 March 2011
For me, this is the most amazing programme I have come across. The theme tune is so catchy that I find myself humming it. The cast is sublime. The scripts are written with such genius; they capture the weird and wonderful British humour that made Red Dwarf/Black Books/Monty Python (to name but a few)such a roaring success. It saddens me that this never really had the level exposure and acclaim it deserved.

This is not everybody's sense of humour, but it is very worth watching. The arrogance of the medical profession, the insanity associated with working in the NHS are all portrayed in this 'window'. It is well worth buying and watching. If you give it a chance, you will be rewarded.
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on 1 February 2011
I bought this boxed set when it first came out in 2007--and played it to death. Having just renewed my aquaintance with it, my responces and enjoyment is not diminished at all, in fact, it is appreciated all the more. Reason ? it points up just how original, clever, and lasting, the whole experience is. But, it also reminds me how pallid, weak and formulaic TV comedy currently is, by comparison. Green Wing is so original, from every perspective, ie. camerawork to musical support--bravurra acting, to inovative directing/editing. A true watershed in comedy--or in any medium. With it's adult themes and explicit sexual language, it must have caused consternation in some households with mixed age groups, because I know it became a must-see show of cult status with most school age kids. P g Croft.
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on 11 October 2011
Green Wing is a "quirky" comedy series that ran on Channel 4 between 2004 and 2006, consisting of two series of 9 and 8 episodes respectively and a one-off special. The episodes each run for just under an hour and the special 90 minutes.

The series is set in a hospital and follows the fraught and often tortuous relationships of the various employees and their fractured character traits. The series covers a lot of ground and a brief synopsis is almost impossible, but the two highlight plot arcs are:

= An "on-off" love triangle between the three surgeons, Caroline Todd, Guy Secretan and Mac MacCartney, (Greig,Manganand Rhind-Tutt) and the attempts of the monumentally wet student doctor Martin ("Fartin") Dear (Karl Theobald) to break into the triangle and win Todd's affections.

= A rather unconventional love interest between the pompous, stuttering and deeply disturbed radiologist Dr Alan Statham (Mark Heap) and the aging, insecure but sexually aggressive administrator Joanna Clore (Pippa Haywood).

The series relies for its humour on peurile, eccentric, extreme or even surreal behaviour of the protagonists and for the most part it works with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments interspersed with fair doses of "cringe comedy" and less extreme forms of amusement.

If I'm honest, though, the concept is sarting to wear by the second series and while the humour remains it seems to be taking second place to the somewhat soapy relationships themselves and by the special, I became a little tired of the whole thing. Some of the surreality goes a little too far and Sue White, the Scottish staff liaison officer played by Michelle Gomez failed to raise a single laugh. Overall, however, this is a great example of good Channel 4 comedy (a genre in itself, I think) and well worth the expense and effort.

I have to say, though, that the one shining star throughout is of course Mark Heap's wonderful performance as Alan Statham and, if other story arcs or characters are losing a little of their comic gloss, you can be sure that Heap will get you rolling on the floor, breathless with laughter. You can hardly call such a parodical character "well observed"; I think that "fine tuned" is probably a better description. Credits also go to Olivia Colman who plays the disorganised and absent minded admin office worker - a far gentler comic performance.

Series 1 *****
Series 2 ***
Special ***
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on 4 September 2009
This is a fabulous buy. Extremely funny and very well edited.Needs to be watched twice to see and hear the segments you missed whilst you were busy wiping the tears of laughter from your eyes.Absolutely amazing.
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on 5 May 2008
I'm a very big fan of the show and that's why I bought the collectors' edition.

However, when I inserted the dvd in my computer and looked at the contents of the dvd I noticed that it tries to automatically install a rootkit without any user intervention. This kind of behavior is not even legal.
We as customers are getting punished for buying it while pirates provide it for free without malware.
I won't buy dvd's anymore from Channel4 in the future.

The technical stuff:
The DVD's contain Macrovision ActiveReach RipGuard technology. There are 3 hidden files (autorun.inf, 70Z58O4I.exe, RGASDEV.SYS) that, when installed, stop people from creating a legal backup copy for personal use.
There is no way to uninstall this program therefore it gets labeled as a rootkit:
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on 14 January 2010
Green Wing is without doubt one of the best TV comedy series ever written
This BAFTA Award winning sureal comedy shot in Basingstoke and Southampton Hospitals is a must have.

I first came across this channel hopping one evening whilst I was looking after my girlfriend who had co-incidently just come out of major surgey at Guys hospital - this was the perfect antedote and we laughed so much that she had to stop watching as her industrial size metal stitches were in danger of exploding.

Green Wing will take you through all the gamets of human emotion it is superbly written. it will always have you smiling and sometimes even crying with laughter.

The natural chemistry and razor sharp banter between arrogant but insecure public school Swiss born, anaesthetist Guy Secretan (Steve Mangan) and Julian Rhind Tutt(crazy name crazy guy) as the unconventional, popular and high flying surgeon Dr "Mac" MacCartney must rate among the funniest spontaneous double acts of all time. With the tall, quirky, honey toned Tamsin Greig (Debbie from "the Archers")as new Dr Caroline Todd - the eventual centre of their affections.

The other star of this series has got to be the up tight, dark and twisted (but not unsymapethic) stammering Radiologist Dr Alan Statham brilliantly played by Mark Heap
(Lark Rise to Candleford) who's is unable to reconcile himself to modern society. His school master authority always undermined by people who dont fit into his old fashioned view of Britain, in particular by his extremely tall and street-wise bullying bysexual pupil Mr Boyce.
His carnal desire and touching affection for the unlovable Joanna Clore is often thwarted (usually by her)eventually leads to tragic consequences involing a stuffed heron and a dwarf
(who incidently played Jack Large - the ball-buggering beast killer of no fixed abode in Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis' Black Adder 1's final episode - another comic classic !)

Green Wing introduces us to a whole host of exagerated and increasingly demented characters with superb performances from Michelle Gomez as mad queen Sue aka staff liaison (they enlarged her part as she was so funny) and the unsymapthetic and apty named Joanna Clore as the slightly older, aged obsessed, sex crazed uber nasty head of human resources. (why Pippa Heywood won an award for her role and the others didn't is beyond me - they are all superb)

Karl Theobold plays the irritating elfin under achiever Dr Martin Dear, who is also in love with Carolyn Todd. Throw in those smug irritating but talented women (Angela and Holly) and the tall token man (Jake) from Smack the Pony and you have a riotus comedy. Look out for new comic stand ups playing cameo roles.

Green Wing is a series of hilarious sketches and vynettes tied together with a complex plot, superb dialogue (much of which seems natural and unscripted)coupled with superb human observation and a very dark under tone.

My girlfriend and I have watched these series far more times than we care to mention and each time find something new to amuse us. We even hooted when we accidently discovered the rainbow bunny freeze on her post operation visit to Basingstoke Hospital (which shows how sad Green Wing fanatics we have become) - no sign of Statham or any camels however !

My only two regrets are 1. that there is not an entirely happy ending its bitter sweet depending on which one you choose and that they have not made more (although we did note a series of Mac and Guy adverts as a spin off).

Green Wing is like nothing you have ever seen but it is in the same league as Fawty Towers, Black Adder I (the funniest one) and Rick Mayall's New Statesman

Green Wing has superb male and female comic actors and script writers - there are gags here which appeal to both sexes. Green Wing is more banter and witty dialogue than slapstick but there are great visual jokes too.

Script writing and British comic acting at its very best - dont miss out it will have you in stitches (no pun intended) - you will never look at hospitals the same way again
- go and buy it !
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on 24 October 2011
I can't believe how you can just pick up this show years after and sink straight back into it like you've never been away!

One of the funniest shows I've ever seen, Green Wing brings you some amazing and lovable characters and the ultimate 'will they or won't they' relationship ever!

Surreal, hilarious and heart-warming... this show makes you proud to own it :¬)
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on 16 March 2010
Over the last 10 years if I got onto the subject of best comedys on tv. All I hear about is the office, and as good as this is it is left far behind in the wake of Green Wing. As comedys go this is up there with the best IE Fawlty Towers, Father Ted, Black Adder and The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. So if anybody out there who were unlucky enough to of missed this when it was on and you like a good laugh and have a weekend veiwing spare then order this DVD.

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on 11 January 2015
Mad... Quirky... Darkly funny... Brilliant ! 10/10...
The first and second series are true gems - totally different from the "formula" sit-coms mass-produced by TV companies today.
The only problem is the one-off "special" that followed... Don't bother with it - It was obviously produced to provide some kind of happy ending for those who didn't like the end of series two. There is no happy ending - the end of series two is poignant, and perfect... Leave it at that.
Highly recommended ( as long as you don't bother with the "special" )...
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