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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2007
Season 9 of Seinfeld marks the end of a sublime era in television, with the final season of a show that ignored convention and remained a truly individual comedy series until the end. Despite the loss of head writer Larry David at the end of season 7, the show is still consistently hilarious, and some of the outstanding episodes include "The Serenity Now"; "The Strike" (in which the legendary tradition of 'Festivus' first appears); "The Bookstore"; and my personal favourite, "The Betrayal", in which the events of the episode take place in reverse (meaning that the end credits appear at the start, and so on). Some of the content, such as Kramer turning his apartment into a shrine to "The Merv Griffin Show", is totally bizarre (a theme which characterises some of the later episodes in the show's run), but it never feels forced or unfunny. There are welcome swansong appearances by lots of the characters who have appeared in the show over the years, with many fan favourites, including Bubble Boy and Soup Nazi, appearing in the concluding two-parter, "The Finale" (for which Larry David returns as writer). The final story has been both praised and criticised in equal measure, as, in typical Seinfeld manner, it does the unexpected. Personally I think it is a great ending, and shows the same audacity for which the show earned its reputation, but you'll need to buy the DVD to decide if you agree or disagree with my assertion!

Season 9 of Seinfeld consists of 24 episodes:
1. The Buttter Shave
2. The Voice
3. The Serenity Now
4. The Blood
5. The Junk Mail
6. The Merv Griffin Show
7. The Slicer
8. The Betrayal
9. The Apology
10. The Strike
11. The Dealership
12. The Reverse Peephole
13. The Cartoon
14. The Strongbox
15. The Wizard
16. The Burning
17. The Bookstore
18. The Frogger
19. The Maid
20. The Puerto Rican Day
21. The Clip Show (pt.1)
22. The Clip Show (pt.2)
23. The Finale (pt.1)
24. The Finale (pt.2)

As is tradition, the season 9 DVD will contain 'Yada Yada' cast and crew commentaries; 'Notes About Nothing'; deleted scenes and bloopers; and 'Inside Looks' escribing the history behind selected episodes. Other features are yet to be confirmed, but hopefully we will see some content relating to the show's finale, such as news reports and trailers. Seinfeld Season 9 is a must have DVD...not that there's anything wrong with that!
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on 6 December 2012
The pressure was on for this last season to make it special. Everyone was watching, and the staff was constantly expected to up the ante. For the most part, it was business as usual, with more classic episodes such as "The Serenity Now" and "The Strike," which introduced Festivus to the world. There were some format-breaking shows, including "The Betrayal," which channeled Harold Pinter and told the story completely in reverse, and "The Merv Griffin Show," where Jerry's apartment was never even shown. Also, more episodes taking advantage of enclosed spaces/environments, like the car-centric "The Dealership." Jerry goes to buy a car, George gets his candy bar stolen, and Kramer takes an extended test drive.

In a way, there were two finales to the season. The first is the penultimate episode. "The Puerto Rican Day" was the last to be written by the writing staff before Larry David's return to put the fork in Seinfeld. Sadly, this very funny episode has been out of circulation due to some controversy surrounding Kramer accidentally setting fire to a Puerto Rican flag. It's too bad, because it's another hysterical trek through an impossible situation. Cut off from their homes by the Puerto Rican Day parade, the gang takes advantage of their confinement in different ways. Elaine tries to escape, George gets chased by a jerk with a laser pointer, Kramer dives into the festivities, and Jerry gets locked into a battle of wills with another driver (Mario Joyner).

"The Puerto Rican Day" is followed by the double-length "The Chronicles," a clip show that ran before the extended send-off, "The Finale." Written by Larry David, "The Finale" is the unfairly maligned bow on top of the Seinfeld package. How to finish a nine-year series is a near-impossible challenge, especially when the show was so popular and there was no over-arching story line that could signal the way for the exit. It's very nearly a no-win situation. Expectations are too high, and you can't please everyone.

Conceptually, Larry David found a winning premise. In the wake of Princess Diana's tragic death and the paparazzi who didn't lend a hand to help, the French government passed a "Good Samaritan law." In essence, if you saw someone in trouble and did nothing to aid them, you could be held responsible by law. Hearing this, David knew there was no way his fictional avatars would ever survive if such a law would be enacted in America, and so he contrived for them to run afoul of just such legislation in a small Massachusetts town. On trial for videotaping an obese man being carjacked and cracking jokes at his expense, a parade of characters from the nine years of the sitcom stroll into court to testify that there has been an ongoing pattern of indifference and abuse perpetrated by "the New York Four."

This trial idea allows the show to revisit some of its top moments, providing a way to sum up the nine seasons it was on the air. It also creates a way to send the characters on their way that is not only big, but different than everything they had done before. A regular episode would not have suited anyone, and with the "no hugging, no learning" policy, there was no chance of a feel-good farewell. In fact, what makes this last show funny is how staunchly they hold to that policy. The failure of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer to even recognize the gravity of their situation or their own meanness is what really makes "The Finale" funny. Would we have really wanted them to cave in and become normal members of society at the end? Would we have accepted a wedding, or even career success? It seems to me it was either prison or death.

EPISODES: * The Butter Shave * The Voice (audio commentary by writers Jeff Schaffer, Alec Berg, and David Mandel) * The Serenity Now (writer Steve Koren) * The Blood * The Junk Mail * The Merv Griffin Show (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, director Andy Ackerman, and writer Bruce Eric Kaplan) * The Slicer (writers Greg Kavet, Andy Robin, and Darin Henry) * The Betrayal/The Betrayal played in "proper" order (writers David Mandel and Peter Mehlman) * The Apology * The Strike (Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Ackerman, and writer Dan O'Keefe) * The Dealership (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Patrick Warburton, and director Andy Ackerman) * The Reverse Peephole > (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Patrick Warburton, and writer/producer Spike Fereston) * The Cartoon * The Strongbox * The Wizard * The Burning (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Patrick Warburton, and director Andy Ackerman) * The Bookstore * The Frogger * The Maid (Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer, and David Mandel) * The Puerto Rican Day (Steve Koren and David Mandel) * The Chronicle (Parts 1 & 2) (with second introduction for the syndicated part 2) * The Finale (Parts 1 & 2)
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on 17 April 2012
This set marks the last in the wonderful Seinfeld TV series. While lacking a little compared to the earlier Larry David inspired scripts, these episodes are a fitting final tribute to one of the truly great American comedy shows.

A stellar ensemble cast who are really missed after all this time. I now have the complete set and they will stand repeated viewings without much of the inevitable dating that happens to some comedy shows.

Jerry did the right thing in refusing to let the show run on and on. Get out on a high note and always leave 'em wanting more !!
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on 18 November 2007
Has the US EVER produced a better comedy than this? Possibly CHEERS in its hey-day came close, SEINFELD, despite running for 9 seasons never really lost its touch, whereas i felt later episodes of CHEERS did. A comedy classic, JERRY SEINFELD quit while it was still fresh and kudos to him for doing so. Please, please buy all the seasons! No matter how many times you watch them they never become unfunny!
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on 4 January 2016
The delivery, packaging and quality are better than expected.

The notes about nothing and other little pieces of information (deleted scenes, inside look, extras etc) make this better than anything for folks who want to laugh again and again
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on 3 September 2009
Hi, I'm from Portugal and I bought this product and it's perfect but here was one thing that I was scare about before I purchased it. The missing details on subtitles. This item has almost 15 subtitles (Potugueses included) but theres nothing on the page of the product that says that. This time I was lucky. Please AMAZON, try to put the subtitles details on the products. Not everybody is from an English language country. We need to know if the products have subtitles of our language.
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on 23 November 2007
This final series of Seinfeld is produced in the same way as the previous eight series. Beside "Notes about nothing" on the episodes, there are the inside looks when members of the cast, the writers and producers explain some of the background to the episode. There are also deleted scenes, bloopers and some sein-imation. The other bonus features are a featurette on the final programme as well as a round-table discusion between the cast and Larry David. There is an easter egg on the fourth disk but this is just some seinimation.

The series may not have had the stand out episodes of earlier series, but its still great after all these years. The additional treatment in terms of the introduction to the episodes makes the DVD well worth buying - especially if your introduction to Seinfeld has been reruns.
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on 27 April 2014
With Season 9, Seinfeld came to an end in 1998 and while the finale is still slightly questionable, the season as a whole allowed the show to go out with a bang.

Classic episodes for the final season include 'The Serenity Now' where Jerry starts to get in touch with his emotions and 'The Betrayal' , an episode told in backwards order where Elaine and the group attend a wedding in India.

The much talked about 'The Finale' episode still spouts some controversy with fans either criticising it for portraying the characters as selfish uncaring people (despite the characters being portrayed this way since the very early seasons) or the episode featuring too many flashbacks. However, while it isn't of the quality of finales like Friends or British sitcoms like Blackadder, it is still a fitting way to end the show as the characters get what their long awaited comeuppance.
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on 10 August 2013
Rather a sorry end to a great show. I had always avoided the last two seasons of 'Seinfeld' because I imagined that they would be disappointing. With Larry David gone, I had a hunch that the attention to detail, the humour rooted in character, the narrative credibility would have gone with him. In fact Season 8 is almost as good as before, with some terrific episodes; it's more zany - Kramer assuming the characteristics of a dog - and occasionally the friends behave out of character -would Elaine really go to a cock fight? - but it's very, very funny. Season 9 is a bit of a disaster - it does have one very funny episode, `The Merv Griffin Show' but it also has the worst, `The Betrayal'. The latter makes the error of prioritising concept above character. The problem with the rest of the episodes is that the plots are ludicrous to the point that you can no longer suspend disbelief. Character integrity has gone to the wall, along with the voices - the actor playing George, no longer sounding like George, just shouts the whole time - and Kramer is given almost no physical comedy just too many words and his pet projects are too self-consciously silly, undermining the character, and are unfunny. Worst of all is that nobody seems to like the characters any more, not even the actors. So why should we? We knew they were selfish but they were redeemed by being funny & because they were such failures in their personal and professional lives: that's why they hung out together. In Season 9 they come across as nasty and unfunny: exemplified by the awful double episode finale. (Why not just have Jerry marry?) And Elaine changes her hairstyle every five minutes: a sure sign that nobody is in charge any longer or really cares. Avoid.
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on 5 May 2011
Alright i wanted to review Seinfeld 1-9 but i didn't want to review the complete box set as i bought all the seasons individually and duely watched them all within two months...twice. This show is fantastic, and thus i have given this a five star review which applies to the show as a whole, this season and every individual season. It is clear when watching this show just how much it has influenced the sitcom genre since, the characters are loveable despite being incredably selfish people, and the reason we like them is due to writing and re writing of the scripts by Larry David and Jery Seinfeld (if you love the show read the scripts they're spectacular. Its a journey that you will not regret, i guarentee it!
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