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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 April 2008
I watched this film by accident one week day evening and can say that within the first 5 minutes I was gripped. The acting was superb and although I could potentially pick faults in the script, it kind of takes away the whole essence of the film and what made it "Beautiful".

I think that it's great that a British film has made me really stop and think about my past and indeed my present. Not many films have achieved that. Which of us can honestly say that in watching the scenes between Jamie and Ste that we haven't all felt and thought like they did? True, for straights then swap one of the guys for a girl but the effect is much the same.

I found it sad that some reviewers thought that the accents were too much and should have been toned down. Hello folks, its London were talking about here. Quite a few of them really do talk like that and lets face it, wouldn't it really be dumbing down. That would ruin the film.

I found Sandra particularly well cast and played. There was real emotion between her and Jamie. I only wish that all Mothers and indeed Fathers reacted in such a supportive fashion. Ste and Jamie were also superbly acted and believable to the extent that you connected with them both straight away. You can't help feeling emotional when they do. True the end of the film was a bit.....over done, but I don't think this detracts from the film in any way. I would like to have seen a sequel to Beautiful Thing and seen the effects of the first on both Ste and Jamie. It would have meant proper closure, however I think that for quite a few of us, this film perhaps hits a little too close to the mark about ourselves and hence our desire to see the next part. I know that's true of me.

At the end of the day, the film was enhanced for me by the fact that all of the "sex" scenes where left to the imagination and you could read what you would out of it. This film really touches me deeply both emotionally and psychologically and I wish there where more of the same style, class and calibre of this. Not to everyone's taste to be sure but one that stays sitting in my mind every day and perhaps has even influenced the way I am towards others. Thank you so much for creating this most excellent and heart wringing film. I recommend it to everyone.
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on 31 January 2006
I love this film. The acting is very good,and very realistic.
This film is about two teenagers Ste and Jamie, Ste is having problems at home with his abusive father and brother, and is scared to put a foot out of line. Jamie gets bullied at school and has got home problems as well with his mum dating a younger hippy man. Ste and Jamie live next door to each other and their friend Leah lives near them she is obsessed with Mama Cass and plays her muisc loud enough to wake the dead. After seeking refuge at Jamie's house, Ste sleeps head to toe with Jamie. They soon fall for each other. This film has beautiful scenes and Ste and Jamie are just lovable characters. They potray teenage life in London excellently. I would recommened this film to anyone.
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on 7 June 2006
Measured against most normal criteria, this isn't a five-star film, and yet I couldn't give it anything less. Yes, it's shot on a TV-production budget and some of the acting and script are a little awkward at times but it's such a charming, engaging and uplifting tale that you're smiling by the time the credits role. I'm trying not to use the word 'sweet' but that's exactly what it is, and no worse off for it. It's not a landmark film in British gay or social history but who cares?! For anyone who remembers (or is experiencing) what it is like to begin to come to terms with having 'different' feelings to your mates and those tentative first steps towards self-expression, this will strike a chord. When this was made, I was living only a couple of miles from Thamesmead (where Beautiful Thing is superbly filmed) and going through similar emotions to these two lads. While the film probably doesn't stand up to too many repeated viewings, it will stay with me as a recollection of the experiences of that blazing hot South London summer, and I don't think I can say fairer than that!
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on 10 November 2003
This has GOT to be by FAR the absolute best gay film I have seen yet! With the coming of age of the 2 lads Jamie (Glen Berry) & ste. (Scott Neal) I was a bit reluctant to buy it at first because I wanted something with a more stronger storyline & more dedicated actors willing to engage in more intimate scenes, but to my surprise (after my mood had changed) I was so delighted when I sat and watched it for the first time, only to have my heart melted from such great acting by the 2 lads.
A GREAT BIG 'WELL DONE!!' to both of them. You certainly got my vote!
In spite of not being as long a film as I'd hoped for, I give this film 10 stars.
My 2 favourite scenes are : 'Peppermint Foot Lotion' & 'The Woods/Forest Chase' which concludes with the 2 lads well & truly, romantically bonded!. (just like 2 peas in a pod)
I can't say I'm a big Mama Cass fan, but after watching the film about several times over by now, all her tracks from the film keep ringing in my head, like music to my ears.
What a very pleasant experience that was.
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on 2 December 2000
A love story is a love story whether the characters are male & female or male & male or in fact female & female. A film that captures the true emotions of growing love and developing relationships regardless of sexuality - is priceless. Beautiful thing - written by Jonathan Harvey tells the story of two fifteen year old neighbours who fall in love. The two fifteen year olds are both boys - thrown together by circumstance. Jamie is young lad who is suffering at the hands of school bullies because of his sexuality - and Ste is being physically bullied at home by his father and brother. The consequence of this bullying is that Ste is found by Jamie's mother crying outside the flats and is brought home to spend the night with Jamie "top and tail" in his single bed. This is obviously a dream come true for Jamie, as it is clear from furtive glances that he fancies his neighbour. The inevitable happens when Ste spends a subsequent night at Jamie's house - black and blue from another beating administered by his brother. Jamie offers to ease the pain by rubbing Bodyshop peppermint lotion on his friends back, the result - Jamie and Ste spend their first night together as lovers. The performances by the two actors playing Jamie (Glen Berry) and Ste (Neal Scott) are exceptional - every emotion - hesitation, uncertainty and look of love is evident on the faces of Glen and Neal. The story is told with great deal of sensitivity and humour that is present in the performances of the whole cast. The criticism levelled at the film and indeed the book is it's idealistic nature and less than realistic ending. The ending mirrors the optimism and beauty of the story and leaves the viewer feeling warm inside. The gay market has a tendency to focus on the negative gritty aspects of gay relationships and the continuing struggles faced by men and women of all ages dealing with their sexuality. The film is beacon of light for young people dealing with these issues - reality is everywhere, school, media and at home and often this detracts from the relationships themselves. I think a little distraction and a positive message is a worthy indulgent.
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on 9 June 2008
Aw - this is a great British "coming out" film. I loved it! The characters are all terrific - I love the mother and the girl next door! And the two leads are brilliant. Brilliant actors and very believable in their roles. It's so well written and acted I would very highly recommend it. It's a beauty!
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on 29 December 2003
'A Beautiful Thing' is an adaptation of Jonathan Harvey's award-winning play of the same name. It follows the lives of two seemingly run-of-the-mill "lads" on a rundown, yet ultimately inspirational, South London estate. Jamie and Ste are nextdoor neighbours - Jamie's father isn't on the scene, and Ste probably wishes his wasn't, as he gets beaten black and blue by the monster he calls "dad" and his bully of a brother.
The two lads find a kind of mutual comfort in each other's company. You can tell that they are at different stages of the road to fully accepting the fact that they are different from the other lads. Jamie is slightly more 'advanced', Ste - still very jumpy even thinking about the fact that he might be gay.
Without spoiling what is - to be fair - a plot which can be worked out from not too far in, this film is not about gay sex at all, nor is it about shoving issues dealing with homosexuals' rights into viewers' faces; this film, and the play before it, are about getting to see that the innocence ALWAYS devoid from the portrayals of gay relationship is very much alive in these two guys'. Jamie's mum, played by Linda Henry, and her boyfriend in the film, are both superb.
It is touching and moving, and yet brazen enough, in the right places, to bring the realities of living in such an estate, regardless of the lads' relationship, to the forefront of the viewer's mind.
'A Beautiful Thing' is definitely worth buying and watching - it is a fresh look at same-sex relationships - debauchery-less, and the acting is poignant and very well delivered. If I were the person to dish out the Oscars, it'd get one! Although the actors playing Jamie and Ste are not gay - the "straight" mannerisms they use go a long way to try to stamp out the idea that all gay people are screaming queens, (who do, of course, also have a rightful place in today's society - as shown in the film).
This truly is 'A Beautiful Thing' wrapped up in a DVD.
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on 5 April 2004
This is undoubtedly one of the best films I have ever seen.
It centres on the relationship between two young men - Jamie and Ste - and how it develops throughout the film. From being class mates and neighbours in the beginning, to ending up as much more than just friends. The two main actors are superb in thier roles as they struggle to come to terms with who they are and what they want from life, themselves and each other.
The supporting cast of Linda Henry as Jamie's mum is truly unforgetable and the range of emotions she goes through from the start of the film when she wonders why Jamie keeps missing games to the end where she finally accepts the fact her son is gay is an absolute treasure.
The scene where Jamie tells his mum he is gay and her acceptance of it is one of those scenes that every person who is thinking of coming out and every parent in the same situation should see. It is done with skill and compassion but does not over dramatise the emotion of the moment. Whilst I am not naive enough to believe that this happens every time a child tells thier parents they are gay, it is about the hope that yours will accept and understand that you are still thier child no matter what.
To back this film up, there is a soundtrack that is brilliant. It manages to tranfer 1960's music on to a modern day setting without it seeming out of place and complements each scene perfectly. The haunting melodies throughout the film are a wonder in themselves but the best song in my my opinion still has to be 'Make you own kind of music' which makes the film as delightful as it is.
It is a magnificent film that can't be praised enough and should give hope to all those who are thinking of coming out.
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on 17 February 2006
This film's an all time favourite of mine and helped me come to terms with things 4 or 5 years ago.
Based in a London typical estate and focussing on two main characters, Schoolboy's Jamie and Ste, this romantic storyline follows them through coming out and discovering their true feelings for each other.
A must see for anyone in two minds, or confused, or even just because! It's one that I still manage to watch time and time again.
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on 15 October 2006
After watching this Film i felt like Crying, what a great film, it deals with alot of the common problems of teens coming out, and trying to come to terms with it as well as letting there family and friends know.

Great Film again, would recommend to anyone !

Great Actors, Great Film ! ! !
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