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on 31 May 2017
Love this game and it cans so fast
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on 4 December 2007
I have to say I really enjoyed playing this game. Yes, the developers have concentrated more on the mod'ing experience than on the pure driving gameplay, but I think this is fine. It's not supposed to be a game to rival the driving experience of Forza & Gran Turismo etc.

The game's depth comes from the car & decal editors which provide nearly limitless entertainment if you're in to that sort of thing. If you're not, then don't buy the game.

There's a huge variety of different online & offline events to get involved in which is good.

I would however criticise (a) The balancing between drifting & racing...far too much of the former. (b) The variety of offline opposition and associated car decals (c) When I finally worked out how to use some of the online features (car / decal trading etc.), I could hardly ever find enough people at my level to meet up with.

Overall, great fun. Not a perfect driving sim, but very well built car / decal mod'ing features. Online activity already fading, but may pickup after Christmas.

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on 25 October 2008
I knew what the game would be like, having played the demo, so when I found it for £5 I thought it was worth a shot. I know the racing isnt what you'd call "realistic", but the modding is awsome! I spend more time modding than racing, as there are endless combinations of parts! For those of you thinking "how good can it be?" you can even change the steering wheel! Pretty good! Unfortunately no show-off :( . That is a bit of a downer to me. I think if its the racing you are bothered about, buy the first! All in all it is a good game, and worth buying if you find it cheap.
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on 1 May 2009
Ok, so this games gotten quite a bad rap and iv heard people even say its a cheap version of a need for speed game...well, id like to dust off its trampled reputation somewhat. first of yes , its not realistic, id love to see the car that could hairpin turn at 150+mph,BUT it does look very cool seeing your favorite car wliding rounds corners at lightspeed.

In all honesty realistic games bore the life out of me, if i want to drive realisticly i "realisticly" get into my "car" and drive.. if i get a game i want crazy sliding speeding fun.. that still takes skill to be able to pull off.
Its the same old story for the cars, you've got a couple of ones you'd be ashamed to race in *cough* VW Beetle *cough* , the muscle cars slide rouns the track like someones greased up you, your car, and the whole track,and the super cars go zoom zoom, nothing special but if the usual formula is not broken dnt try to fix it right?

The mods add some fun into the game with being able to mod ur car even down to the steering wheel type. Theres some nice decals too, that can make your car look awesome.
And the music list in the game is quite good, mostly kinda dance music but theres a sneaky Queens of the stone age track too.

All in all, this game is hella fun, if u like ur realism go for forza if you like hearing your tires scream in protest as u nail that corner with a crazy fast drift get this, i guarentee for the price,ITS WORTH GETTING! it will keep u amused for a long time (even if u end up bald from tearing your hair out from failing the challenges =P )

Hopefully this has helped shine a few peoples idea of this game, as i feel it does what it sets out to do, make a fun game!
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on 13 February 2008
They told me from the many reviews of the original title that it was very much a "delayed and desperate" release, all half-baked with the original ideas but clearly showing the rushed element of the final release...

...Well I read those review long after I bought the game at a second-hand store and loved it. With hindsight they were probably right but I was sucked into the sheer spirit of Juiced 1 - the music, for once, was great and the whole "trying to do something a little different" grabbed me despite the obvious flaws.

When I first heard there was a "Juiced 2" I thought the original must have sold better than I had heard but, if this sequel is anything to go by, then clearly some software house has been stuck with the licence and gave it to the trainees to have a go with.

That the cars handle like shopping trolleys or that you feel disowned from the game the moment it tries to connect to you via the "computer woman" (Y'know, the American 20-something voice-artist who has no personality but is just reading lines into a mic whilst looking over her silicon implants) is not the worst. So many modern games are that bad. This adds a whole level of "slick graphical" presentation which fails spectacularly and simply makes you feel like you are punching pointless buttons in order to feel less frustrated.

The reports were that the new generation of consoles would create a carnage of the old software houses. The logic being that new-gen games would cost so much to develop that only the strongest sellers (like GTA or Burnout) would survive. I used to mourn that (as an old Spectrum gamer) but if this is the kind of tosh that the old guard are spasming in their death-throws then the cull cannot come too soon.
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on 18 May 2012
It's a fun arcade racer, this is not for a hardcore race gamer, it's a game you could keep coming back to and having a laugh with your mates for a few hours before it joins the pile of games that won't see the light of day for a few months, There is a career mode & an online career mode, they are exactly the same as each other now as the online features for this game are dead. The normal career mode is easy and very short (about 10-12 hours playing time), It lacks a variety of cars and misses some major manufactures, It has little replay value due to the AI being very poor, some of the load times are just crazy, 15-20 seconds to load a race which for the current gen of consoles is not at all good and quite frustrating in parts. Looking past all the negatives it really is a fun game worth playing, I wouldn't pay anymore then £10 for it, due to the issues mentioned. Look at Need for Speed:Carbon if you're after an arcade racer, it's so much more enjoyable and worth paying a small amount extra for it.
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on 12 November 2007
This game at first is eye candy.
With its somewhat catchy soundtrack and some great visuals, i thought i was in for a treat.
Sadly, with it all added up, the game fails to deliver what the original Juiced brought to the table.
As a racer you are dropped into the game at the bottom, and like all the other street racing kind of games, you have to work your way to the top.
The game has some great mechanics, such as the Driver DNA, although it doesnt really affect much on the performance level, it allows you to determine your strong points, so you can balance all of your skills.
Some of the modifications are fantastic, and you really feel like the car is personalized to its max, or as much as your mind can comprehend.
The fun stops when you race, which, unfortunately is the main aspect of the game. The truly stupendous handling takes the realism out of the game.
So, all in all, Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights on the Xbox 360 leaves alot to be desired on the street racing franchise.
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on 5 July 2014
To be honest, I have no idea what this game is like. I bought it for my boyfriend. All I know about this game is that it's a racing game. But apart from that, I'm pretty much clueless about this game. Lol. My boyfriend used to own this game, but he ended up selling it. This was before him and I even met. He said the game was pretty difficult to unlock achievements in. However, about a month ago, he mentioned that he was looking for Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights inside of GAME, when him and his friend went into town. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find the game. After he mentioned this to me, I decided to track this game down on Amazon.co.uk and purchase it for him. It was a complete surprise, since he had no idea that I was getting this game for him. He's been doing his best to complete the game. And since I purchased it for him, he says that it's too special for him to sell. Lol. Even more of a reason for him to complete the game! :)
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on 23 March 2008
Definately an improvement on the first game but still not perfect. Wheres the show off gone????? Glad to see that the calender has gone though. One of the major issues i have with this game is the 'Auto-drift' where the cpu partially does the steering for you which allows you to drop your controller to scratch yer head in wonder at how amazingly well the car seems to go round the corner without human control. This does help with the pick up and play feel of the game but for me, it just tones the challenge down a bit. Graphics, gameplay and modding help the game to become above average but not yet completely spot on (???? Juiced 3 ????)
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on 26 July 2009
When I bought this game, I was wondering if it would match the standards of the Need For Speed games. It does. The car customisation on this game is fantatstic, there is so much to do and so many ways to vary the look of your car. Although the gameplay isn't very realistic it is still fun and fast paced.

Juiced has a good career mode which will take you a good amount of time to complete. Even when you have completed it, you can start your online career which is just as good, and brilliant fun.
This game is very good however, the main fault is the loading times. They are horrific, even for an older game.

Still a good buy!
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