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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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The DC16 accessory kit comprises four items - a soft dusting brush, a stubborn dirt brush, a wide nozzle tool and an extension hose.

The soft brush is quite useful, having slightly softer bristles and a nozzle double the width of those on the combination accessory tool that you get with DC16 so being able to pick up dust more quickly from things like electronic equipment (tops of TVs and such), sideboards and tables. Although the bristles are fairly soft, I wouldn't recommend that the tool is used on things like LCD and plasma screens as there is still a chance that it could scratch them. Uses for the stubborn dirt brush are less obvious as the bristles aren't all that much stiffer than those on the combination tool and don't cover much more of an area, although it is able to collect pet hair and dirt from smaller areas like car floors. Both of these brushes feel like they're made of quite cheap plastic and would break if subjected to any sort of rigorous use; this might be a problem for the stubborn dirt brush in particular.

The wide nozzle tool is probably the most helpful of the items in the kit, the most obvious use for it being for mattresses and larger, non-sensitive areas. It's about four times wider than the combination tool and, when pressed against a flat surface, is able to concentrate the suction more than you'd expect. It also feels slightly (if not a lot) tougher than the brushes.

Lastly, the extension hose is a plastic hose containing a spring similar to that in a Slinky toy, but stronger, so can extend from its contracted length of a little over a foot to a length when extended of around four feet. In truth, it's a bit of a pain holding the DC16 in the one hand whilst straining to reach an elevated area that needs dusting, and leaving the DC16 on the ground isn't an option as it tips over quite readily. The tool does, however, make it easier to get into small spaces such as under beds and other low-down places where stretching isn't so much of a problem.

I can really only see either of the brushes in this kit being used very occasionally, although the wide nozzle tool and extension hose are a better inclusion and you might well get some mileage out of them. However given the price of the kit, I'm not convinced that any of the items are particularly useful or that good value for money.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 19 February 2008
I just have to say how useful these additional tools are.

The extending hose with the soft brush is ideal for those hard to reach places, and is great for the sides of stairs and skirting etc.

For this combination alone the kit is worth buying.

The other attachments are useful, but they do duplicate to a certain extent the tools that came with the machine.

If you could have just bought the soft brush and the hose then this would be getting 5 stars. But its just a bit expensive when you are duplicating on some tools, but at least I have a spare brush for when one wears out, or more likely I loose it.
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on 17 February 2012
I purchased this product to work in conjunction with a Dyson DC34 handheld. I also have a Dyson DC25. This review is conducted with these two products in mind.

My first and immediate impression of this product is this is what the handhelds should ship with as standard. They significantly improve the usability of the DC3x range in a variety of situations. I'll break down the tools individually:

Stubborn Dirt Brush

Significantly stiffer than the existing combo tool supplied. Bristles are also approximately 1/4th longer. Tool is approximately the same size as the combo tool. Works reasonably well on carpets. Will be of most use on caked on dirt in longer pile carpets, and particularly in the case of cleaning cars. Only downside is the length of the bristles does mean that some heavier items will only be picked up with the DC34 on high; meaning only 6 minutes of run time. Not a major issue for most users. It is also angled appropriately to allow direct use on the Hoover. Attaches to the DC34 securely.

Wide / Mattress tool

Although supposedly for mattresses, this is probably the tool with the widest use. Ideal for spot cleaning heavily used carpet without needing to drag out your main Hoover, it allows covering of a large area in a short space of time. Also has two red velvet strips, which are extremely effective at picking up fibres such as hair (never knew we had so much on the carpets!!). Definitely worthwhile if you want to cover anything other than small areas, much more time efficient. Wide nozzle does not seem to dramatically reduce suction to any noticeable effect.

Soft dusting brush

This brush is ideal for dusting complex surfaces e.g. Vent grills, tv grills, keyboards, ornaments. Brushes are plenty soft enough, and there is a deep felt pad inside to both collect dust and stop scratching. The tool is also made of clear plastic. I'm reduced to guessing that this is because it allows you to more easily see what your dusting to avoid causing damage. I cannot reason otherwise! This tool benefits from the extension hose to allow greater dexterity.

Extension Tube

As it says on the tin really. Similar to your regular latest gen Dyson wand. Adds to the usability of the other tools by allowing them to fit into smaller spaces not limited by your ability to get whole handheld into close proximity. The most obvious example is down the side of car seats.


I believe this is for legacy dyson devices, possibly the original handheld; but as I don't have such a device I'm unable to check.


There is an argument that these tools should be included with the dyson handheld (given its price point), but this notwithstanding, they are very useful and increase the versatility of the dyson handheld, and to some degree of a larger dyson Hoover; particularly the extension hose. Accordingly I've marked the product 4/5 taking into account value for money.
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on 10 March 2010
This is just what my little Dyson hand-held needed. Loved the hand-held anyway but these tools have made it even better.
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on 3 November 2009
We had bought the DC16 Dyson a few months earlier and whilst we were pleased with it, we found that there were lots of things we wanted to use it for but couldn't.

This tool kit has transformed the capabilities of the product! All the tools perform as they should and have made a good product GREAT!
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on 4 December 2012
We have the Animal version of the handheld Dyson which came with quite a few tools. I ordered the additional tool pack at the same time as ordering the Dyson. Although the extra tool pack has some very good additions I personally would not have bought it had I known that for me the supplied tools were adequate. My advice would be to get hold of the Dyson first and try it out before you spend extra on something you might not need.
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on 31 May 2016
Doesn't fit newer models. Had to destroy packaging to get it open and try it so unlikely to be able to return it. Suggest you only buy if you are absolutely sure it will fit your model. I have a v8. Very disappointed.
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on 2 December 2015
A potentially useful toolkit, which I bought particularly for the flexible / extendable hose. At the time I bought it from Amazon Warehouse, this kit did not cost much more than buying just the hose individually as a completely new item, plus it had the bonus of 3 other tools. These tools all fitted the DC44, DC59 and V6 range of cordless vacuums. It also had an adaptor which would allow these clip on tools to be used on some earlier push fit Dyson models (eg DC18). Overall it was a good experience buying from Amazon Warehouse since the kit came in a sealed retail box and was completely as new.
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on 15 December 2014
Pretty rubbish really - all the bits just gather fluff & dust & inhibit the suction on the handheld I have…..the only useful tool is the hose for getting into difficult places. Overpriced & a bit useless.
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on 5 December 2010
I'm a Dyson handheld fan (see my review of the DC-31 Animal) and this is a great collection of attachments. I haven't found a use for all of them yet, but I am sure I will do one day. The ones I have used are great and do what they are supposed to. This is a good price for what you are getting -and maximises the versatility of your handheld.

There's not a lot else to say: these do what they are supposed to, and are well made. I am glad I bought them.
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