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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 June 2017
Another space craft is on a mission to save the Earth and human life on it. It has been done been done before and will, no doubt, be done again. For me Sunshine works rather better than other takes on the theme. For one, Danny Boyle knows how to make interesting films, he is good at showing interhuman relationships. Especially when the humans are in situations of extreme stress. As the crew on a years-long, and quite possibly suicidal, space mission would be. Also, the cast is fantastic with all the actors putting in stellar performances.

The DVD has the best extra features I've yet come across. The absolute standout is the feature length commentary with Dr Brian Cox of the University of Manchester, familiar to those who watch science programs on British TV, who acted as scientific advisor for the film and seems to have been involved to a huge degree, not only advising on scientific facts, but also as the model for Cillian Murphy's character. Once you see both the real scientist and the actor in the featurette, the casting of the chronically young looking Murphy as the physicist who alone can save the world all of a sudden seems perfectly natural. Listening to Cox's commentary on a second viewing was an absolute revelation. Many things that didn't initially make sense to me (down to the somewhat ominous name of the Icarus space craft) made perfect sense after listening to his insights and explanations. Also, he is used to speaking in public/on camera and is very good at explaining scientific facts in a way and language understandable to the average layperson. This is one DVD definitely worth buying.

Extra features included (product reviewed: Sunshine [DVD] [2007])
- Danny Boyle director's commentary
- Commentary by Dr. Brian Cox of the University of Manchester
- Web Production Diaries (making of, behind the scenes, interviews with cast and crew)
- Deleted Scenes (including Alternate Ending) with Danny Boyle commentary
- Trailers (theatrical teaser, theatrical trailer)
- Short Films ("Dad's Dead" directed by Chris Shepherd, "Mole Hills" directed by Dan Arnold)
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on 29 May 2017
I love sci-fi films and this is no exception. The possibilities for marvels in an unknown future are endless, and can be outrageously unlikely, but we can be no more sure of what couldn't happen as of what could. Many sci-fi scenarios point to humanity or some individuals at least, attempting to control life itself and its creation, but in this story, mankind has decided the sun itself, can be controlled. Prepare to have your determination to suspend your disbelief challenged! However, with that assumed, this is a wonderfully quirky movie, with some surprises amongst the stereotypes. I love the choice of title, the designs, the clearly defined characters, and the fact that the physicist, slightly-built Robert Capa (Cillian Murphy), a man on his very own mission really, takes on Captain America himself, Chris Evans, as Mace! Never anything quite as you expect in Danny Boyle's movies!
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on 15 January 2017
This one's down to personal interpretation.
All in all, it's a mature approach without any of the pre-packed popcorn of Hollywood.
3.5 stars.
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on 31 May 2017
Fantastic effects.Gripping and tense,and not at all predictable.Creepy.Good portrayal of human emotions
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on 10 April 2017
my fault i ordered the wrong item but the film was quite good.
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on 23 April 2017
Very good movie!
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on 9 June 2017
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on 5 June 2017
Love this film
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 August 2013
This is an ambitious but deeply flawed and not really succesful British SF film. Below, more of my impressions, with some limited SPOILERS.

It is the Year of Grace 2057 and our sun is dying. A first attempt to re-ignite it, by spaceship "Icarus", failed for unknown reasons (the ship disappeared without trace). A second mission is launched - spaceship "Icarus II", carrying an enormous "star-bomb device", passed already the orbit of Mercury and is now on approach towards the Sun. Then, the radars detect an object which should not be there... And then the film really begins.

Renowned director Danny Boyle tried to make a very ambitious SF film here, but as far as my perception of this film is concerned he mostly didn't succeed. Still, there is some good stuff, so let's begin with it, before the criticism:

1) The director gathered quite an ensemble cast and made all the actors perform well. The crew of "Icarus II" is made of following people:

- Captain Kaneda (Hiroyuki Sanada). Sanada is an excellent actor, who impressed me in "Twilight Samurai" - here he is very credible as the skipper of the most important ship in human history...

- Second-in-command/communication officer Harvey (Troy Garity). Never saw this guy in anything before - but he is OK in this film.

- Physicist Robert Capa (Cillian Murphy). This is an important character and Murphy played him very well.

- Pilot Cassie (Rose Byrne). Another important character and also well played - and this is a high praise coming from me, because I usually REALLY don't like this actress (since I saw her ruining Briseis character in "Troy")

- Engineer Mace (Chris Evans). Again not one of my favourite actors - I found him pale and perfectly forgettable in both "Fantastic Four" and "Avengers" (I didn't see "Captain America"), but once again, a honest performance here.

- Doctor/psychological officer Searle (Cliff Curtis). Well, the Fire Lord Ozai can do no wrong - he managed to shine even in a turkey like "10,000BC"! A pleasure to watch him.

- Biologist Corazon (Michelle Yeoh). Doctor Corazon who takes care of "oxygen garden" of "Icarus II" is my favourite character in the whole film - and this is once again a high praise coming from me, because Michelle Yeoh is also my all-times LEAST favourite James Bond girl...

- Navigator Trey (Benedict Wong). No problem with the actor, but the character he plays is a horror (see below)!

2) Danny Boyle used a relatively high-budget (for a non-Hollywoodian film) and it shows on the screen. Visually "Sunshine" is pleasant and by moments pretty impressive.

3) The soundtrack is honest.

4) I rather liked the ultimate scenes.

Sadly, there are also things which I liked much less and which damaged this film very; very badly. WARNING! SPOILERS here!

1. Who on Earth could name a ship on such a mission "Icarus"? TWICE!? God Almighty, that is possibly the LEAST appropriate name EVER? Why not say things strait and name the ship "My wings will melt and I will crash"?

2. The whole fate of humanity depends of those missions and amongst the 16 people selected from ALL HUMAN KIND you still manage to put a barking-mad mouth-foaming murderous LUNATIC on board of one ship and a completely incompetent, distracted, careless MORON on board of another one? Who wrote that scenario - the "Prometheus" guy?

3. The film takes itself too seriously. Not even one moment of second degree and/or humor. And come on man, even people on the death row sometimes joke...

4. SPOILER here. The thing which disgusted me the most - again, the bashing of religion and of religious people. Jeez, this is such a cliché amongst the movie makers - honestly, when and where in the real world have you seen Christians murder the fire-fighters and/or paramedics who save other people, just because they consider it is "God's will" that people die and therefore trying to save them is a sin? When and where did you hear Christians say "Let's not rescue the victims of earthquakes, typhoons and such, because God wanted them to die and we must not contradict him"? I never heard of such a thing, but in cinema you keep seeing it again and again and again... Well even if Mr Boyle and his pairs hate so much God, the religion and religious people I still say to them "God bless and all the best for you, your family and all those you care for". Amen.

Bottom line, I mostly didn't like this film. Good general idea, good actors, visually splendid - but an abysmally stupid and completely unbelievable plot, treated as seriously as Gospels...))) But well, OK, I am obviously biased here, so watch it at your own risk and make your own mind about it.
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VINE VOICEon 24 September 2007
Caution;this review contains plot spoilers,although if you've seen Alien and either version of Solaris I don't think anything in this film will come as any great surprise.Danny Boyle wears his influences on his sleeve here and the above two are just the most obvious,but you can also add 2001 A Space Odyssey,Event Horizon,the remake of Solaris and quite possibly Mission To Mars,or was it The Red Planet?

Anyway,as it says in the review above, 8 astronauts are tasked with saving the planet by exploding an atomic bomb in our dying sun.Nice idea,fairly original,but let down badly by the fact that it states very early on that everyone on the mission is going to die.So, there goes any dramatic tension.Unless,of course,we really care about the characters,but unfortunately they're just not given enough screen time for us to care about them at all.Of course,if their mission succeeds then the human race will be saved,but it's not the human race we're going to be empathising with when we watch this film,it's the humans in front of us on the screen.Unfortunately, they turn out to be as distant and vague as the rest of the human race.

Boyle and writer Alex Garland try to overcome this very real problem by introducing an intruder onto the spaceship,but frankly I didn't feel their heart was really in it and the scenes of menace are cursory,badly lit,confusing, poorly edited and all a bit rushed.I'm usually complaining that films are too long these days,but here's one that could have done with an extra ten minutes or so,just to build up a bit of tension and also to introduce us to the cast at greater length ,who are all pretty good,but 2 dimensional.Shame really,because even a movie like Pitch Black managed to give it's characters more back story.

The other problem is that the film makers obviously wanted to make some kind of statement about life and humanity, a la Solaris, but really don't seem to have anything to say.I mean, what is the point of this film?Other than to ask the question should humanity be saved if even our greatest talents turn out to be a bunch of squabbling cardboard cut outs like the crew here?But,of course,life on this planet doesn't just consist of humans,so the question is incomplete anyway.

Having said all that,the film is mostly well shot,well acted, despite how little of substance the cast are given to get their teeth into,and generally good to look at.But it is very badly paced and at just about 90 minutes a lot of it feels far too rushed,whilst other sections are lingered over to no great purpose.Danny Boyle almost makes great films,but if you thought 28 Days Later was very good up until the introduction of the army unit,then you're probably going to be as disappointed as I was with his latest offering.

Recommended to sci-fi enthusiasts only.
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