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on 29 April 2013
During his early years David Lynch spent a long time working on a piece of stop-motion animation only to find out, once the film was developed, that there must have been a fault with the camera leaving him with little more than a strange blur. However, rather than being angry or frustrated, he was pleased by this strange accident and the results.

It's fair to say that Twin Peaks fell apart after the revelation of Laura Palmer's murderer halfway through season 2. Lynch had intended the mystery that formed the hook of the show to remain unsolved indefinitely, but the network wanted answers and his co-creator was up for it so the case was concluded, the ratings plummeted and quality declined. Perhaps the show might have had a fighting chance if Lynch hadn't been busy with other projects, leaving his precious little dream-world in the hands of others who didn't really have the skill to do it justice. The newly introduced bad guy Windom Earle went from intriguing enigma to 60's Batman villain, a slowly developing story arc was abandoned due to cast quibbles, the sub-plots were boring, new characters were lame... Like a great band succumbing to every rock'n'roll cliché, this once brilliant show crashed and burned.

Perhaps there was no avoiding this. A murder mystery isn't the kind of hook that you can leave running forever. If they'd really wanted it to be more about the oddballs & misfits of this small town they should've worked harder to develop the peripheral characters. Or maybe they should've given FBI agent Dale Cooper (the unofficial main character) another proper case to solve. It doesn't matter. What they ended-up with was a soap opera spoof/homage in every way, right down to the inevitable melt-down. It might not be what they intended, as no network would ever deliberately start running a show into the ground as an artistic choice. But perhaps, looking back at it after all these years, the death of Twin Peaks was an accidental blessing. After all, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.
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on 11 February 2018
If you've watched Season 1 you'll enjoy everything but the ending of Season 2. It almost seems like David Lynch ran out of ideas or was tripping on LSD at the time - just too weird. Like the first season it's a mixture of film noir and black comedy, poking fun at small town America in the late 80s and early 90s. The characters really remind me of people you meet in those mid-west to western states along the Canadian border!
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on 4 December 2013
The original Twin Peaks is typical of David Lynch's genius at creating riveting drama that stays in the mind long after the near fatal shooting of special FBI agent Dale Cooper that signals the end, and oh what a relief when I discovered there is a Season 2.

The acting, the direction, the production, the screenplay, the whole shooting match - all so brilliantly put together that at times, you almost feel as if you're looking in on a real crime investigation. Kyle MacLachlan's character converted me to piping hot, black coffee.

One of the things that pleased me with Season 2 was the opportunity to enjoy the gradual unfolding of Audrey's raw animal sexual magnetism so deliciously portrayed by Sherilyn Fenn, and who makes an impact on me much like Marilyn Munroe made in her heyday.

Not so with Josie Packard whose relationship with Sheriff Harry S Truman really should have blossomed into the most passionate and sexually explicit affair that they could comfortably get away with, so such a shame that she was up to her neck in shady dealings with too many low life.

Twin Peaks I was full of intertwined plots that didn't always make the same kind of impact in Season 2, and it was a little off putting how some of characters changed from being awful foul mouthed know-it-all to really quite nice guys.

Getting a box set of 6 DVDs virtually means watching the whole lot in one sitting, but I can't help thinking that taking breaks in between episodes is probably no bad thing, take a bit of time to ponder what you've just seen and heard, otherwise there is the danger of falling into a trance like state causing you to miss some of the subtlety of the plot.

For my money, Season 2 is great viewing.
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on 25 February 2014
There are plenty of episodes in season 2, with some being better than others. I have never really grasped the point in some side storylines, but the overall plot is fantastic and Lynch really holds the theme of enigma and suspense together, although some of the humour can be a bit too obtuse at times.
The actors are what make Twin Peaks and I've always found that Lynch sometimes commands an almost hammy performance from his cast, which works incredibly well in contrast of the sombre and sometimes morbid underlying story.
There are plenty of likeable characters and enough abstract and alluring mise en scène, and a gorgeous soundtrack that will stick in your mind for many years later.
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on 4 October 2007
David Lynch was always a favourite of ours, but this DVD set is just out of this world. Thought provoking, multi-layered, genius TV. This one's in a league of its own. Unmissable. Sure, it's wierd at times and totally leftfield, but it is also touching, creepy, hilariously funny and an unadulterated feast of eye candy. Few series have such a variety of characterisation - some are soap-opera shallow, some are psychotically deep. Lynch's willingness to let go of the director's reins and let a bunch of other talents in on the action just adds to the texture in this dstunning tapestry. And David Lynch's own appearances are quite wonderful.

Waited a long time for this, as I was abroad when it was first shown on telly. It's priceless.

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on 15 October 2017
Classic David Lynch, weirdness in the extreme, hours of fantasy and quirkiness to keep any David Lynch fan happy.
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on 4 February 2011
How many of you remember the TV series Twin Peaks? I did, but had forgotten how good it was. What stayed in my mind was the black humour, and plates of doughnuts stretched out on a long table, but there is much more than this to the series.
The plot is about Laura Palmer's murder in this normally quiet backwood town. An unorthodox FBI agent, Dale Cooper,(Kyle McLachlan) is sent to solve this crime. Sheriff Harry S Truman (no, that's not a misprint), (Micheal Ontkean), and his team accept him as the genius he himself thinks he is. There are many twists and turns in the plot which will keep you engrossed to the very last episode.
Inhabitants of this town are strange indeed, some real, some not so, and vary from a giant man to a log lady to a dwarf, most of them with their own secrets. The casting is excellent. Anyone who knows the films of David Lynch will know they are in for a real treat. Mystery and weirdness abound and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series.
I bought the Gold Box edition (TWIN PEAKS : Definitive Gold Box Edition as it had all episodes of both seasons plus many Special Features including a very funny spoof episode of the show. For me, this was well worth the money.
A prequel DVD Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me [DVD] [1992] is available, and I found it answered some questions that had been left unfinished in the main series.
I would recommend both the series and the film to lovers of crime with a more than touch of mystery.
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on 2 November 2017
Not as good as season 1, I did not like the horror turn of the show, so now am not sure whether to go for the latest installment or not
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on 22 November 2015
Riveting. What started as a fairly straightforward (if bizarre) detective story in season one cranks up the tension and darkness in season two. The body count rises, the tone is mostly bleak, and the story twists and turns with each episode. Unmissable.
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on 20 October 2016
I had previously owed a English speaking version, but the boxset was in Spanish. So when I came across this, I replace my other set with this one.
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