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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2008
From the creators of Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Yes, well there the similarity ends. This is a 'What if' anime. What if Germany and Japan had won World War II ... then fast forward several decades; What could it be like, then?

The police are tracking down resistance groups, an inner elite of the police called The Wolf Brigade do this in armoured uniforms, with machine guns. This could give the impression that this is a straightforward action shootout, which is not it at all. This is a slow serious story, about suicide bombings, and blindly following orders, and humanity's growth or lack thereof. Very social commentary, and meaning-of-life stuff.

I like it. It oozes atmosphere, and it looks good. I left the movie theatre feeling full. If you are prone to introspection, be warned; it could leave you in thoughts.

If you like your robots and bikini girls, with hyper-guns and the whoosh of rapid-fire manga, this may not be for you.
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on 25 June 2008
If there was ever an anime title to dismiss once and for all that animation is either sickly disneyesque children's tales or depraved tentacled devil worship from Japan, then this is surely it.

Jin Roh keeps its feet firmly on the ground and deals with the realities of policing and politics in the modern world far better than anything Hollywood or US tv series might have to say on the matter.

The plot is intricate, the characters are believable and the outcome is never certain until the very final scene of the film. Forget rubbish like Mission Impossible and watch this instead.

Perhaps the only negative thing I can say is that it's taken nearly a decade for the title to be released in the West. With the interest and demand for quality animation and the popularity of Japanese series, I find this astonishing.
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on 1 January 2009
Thoughtful and contemplative, drawn with a quietly coloured palette, this film does have action scenes, but if this is all you want then you might find the middle a bit drawn out.
Under the anarchic streets of a rioting city two groups representing extreme points of view come into violent conflict. Away from the pack a heavily armed trooper hunts and corners a mule, a young girl carrying explosives for use against government forces. Why the soldier does not shoot her is the question that hangs over him and his co-workers as we, and they, watch his later actions for clues as to what he is thinking, while wondering why he can't let her self-imposed death go.
In the background a wider, political game is played out, and the soldier's value is seen to be that of a barganing tool, his individuality, everyone's individuality, something to be mistrusted and quashed.
When he jumps, it is into the mechanised role of an unthinking, unquestioning machine, or so we think.
In the end we are left questioning the meaning of what it is to be human, and asking, is humanity the price we pay for committing to 'higher ideals', and if that is the case are these ideals worth it.
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on 15 February 2009
Wicked City [1987] (REGION 1) (NTSC)
Guyver - Bioboosted Armor - Complete Collection [2005]
Street Fighter 2 - The Animated Movie [1994]
Ninja Scroll - 10th Anniversary Edition [1995]

What it says on the back of the box.
Ten years after world war 2 Japan is in decline. Emergency measures to boost the economy have created disturbing social problems and in Tokyo an elite police force known as the capital police organization has been created. Its primary foes are a terrorist group called the Sect. Kazuki is a mournful capital police officer whose life is ruined by a moment of compassion whilst persuing a teenage member of the Sect armed with a molotov cocktail. Raising his gun to shoot her, Kazuki hesitates and makes eye contact. In that breif moment she detonates the device, dying in the explosion. Made a scapegoat by the capital police, Kazuki forms a dangerous bond with the girl's identical sister.

Total Feature Running Time: 98mins approx
Feature aspect ratio: 1.85:1

Special features: Interviews, Production Art Gallery, Theatical Trailer, Trailers

I have wanted to watch this film for quite some time after seeing small clips on the old manga videos and it was worth the wait.
The animation is brilliant with attention to deatil with the vehicles that were around and would have been available then. The story line is also very good making it a thriller/action/political movie with an obvious twist (especially if you like watching hong kong cop flicks)at the end as the main character shows his true colours.
I have read other reviews about this film and it is definatly not set in a world where japan and germany won the second world war, the only reasoning behind that thinking can only be from the german type uniforms the wolf brigaed use as well as the weapons (all german). There is a manga live version as well but i have not seen it and so will be unable to compare them but it might be worth holding out to see if the americans decide to make a live action version.

This is a film well worth being added to Manga collection.
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on 8 May 2010
Japanese animation at its mature best, meticulously detailed 'Ghost in the Shell' standard. A twist that is not immediately apparent is that the story takes place in a world where Nazi Germany won the war, dropped the atomic bomb, and was the occupying force in Japan. Don't blink or you'll miss the clues.
This is probably the best mature drama in Japanese animé that I have seen so far - the storyline is complex, intelligent and thought-provoking. The storyline is based on a relationship between a man in his late 20s and a girl in her late teens (I think) but the basis for the whole thing is 'Little Red Riding Hood', which adds a whole new slant to the situation.
One thing I must mention is the music soundtrack. This, to me, sounds like a Japanese version of Elgar, and fits the sombre visuals of the film to a tee - superb!
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on 19 September 2011
Jin-Roh is not a heart-warming tale, nor a fanciful, sentimental yarn. It's completely political. It's cold and brutal, the lead characters both deal with suppressed emotions, and suppressed information. They hide their thoughts from one another - behind uneasy eyes.

Throughout the experience the motif of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf is weaved, and furthermore "Once a wolf, always a wolf," and "We are not men, but wolves," is the central philosophical construct relating to the state police (more specifically the counter-intelligence unit).

Blood red eyes. The obsidian black suit screams oppression. The weapons and armaments are impressive. They are not used as much throughout the experience as many would hope - though I think there is adequate shooting and blasting. In Jin-Roh, the action is a means to an end rather than the substance of the design.

The creator's attention to detail is what makes Jin-Roh a robust node in the ever expanding network of anime, and in my opinion it's good to see a serious line of thought that didn't sell out with fan service, comic relief, or a sea of blood for the sake (or hope) of popularity with the median.

Jin-Roh, to me is an intelligent design. It was well thought out, and as such, the viewer must pay attention. It's not as philosophically pretentious or blathering as some that are hailed as sophisticated masterpieces by bandwagon enthusiasts.

Although the finale is impressive, and everything is revealed and made lucid in one dramatic, sweeping motion - Jin-Roh, at the last, leaves the viewer with a cold, clammy silence, a pale shelter, and a feeling of despair and loneliness.
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on 11 June 2016
The carton wrapping was somewhat damaged. The box and the disc was still intact though.
Although of insignificance, back at the box it says it has Japanese language with English dub, it has both Japanese and English dub.
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on 24 March 2015
Jin-roh may be slow paced, and thus not maybe for everyone. I still like itvery much, the slow pacing is actually one of the reasons i love it. Not everymovie has to be fast acton. The things roll on their own weight till the great end.Jin-roh is one of my favourite anime movies!
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on 25 January 2014
Great film, brilliantly plotted, poignant with dark dystopian themes. Not a kids cartoon but a compelling well written thriller. Definitely worth watching if you liked films like Bladerunner or Akira.
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on 17 April 2011
The film is visually made really well. However, I was not so convinced by the story. It's all about the psychology behind a special combat unit and the trouble a fighter goes through when killing innocent or troubled civilians. It's dark and bloody - I guess it's a male thing that story and I didn't get blown away by it. Nevertheless, it's a good anime and was worth buying.
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