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on 23 January 2005
Men's Health ran an article on this 'diet' a month-or-so ago and I began to adopt some of the principles of this book then; I felt better within a few days. Put simply, you can read this book cover-to-cover in a few hours and start making changes to your approach to food straight away - it's virtually hassle free.
The main principles in the book are focused on eating combinations of the twelve 'powerfoods' that are explained in detail, and eating regularly, six times a day. It's easy to scoff at that latter concept if you're a busy person (like me!), but I've managed to fit the snacks in and I think that this element of the programme is key. It's amazing how much better I feel without going for long periods of time minus food.
The book also provides clear information on the foods that are bad for us, and why some other diets aren't too good for us, as well. At no point is there any confusing science; it's all understandable. Menus, hassle-free recipes and a basic work-out programme are also included and these support the main ideology of the book well. Everything here is, again, easy to understand and, above all, attainable.
Nothing here is rocket science, which is a good thing, but for anyone looking for a straightforward way to making a positive change to their lifestyle, this is a good place to begin.
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on 5 April 2006
I am a regular reader of Men's Health and I have a monthly subscription to the magazine. I bought this book and its sister Abs Diet book and I can't help but be slightly disappointed. However, I think my disappointment stems from being a person who has lost a lot of weight already and I may have been treating the book as the final answer to the body image i am looking for. My disappointment may be limited to my expectations. Howver for someone who wants to lose weight in a sustainable way while working out at the same time, I would strongly recommend this book. It acts to explain and education about weight loss as well as propose recipes and workouts. It is ideal for the person with good intentions but cannot figure out how to do things. I would recommend it for someone who wants to lose a stone or change their body shape. It is not for people who want to bulk up. I would recommend getting both books in the Abs diet series together.
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on 10 February 2005
As a bit of an obsessive, I read this book on the morning I received it and, like a fanatic, followed all of the principles in this book. I was determined to get a flat stomach with rock hard ABS.
This book is good as, if followed properly, encourages you to adopt lifestyle changes and follow a healthier path. It is wrong to think though that this will miraculously give you a flat stomach. It will help you get fit throughout, which will, in turn, at some point, give you a flatter stomach, but it is all part of a larger plan.
There is advice on exercises for the ABS, but it will take months to get anywhere with these - it will not take the place of hard work in the gym.
Nutritional advice is great, though common-sense, however, sometimes you just need to read it somewhere to put it into action. Menus given also help you get started with your new way of eating, and you get good advice on what to eat without anything sounding condescending.
All in all, a good book with good ideas. Just don't expect a quick fix to the love handles; it will need a good few months/a year of hard work following this book!
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on 30 December 2004
I bought this book after seeing as advert for it in Mens Health magazine, and was sceptical, I'm not much of a diet man myself.
The book was a lot different from what I expected, not faddy like atkins, but simple sensible eating advice sided with an exercise plan that ensures you maintain a good healthy body for life.
The book is aimed towards the American Market but most ingredients in food can be substituted by having a quick look around Tesco. Protein Powder isn't needed either, just eat a bit more chicken or fish and it works just as well.
I have followed the lifestyle for 2 months now and already am reaping the rewards both aesthetically and healthwise.
Highly recommended
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on 3 July 2005
I have been trying for years to work my midsection into some type of firm body part and I have from time to time reaches those goals and this book has helped get me there faster this time around. The author gives practical advice on diet and food intake that almost everyone could follow. Exercises are basic and to the point.Not hard to follow, recommend "GI Diet, The Backsmart Fitness Plan", all three books helped me reach my goals in a short period of time.
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on 26 September 2006
I guess they had to emphasise the whole abs thing in the title of this book so as to sell a few more copies. It's actually a much more wholesale approach to fat loss in a sustainable healthy way, with great dietary advice as well as advising you on exercise routines that are practical and that work.

If you have unrealistic expectations then sure, this book might disappoint... but then anything will disappoint if you do have unrealistic expectations. But if you want to get into good condition, then this book will help.
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on 9 October 2007
This book is one of those filler for fillers sake books, which fattens up the book with slightly irrelevant information just so it can reach a word limit. Don't get me wrong this book is great, but it is essential you read through the filler to reach the killer chapters.

My main negative points- there is a chapter dedicated to disecting the other current famous diets, also a few dedicated to the benefits of the diet- in my opinion these would act in selling you the book, but hey- I have bought the book, I dont need to be told why I should buy it.

I have been doing the diet (strictly) for a few weeks now, the results are amazing. The diet is simple enough to follow, your never hungry, it makes you feel great, it acts in stripping the fat from your body that weight lifting can't, i.e your love handles.

It is more of a life plan than a diet, I enjoy doing it so much I can not see why I would go back to my previous nutrition routine.
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on 26 October 2004
I've been lardy all my days. This book basically condenses all the information and tips you get from reading 'Men's Health' for ten years within one easy-to-read volume and makes it as easy as possible to take in.
The food's magic and you're told to stuff your face into the bargain. The key is you learn how to ditch the stuff your body can't process (and lumps on to your lardy bits).
Top effort to all involved in creating this book.
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on 19 August 2013
I bought this book on the recommendation of a fellow facebook user. I had been running miles and miles daily but the final few pounds of fat just would not go.
After doing the exercises and the different way of eating for just three weeks, the fat is going and I'm getting to the point now where I can see my muscles for the first time in 30 years! I'm standing up straight, head up, body feels full of energy and I'm feeling great. I'm actually giving my body what it needs now, out with the processed sugars and carbs, in with the good whole foods we are designed to eat.
I can't recommend this book highly enough, stick with it and you'll never regret it. Best 1p I have ever spent!
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on 15 March 2010
Most of the recipes in here, you won't find the ingredients in British supermarkets. It's a pity, and the recipes do sound good & it certainly reads like they know what they're talking about but if you can't get the foods it's useless to us over here. Please - bring out a UK edition, once you've been around the big 3 main supermarkets & seen what is available.
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