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on 21 September 2007
In response to the problem inherent on Track 1 of the first CD, I contacted Universal UK. They became aware of the problem after the product had been released and proceeded to withdraw the CD from distribution. Apparently a mastering glitch caused the fault. As of 21st September the CD is currently being remanufactured and will be available again soon. Amazon are listing the release as 24th September but Universal informed me that it's still in manufacture so this date may not be correct. Universal are very kindly sending me a new copy when they receieve it but I would urge anyone else with a faulty disc to return it to where they bought it and explain the problem.
Apart from this the album is a welcome reissue. Although released in several CD versions over the years this one does contain the best sound. It is a very organic, analog sound which has far greater dynamics than any of the previous versions. This remaster has really enhanced the warmth of the original recording and portrays it as much more natural. It even retains some degree of tape noise and appears to use very minimal equalisation and compression.
You do realise when listening to it what an incredibly tight band performed this music. It's pure brilliance and testament to the artistic vision that Kevin Rowland seems able to translate into music. Pure genius. To enjoy it fully the original 10 tracks must be taken as a whole. The commercial aspects of the singles should be ignored - this is a brilliant performance as a whole and one of the pivotal albums of the 80s. The extra music contained in the deluxe edition is not essential but it's a nice addition to an already classic package. The album is worth buying just for the new remaster.
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on 14 September 2007
Dexys are, without doubt, one of the best bands of all time.

I am a huge fan of the punk movement and there is no reason why Dexys should have penetrated my fierce musical walls but from 1982 or so I fell in love with them and when I heard their ultimate classic - the sublime, incredible Don't Stand Me Down album in 1985 - I realised it was love for life.

What Dexys share with my punk heroes is an over riding passion and energy about what they do and I am in awe of the way Kevin Rowland directs and inspires the whole operation. He is an incredible songwriter, an iconic and genuinely fascinating individual and a man who knew what he wanted and went for it with a single minded determination that we should all admire.

Too Rye Aye was, and still is, a classic British pop album which defied pigeonholing and opened up a whole new world of brass and soul to a man like me who always preferred 'those guitars, so noisy and crude'. The album is faultless with my particular highlights being the jaunty opener Celtic Soul Bros, the delicious I'l Show You and the two languid masterpieces of Old and Until I Believe In My Soul.

Classic after classic unfolds - and then you get the impossible-to-dislike Come on Eileen. Forget your nan dancing to this song at a wedding and just listen to this unique song closely - it is glorious, uplifting stuff.

This new enhanced version of the album is worth every penny because it digs into the vaults and finds just about everything you can imagine from Dexy-ville around this time. Some tracks are repeated two, three, four times but they all are different versions or interpretations and they all seem to fit into the album's mood perfectly - I especially love TSOP and the delightful Let's Get This Straight From The Start single.

Best of all though is you get two, yes count them, very different versions of the Dexys ultimate live track - Respect. Anyone who has heard the elongated, tub-thumping Dexys version of this song and not been totally wowed by it is either deaf or dead. Or probably both. It is simply magnificent and there are two very different versions here to enjoy to add to the other recent release of the song on the excellent Passion Revue CD. The first of the new two - on disc one - is probably just my favourite but both are just soooooooooo good. They prove (if proof was needed) what a tight, exciting and phenomenal force Dexys are/were live.

This CD is an absolute must. I never use the word genius about music generally but I genuinely think it is a work touched by that quality - as is the album that followed it. That genius is called Kevin Rowland.

Respect? You better believe it....
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on 19 September 2000
"Searching For The Young Soul Rebels",was the first classic album of the 1980s.The second album,"Too-Rye-Ay",is no less of a classic,but it is rather futile comparing the two.This incarnation of Dexy's sees only two original members from the first incarnation,Kevin Rowland and Jim Paterson,and added to the stabbing Northern Soul horns are strings,played in a traditional Irish style.The join is easily identifiable,from the wonderful soul of "Plan B" and "Let's Make This Precious" to the fiddle led funk of "The Celtic Soul Brothers" and finally to full on folk-pop on "Come On Eileen".Every song has a life of it's own and nothing here has aged at all.Rowland sings with every emotion imaginable,it is hard to think of a more impassioned seven minutes than "Until I Believe In My Soul" in any genre of music.These songs are timeless and testament to Kevin Rowland's fractured genius."Searching For The Soul Rebels",a better album?No,just a different one.
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on 6 October 2005
On Dexys debut - 'Searching For The Young Soul Rebels' we were asked to welcome in a new soul vision. This time round, the great man Kevin Rowland, and he is a great, great man, asks us to make this pure and precious, he's even prepared to punish his body until he believes in his soul (a bit extreme! - don't do it to yourself), still who are we to argue with the man?
On this - the second album, it has been yet another bountiful harvest with such gems as: 'Celtic Soul Brothers', 'Let's Make This Precious', the achingly melancholy 'Old', 'Plan B', 'Liars A To E' and 'Until I Believe In My Soul'. The fact that I haven't even mentioned the two most obvious hit singles is testamount to how strong and moving the material is on this. To give this any less than 5 stars would be a sin.
Let's rejoice!
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on 29 May 2014
This to me goes down as a fantastic re issue of Dexys second album.The sleeve notes, photos and 2 discs are supurbly packaged.The first disc has the origanal 1982 album on it followed by all the A and B sides from that era.And the remastered sound really is top quality.Disc 2 has a whole live album on it as well as BBC sessions and a rare mix of a track at the end.Its a 4 albums box set put on to 2 discs and well worth the money.If you have this in your collection as well as Searching for the young soul rebels,Dont stand me down,One day im going to soar,The very best of (Red cover)and Worth it the collection you have 6 albums and 8 discs.Therefor you will have everything that Dexys have commercially issued from 1979 to 2014.35 years of the master Mr Kevin Rowland and all his Dexys pals.You will also have lots of other hidden gems that are on these re issues(that have never been released before).And with Dexys gigging again this year if your a Dexys fanatic like me then your in paradise.LAO MAY 2014.x to all you Dexys fans out there.See you all at the next gig.........................................................................
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on 11 September 2007
I just got around to listening to my copy and their is a massive flaw on the first track on the main album. I am guessing this is why it is no longer available on amazon though a few got out before they caught it. I have not been able to contact Mercury UK (as they have no contact available) and instead will try Mercury US. It's a lovely edition with really nice liner notes but the static that comes out of the left channel is incredibly loud and very bothersome. No one should own it in its current state. I advise all to avoid buying this until it is repressed (I hope it is). I'll update this if I find out anything more for those who do own it.

***Update: I contacted Amazon and they refunded my money for the CDs. So it looks like I'll just reorder the repressed discs. To all of those of you who've bought the set already, just e-mail Amazon regarding the defect and they will take care of you. Here's hoping for the corrected edition!
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on 16 December 2015
Love it, Dexys at their best!
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#1 HALL OF FAMEon 20 August 2006
Following the classic debut 'Searching for the Young Soul Rebels', the original line-up of Dexys disintegrated. A BBC2 documentary a few years ago suggested that Kevin Archer hit upon the idea of adding a Van Morrison-inflected style of Caledonian soul folk to the bands' potent soul sound (though to be fair, Kevin Rowland rarely gives an interview without nodding to the epiphany he appears to have had listening to Van Morrison's "...It's Too Late to Stop Now..."). Rowland was left with sole original member Big Jimmy Paterson and decided to rebuild Dexys', though on this album they became known as Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners - uber hit 'Come on Eileen' would be credited to Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners and the Emerald Express. Ah, Proustian flashbacks to a Devon campsite in 1982...

Like the 2000-reissue of '...Soul Rebels', this removes the bonus tracks from the 1996 compilation (Dexys' need another compilation to take in things like 'The Bridge' recordings, or 'Show Me', or the b-sides...all in one place!), but adds the promos to 'The Celtic Soul Brothers' & 'Eileen.' Rowland had been baiting the press through media statements the prior year, deciding not to give interviews and being generally odd. Now he seemed happy to play the game again, and wanted to have hit singles - which is ironic when first single, the wonderful 'The Celtic Soul Brothers' flopped! (For anyone interested, this song was woefully used in Jim McBride's version of Godard's 'Breathless'!). How could 'The Celtic Soul Brothers' have flopped? - it was easily as great as anything on the debut and now had a Van-the-Man vibe worthy of 'Moondance.'

Rowland's favourite song, later to become the title of a Dexys-compilation, appears to be 'Let's Make This Precious' - which seems to be an artistic statement of authenticity and honesty, as well as sounding like it could have been on the previous album (which seems to get better reviews as the other two Dexys' albums are given less coverage). Of course, this version of Dexys' had hit singles, the cover of Van's 'Jackie Wilson Said' arguably better than the original, though nailed to the image of Jocky Wilson on Top of the Pops, and 'Come on Eileen' - which doesn't require an introduction, and remains one of the great pop singles regardless (the Barber Shop episode of The Simpsons contains an accurate and slightly cruel reference to Dexys', who were one-hit wonders in the States with 'Eileen').

It's notable that many of these songs were played when Dexys' reformed a few years ago - 'Old' advances on the sound of the debut, though the epic 'Until I Believe In My Soul' is the one, Rowland scathingly singing "You must be ****ing joking!!!" at the top of his game. That line pops in my head everytime I hear some awful act like Coldplay or Oasis or Kelly Clarkson or [insert name here]. At least Rowland meant it...

The band were associated with Two Tone, who they later rejected as "a joke" - but a Specials-style sound is detected on the epic 'Plan B'/'I'll Show You' - which flow together. 'Plan B' is another piano-lead soul-epic with the attention to detail of 'Sgt Pepper', the first half finding Rowland and piano, before the latter section kicks in with those timeless Dexys' chants that influenced Jack's 1998 classic 'The Jazz Age' (check out 'Steamin' or 'Pablo'). 'I'll Show You' comes straight out of 'Plan B', and is a re-write of the caustic one-off single 'Show Me', a scathing put-down/settling of the schoolyard that reminds me of the classroom scene in 'Annie Hall' ("I'm into leather") and Luke Haines. Like Lydon's early work with Public Image Ltd 'Memories', Rowland re-wrote a song when he had a change in perspective. Finally, there is the fantastic 'Liars A to E', which features great soulful backing vocals call/response that I think influenced The Charlatans and 'Screamadelica.'

'Too-Rye-Ay' is as great as its predecessor, though it would be 1985's 'Don't Stand Me Down' that would be Dexys' most complete masterpiece. They certainly made it precious...
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on 1 March 2015
Classic Album
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on 19 May 2012
There is no doubt about the quality of this album from Dexy's, an absolute classic!Many thanks to an old friend Keith, for introducing me to it.
For some reason I did not get round to seriously listening to this reissue for months after purchasing it.When I did so, using headphones, I was amazed to find that as well as the flaw on track 1 my copy is definitely in poor quality Mono sound. I cannot imagine how this has happened, but as a result the set remains unplayed. This review is for the reissue not the album.
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