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on 14 August 2017
Game gets to a certain point in each career and stops. Bug cannot be fixed.
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on 18 November 2007
Having loved NFS Most Wanted only to be disappointed by Carbon, I was hoping ProStreet would re-engage me. Sadly things have just deteriorated further. Although currently unreleased here, ProStreet is out in the USA and I've managed to get hold of a copy. Graphically, the game is stunning on maximum detail. The selection of cars and their customisation options are also hard to fault. However, ProStreet is ruined by the vehicle handling. EA have attempted to make this more realistic compared to Most Wanted or Carbon, but their efforts have failed dismally. The result is no matter what racing disciple or car, you feel as though you're driving a 20 ton barge through river of treacle. I have played many driving games, and know what to expect from ultra-realistic simulations through to arcade smash-ups. ProStreet manages to avoid either category and provide a simply awful compromise. Whether using my Logitech Momo wheel, or Sidewinder pad - the driving agony remains, and does so in any difficulty setting. I don't know how these terrible handling physics managed to make it to the retail game, but someone at EA needs to be fired. The internet is littered with similarly negative reviews and you can experience the awfulness for yourself by downloading the demo. Even as a NFS enthusiast and racing game addict, i just can't recommend ProStreet.
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on 14 January 2015
I originally bought a copy on EA's Origin. However it is impossible to activate the Origin product because it need the old EADM servers to register. Those servers were shutdown in favour of Origin. Yet EA still sell the Origin version knowing fullwell it cannot be used!!
Luckily there are still copies on a physical disc to be had. I love this game and it works perfectly on my Windows8.1 Desktop PC too even thoughit is an older game.
So glad i didn't let my Origin experience put me off buying a physical copy.
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on 22 November 2007
I've always been an avid NFS fan, and have owned all of them from when they began. Most Wanted was, in my opinion, the best one, Carbon was above average, but I think EA have made a serious error in this one.

When the intro screen came in and said "Lets keep racing off the streets", I thought, I wonder if they'll employ that in the game... and indeed they did. There is no street racing, you are constantly confined to boring and monotonous tournament race days which become repetitive after a couple of hours. The racing is solid, realistic, but unexciting.

The essence of NFS has been sapped out of this game, no police chases, no street racing. On the good side, the game looks good (even though the environments you race in are VERY limited), there are alot of cars which look fantastic, and what you can do to them is endless, with very accurate optional upgrades. But that's about it.

This game shows how much potential disappointment can exist in the genre. The cover looks great, the adverts looked amazing and made you want to go and buy it, but the outcome is shocking. For someone who has made racing games for years, I would expect more than this. Don't buy it, you'll be disappointed.
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on 19 August 2014
The worst of all NFS and I played all before this one. Boring, boring and you drive only on tracks. So I have no idea why someone would call it pro street. Waste of time.
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on 4 May 2008
I promised myself that after the total let-down of Carbon I wouldn't buy another NFS... What a mistake I made forgetting that promise. Whilst I applaud the damage element of the game the rest is just dull dull dull. The story line is pathetic, the tuning of the cars is pointless and has very little actual effect on the handling, in the fact the whole 'realism' is as contrived as it is possible to be and is about as real as the bit-mapped track babe.
Whilst other racing games are embracing the free-romm like NFS Most Wanted, Pro Street leaves the racer stuck on track after track with cars that handle like milk floats, accelerate with all the speed and agility of startled slugs and brake like the QE2.
I fervently wish I could get my money back for being terminally bored... twice, but as the games are locked to your user name it's not even possible to sell them on. If it were possible to give a negative value to this game, and Carbon, I would.
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on 30 December 2007
I should have taken more notice of the people who said there was no street racing in this title. Sadly, it's true. This is a circuit racing game - and I'm bored with it after just a few hours. Streets are much more interesting places to race! There is a law against street racing - but I thought video games enabled you to do something you couldn't/wouldn't do in real life? There should be a law against calling a game "Pro-Street" if it doesn't actually feature street racing.
The menus are awful too. Don't buy this - play Most Wanted or Carbon or even Underground 1 and 2. Even if you've played them all through before (I have.)
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I bought this game as a huge fan of Need for Speed: Carbon, but was very disappointed. Although the game runs fine on my old single core 3.2Ghz, 3Gb RAM, Radeon 1650, and looks nice, the storyline is less than waferthin and it's not alway very clear what you're supposed to be doing. The upgrading procedure for your car isn't always obvious - in Carbon, you knew when you started to get beaten in races that you had to upgrade or buy a new car, but in Pro Street, it doesn't seem that intuitive.

It's a nice touch that the visual modifications are free, but you have to unlock the highest grade parts which you need to really beat the game, and you can't always guarantee that you'll unlock them because of the random rewards system at the end of each race. The point system used for scoring is also frustrating - you can come first in each race on a race day, but still not dominate it to get the higher rewards, which seems counter-intuitive.

The cars handle ok, and they do seem to respond differently depending on the upgrades you get. The drag racing is a nice touch, and the speed challenge where you try to get through the race and maintain as high a speed as possible over a long period of time, is particularly nerve-wracking.

The race order is a bit annoying as well - in the middle, you seem to have to repeat races. At the end, you also have to do three race days of the same race in order to challenge the 'king' of that kind of race. I do like a good race, but doing three drifts per race, for example, six races per race day, three race days and then nine to challenge the drift king is really monotonous - that's over fifty drift races in a row to beat him. Some of the 'kings' are also ridiculously easy - the (haha) drag king barely finishes a quarter mile in fourteen seconds, and the overall Street King only has one car, which really limits him on the drag racing and grip racing.

Although some of the races are run, the tracks are fairly boring and you have to be quite committed to finish it. Overall, some nice touches, but really, it's monotonous, dull, inconsistent, frustrating and not much fun a lot of the time.

If you don't have Carbon, buy that instead. If you do, then think twice before you buy this one.
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on 6 March 2008
Not a great buy. I rarely review items I've bought but this is very disappointing. They've totally ruined the fun of the old NFS games without adding anything new. The graphics are very good but that's worth nothing unless the gameplay is good too. And the gameplay is awful. When you turn a corner, the car wobbles like it's made of jelly. Rubbish.
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on 21 February 2014
Need for Speed: Carbon... Great games.

Only you need to do are buy it and play it... very cool game...

Very cool and great price
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