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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 August 2017
i like this game and it is a really really good game as i do like racing games but they do get a bit boaring somethimes but me i chose when ever i play racing or driving games and this is only on ps2 or xbox 360 only them 2 this game is on and pc 3 of them but not ps4 or any lower console games like ps1 and xbox classic
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on 17 February 2008
Having played NFS Carbon to the end, I bought this game looking forward to more of the same (but obviously with different tracks, cars, etc). However, EA have decided, for some weird reason, to take NFS off the street and onto boring, repetitive race courses, totally defeating the original point of the game. The fact that you have to have different cars for each race is very annoying and EA should have just stuck to the any car for any race sort of theme in all the other NFS games. Obviously, due to the fact that the races are now held on courses, there are no police, which was one of the things that made the other games so good. The saddest thing about this game is that the game play is not actually that bad and can be quite enjoyable, but it is definately not what you expect from a NFS game. I just hope that the next NFS game goes back to something more like NFS Carbon.
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on 2 January 2008
I started out really quite enjoying this game but it has quickly descended into one of the worst racing game I have ever played.

Starting with the interface, one word, appalling. The progression markers turn yellow as you dominate each race day which would be fine if the race day selection wasn't also yellow making it all too easy to loose track of what race day is selected.

Customisation and tuning are big features of this game, however there is NO explanation in the tuning menu that I can see for what the results of your tinkering are likely to be, making everything very much trial and error. What exactly is changing the cam shaft timing supposed to do? don't look in the manual or in the interface, because it sure as hell wont tell you.

Same can be said for the purchase of cars. Good luck finding a good car for each of the differing race types. Blow all your money on some American muscle, upgrade it to the max, and only when you get to the race do you find out it only has 3 gears and runs out of steam half way through a 1/2 mile drag making it utterly useless. Goodbye money, and have fun earning back everything you just wasted by having to go back and repeat completed races just to make your cash back (or just restart your entire career).

The developers also tout their wonderful damage system. So proud are they in fact of this system that the tracks are littered with ridiculously placed objects, tires, concrete blocks, lamp post etc. that will punish even the smallest mistake with heavy repair costs. Total your car completely and you have to sit through a tedious slow mo review of your crash and expensive wreck and are unable to move on or or click past this "cut scene" until the entire thing has been played out, in SLOW MO, just to rub it in that little bit more YAWN!

Of course crashing would be less regular if the controls were better. In the speed challenges there is some commentary beforehand about being delicate with the controls. Yes, good idea, however it would have been nice if this was possible. Move the steering control a minute amount does nothing, move it a minute amount more does nothing, move it a minute amount MORE and watch you car lurch horrible across the track. No in between, it feels like it's all or nothing. Admittedly this is most prevalent in the speed challenge type races, but these are the races were steering response is most vital of all as sudden lurches at 200 mph invariably completely total your car, forcing you once more into yawnovision slow mo replay.

The very worst of the worst however is Drift mode "racing". This is by far the most tedious and pointless racing mode I have ever encountered. I know many seem to like it though, so if you like Drifting around, then this game will be more enjoyable for you. Personally I hated every second of it, and again I found the controls and implementation woefully lacking.

Shame of it is, that the normal racing is actually very fun, the graphics are certainly pretty good in HD, the opponent AI is not the worst I have seen, but the game rapidly resorts to "gimmick" modes, annoying street cred styling (I bet everyone turns off the announcer within 5 mins) and some dreadfully designed tracks.

Overall, very disappointing, role on GT5.
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on 8 August 2011
Just like a lot of people I was looking forward to playing Prostreet, thinking it would be full of pursuits and things to explore (like the other Need for speed Games)

But damn was I wrong! This game just isn't the same as the classics that made the franchise a hit, Theres nothing to please a Need for speed fan here... No freeroam and pursuits, No unique places other than Tracks!

Thats right... it's turned into something that a lot of other games do, It's just a track racing game with no sparkle or things to do other than Race (On boring tracks), customise and buy cars. If i wanted that, i would of just got forza!

And the driving is terrible, the cars handle like there on rails and it's extremely boring having to HURL your car into a hard corner! its so bad it can't be called fun OR realistic

If you have a Ps3 or 360 and want to know what Need for speed REALLY is, I would recommend Need for speed Hot Pursuit (2011) or Need for Speed Most Wanted! (2005)

Hope you found this helpful :)
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on 28 February 2008
I got it for my birthday last november (07) and at first I found it o.k.
i completed the first raceday, but, after that it got worse and worse. The loading screen does get rather annoying after a while and the racing itself isn't that sparkling either.
Final point, the actual career progression as well is too slow, unless u have lots of time. Personally i got to the first main tournament and it took me a week to finish that (battle machine).

in short, get the first 3 NFS and complete them before trying this 1.
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on 24 November 2007
this need for speed game is no way as good as any of the previous ones. in some ways i think the graphics have got worse. the game now is just about racing on tracks, so its virtually gran turismo, except you can lightly customise your car, but the autosculpt mode does very little different to the overall appearenace if you just bought the stuuf, but didnt change the shape( and of course can upgrade the engine etc). its become very fiddly and seems no longer a fun game, more of an endurance. you cant use the same car for every type of race, so that means in the end you will have to keep upgranding 2 or 3 cars, which will cost a lot. the cars seem to move and react more like a hummer, and arnt as wild and fun as on the previos games, like MW and carbon and the tracks are very dull, as there is no street racing.if you stiil feel you want it,i suggest you try and rent it out or borrow it from someone before buying it, as it is totally different to the previous game.
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on 20 November 2008
If you love the Need for Speed series then you'll love this game. Wait, did I say love. I meant HATE!!

Need for Speed has always been my choice for driving games. With the release of NFS underground you had the bonus of designing cars aswel as driving them. This was bettered in the follow up; NFS underground 2. The next NFS release was NFS Most Wanted. And How AMAZING was that? I loved it. Then NFS Carbon was released, also a great game...

then what went wrong?! I'm not going to bore you with the detailed ins and outs of this game (although its worth mentioning the level set up is rubbish and its all track based - rather than street based), but I will some up by saying...

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on 20 February 2008
Having played NFSU2, I believed this later version to be just as good if not better. How wrong I was. The realism of the vehicles is appalling, the general interface is appalling, the whole game is downright appalling. There are very few games I would recommend less.

This is by far the WORST driving game I have ever played.

I grew up playing GT2, rocked out of my face at uni, the game that all future driving games are benchmarked against and this games is MOST DEFINITELY A STEP BACKWARDS. It is so fing awful I regret departing money to play it. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.
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on 3 June 2008
Arguably the second worst NFS game after Underground. EA Bring back the street racing, police chases and FREE ROME. I would normally test a car in single player random race to see if its worth buying- you cannot do this so i wasted about 400k on the Lambo only to find out that it is rubbish!

I only found this game good for the first hour or so then i got frustrated with waited for it to load/save! the actual driving experience is average but you should be able to use a 4 wheel drive in drifting as the evo x is AMAZING at drifting in grip mode.

Get you're act together EA and don't call the next game Pro-street 2 unless you can actually DRIVE on the street!
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on 26 November 2007
I was eagerly awaiting the release of this game and thanks to amazing (as always) service from Amazon it dropped through my letterbox early Friday morning. After work I got home, installed and began to play the game. I was fairly impressed by the graphics, the choice of cars looks very good, was great to see some BMW badges in the game, the Z4M being a personal favorite of mine. But within an hour of playing I began to find this game very disappointing. Electronic Arts first bad move was probably going righteous and taking the game off the streets. It now feels a lot like playing any other racing game out there, something I always admired with the NFS series was it's originality, and of course there's no "Free Roam" or police in this edition. Not only this but having to use several cars for different types of races means I'll probably never have the aforementioned Z4M as I'll never save enough cash to afford it while upgrading two or more cars. That's if I haven't thrown it in the bin before then anyway due to the difficulty. In my first "Race Day" I found my car, the 240SX that you start with, pitted against a Dodge Charger rated at 600BHP+. What happened to having the AI related to your car then EA? I swiftly changed up for a faster car as soon as money allowed, but did that make it any more possible to make progress? No.

I'm still being owned by the computer, and due to winning not being enough and you having to "dominate" the race days I find myself playing the same races over several times. The points system doesn't work properly either, I'm now stuck with 3,443 points left to dominate, and can't seem to win the "sector shootout" race. No problem then, I'll do a drag race instead. On winning that I'm apparently awarded 5000+ points, but on checking back my points go down by about 100, probably because I've done the race before. The moral there being that if you can't win everything, you'll be stuck for days racing the same boring tracks against cars twice as powerful. The damage engine is good, although a little optimistic, I ploughed into a wall at 158MPH last night and received "light damage" but then the cars do all seem to handle like Panzer tanks so perhaps the damage is also based on this?

I used to be a huge fan of this series having owned NFS: Underground 2 upwards. I think I'll treat myself to the limited edition version of Carbon instead, much more fun!
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