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VINE VOICEon 16 December 2015
My PC is built using a full size NZXT H2 Classic Silent case, a tower, not the biggest case you can get, but even so, a large case. To move it around in the past I had it on a piece of plywood so I could easily drag it over a carpet for small position adjustments, but I would have to carry it if I wanted to move it to a different room. With 4 hard drive's and 3 SSD cards, a large Noctua CPU fan/cooler, plus a big Corsair power supply, it is heavy. This little stand has transformed things. The stand is adjustable width wise, so can take some extremely wide cases, but it is short, my case overhangs it. Although I could have put my case directly onto the stand, I did not as I thought it might restrict airflow from under the bottom to the power supply, so I put my piece of ply on the stand, then put the case on that. It works! Although the case hangs over the stand either end, it does balance well and feels stable. I can now move it from room to room as I want (on one floor that is!), and the airflow under the case is even better than before.

For such a good price, it almost seems silly not to have one now. I am converted!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 October 2015
I bought one of these a couple of years back and have just ordered another.

I suffered from repeated PSU failures even though I had a very hard shallow carpet with a gap between the floor and the intake for the PSU. After buying one of these to raise the PC higher I haven't (touch wood) had a problem.

I have an absolutely massive case for my SLI PC and this carriage can expand far wider than I need it. It is really handy too as I can move the PC around with ease and vacuum the floor underneath and gain access so I can slide out the PSU dust filter etc.

It is really durable and can take the weight of my super heavy PC. Unfortunately I lost my balance whilst wiping the skirting board behind the PC (I should have just wheeled it out of the way) and my entire body weight fell on it and then I heard a crack! Not the trolleys fault at all! Happy to invest another tenner.
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on 26 January 2013
Took a few days to come, but that was no problem (Especially since the weather hasn't been to good the last week or so) Easily assembled, took around 5 min to attach everything and the it was all done. It holds my PC very well and allows me to easily move it about the room on the wheels, two of which have breaks to stop it moving about when you don't want it to. There is a small spanner that comes with the product for assembly, and it does the job well.
I have been using it a couple days and it supports my PC, in a Zalman Z11+ case, very well.
The stand is easily adjustable so you can make it fit almost any case (I think) so any tower PC will work with it, it also gives some extra height to the computer making it easier to clean the floor around it and reducing the amount of dust that it would intake if it were on the floor
There is only one small problem that i found with the stand, which doesn't really affect me too much. Since the case can be adjusted by sliding each half away the part that the computer sits on will become uneven. The corners diagonal to each other will be the same level, so since there is a dip in the front right of mine there is also a dip in the rear left. The case doesn't wobble too much, and is balanced fine when not being moved. Don't let this put you off though, as i have mine quite wide due to the front of my case being wide for additional HDD exhaust fans at the sides. If you have a thinner case it should be fine.
Overall, this is great OC stand and I can recommend it to people who want an adjustable case stand to put on the floor.
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on 9 January 2017
So simple to assemble and the build quality is spot on. The only minor difficulty is getting the width right for the desktop to sit on as you'll have to either measure precisely or turn your tower upside down while you tighten tighten the screws for the perfect fit (not that this should really be an issue if its a snug fit of loose). Highly recommended as you can wheel the desktop out from under a desk if you need access to the back ports rather than struggle to lift it out then put back in place later.
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on 21 September 2015
Bought this for my tower to keep it off the floor as I have a carpet. It is never healthy for a PC to sit on the floor generally because of dust accumulation and airflow problems. Below are my thoughts on the product:

- It is adjustable so you can measure your computers width and adjust as you see fit.

- Does not come with instructions on how to assemble it but it is very easy to figure out.

- It feels a little 'plastic fantastic' for my tastes but it seems sturdy so I have no complaint.

- Not so great on carpet. The wheels resist but it does roll along with a bit of force.

Overall I am happy with the purchase and I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their PC off the ground for whatever reason.
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on 11 February 2016
I'm not sure I get the complaints on no manual being included. It is a PC stand... Connect the wheels, place PC on it. Done.

It is light weight plastic but strong and easily held my NZXT Hush case. It did over hand at either end but this didn't bother me. Take 2 mins to find the centre of balance for your PC and you'll be fine. Thus far it has given many years of service and after a quick dust looks like new.

One critical point is that it doesn't really grip the PC super tight. In fact if you were to lift up the PC the stand would probably stay on the floor.
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on 1 July 2016
To be honest if you need instructions for an item that has four wheels, four sticky pads and two screws to secure the stand you probably shouldn't have a PC to begin with. Simplicity itself to put together. I needed a stand as I wan't happy with my gaming PC just sitting on the floor and for a few quid this does the job. How well the stand holds the PC may very well depend on the PC case you have and for this reason I dock it a star but for mine it works just fine.
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on 20 September 2015
Read lots of reviews before choosing this. Great item, easy to use, can see would fit a range of base units. Sturdy easy to move around. Felt it better than have base unit on the floor or in a cabinet with awkward limited acces, this means can position it where is convenient depending on whether I am using of or not. Makes plugging in wires and maintenance easier two as just wheels round. Got this with a wheeled under desk printer trolley too, so much better than desks with dedicated storage, means can choose a desk/table I actually like
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on 26 December 2015
It's smaller than I hoped (I have a large pc case) but it still does the job.
No instructions were included but it's extremely easy to setup anyway.
4/5 because it's not as strong as I hoped. Seems like a slight push would make it tilt and fall so you still need to be careful if it sits next to your feet
(my PC case has a curved base so I cant blame the stand)
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on 18 March 2016
I put this together easily and if a non-techy old lady of nearly 70 can do it, so can you! Although I am mis-using this to move a slightly heavy and awkward piece of medical equipment it moves smoothly along and round corners in just the way you hope castors will move but are so often disappointing. I love this and will get more, maybe even for my PC!
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