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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2008
I hate golf. I find it boring, long-winded and pointless. Its only redeeming features are the open air and the occasional murmur of nearby fauna. So imagine my surprise when, having acquired a shiny new Nintendo Wii, I became profoundly addicted to the Wii Sports golf game!

As other reviewers have mentioned, playing the same 9 holes over again is not so much boring as frustratingly limited, and I soon felt the urge to take my living-room golfing career to a new level. Bratz and Barbies are not exactly my cup of tea, so Panya Golf was of course out of the question, and I sought a more realistic, professional style of game. The most obvious option (and most likely the safest bet) was Tiger Woods 08. Fortunately I was not disappointed...

The first thing that struck me was of course the graphical realism compared Wii Sports. Ahh... I can almost smell that country air and freshly-mown grass. These highly-detailed graphics do tend to cause juddery images all too frequently, but that is more down to hardware than software. This also accounts for the lack of visible spectators (they cheer a lot, but are nowhere to be seen) but I don't wanna be looking at people anyway. The second thing that struck me was the rather unintuitive menu system, which uses the "-" button to backtrack through the options, whereas "B" would seem the obvious choice, and a cumbersome zig-zag layout of the icons. Still, it doesn't take long to get used to. Only Nintendo can make 100% user-friendly user interfaces, so EA can be forgiven for not quite hitting the mark here.

Gameplay-wise, EA have come up with ALMOST exactly what I was looking for. Sure, the Wiimote does not always respond as intended, you can't feel the club hitting the ball like in Wii Sports, and the ball seems preprogrammed to stop 6mm short of the hole on every putt (this effect diminishes as your "Luck" increases), but with eighteen full 18-hole courses and dozens of different championships, game modes and customization options, and even the occasional murmur of nearby fauna, TW'08 is sure to keep me engrossed for many, many months to come. The learning curve is fairly steep, but highly rewarding after a while as you win money and experience points that can be spent on improving skills and equipment.

The courses are beautifully recreated (I imagine) as are the picturesque landscapes (I suppose) and the real-life players (I guess - the only one I know is Tiger Woods. Wot no Sevvy Ballesteros?!?) The commentators' remarks are poignant to the point of clairvoyance and often dryly humorous, which makes for a more lighthearted feel to it all, but in no way detracts from the constant feeling of striving for professional perfection. I really feel compelled to improve my swings, pitches and putts, and after only a few days am already feeling that yearning to get on the links of an evening and work my way to the top!

Pro golfers would probably scoff at the tacked-on frivolities such as taunts, post-tee-off spin control, RPG-style levelling-up system and $1000 blue rinses, but for links-virgins like me the sheer enormity, variety and well-roundedness of this game are enough to justify spending 40 quid on the in-home green fees.

So did I mention I love golf? It's one of the most challenging, frustrating and satisfying sports in the world, and certainly the most addictive. And it's all recreated here in Tiger Woods '08, in the comfort of your own home. All, that is, except REAL open air and nearby fauna....
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on 13 September 2007
Ok, so what do i know about serious gaming? Afterall, I'm just a girl who hasn't owned a games console since the fading days of the PS1, but this game is great. I don't much care whether the graphics are up there with the XBox 360 or PS3 - I want a game that's both playable, feels reasonably authentic to my experience of real-life golf, is fun and challenging. This game ticks all the boxes in relation to these criteria. Seriously addictive.
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on 3 September 2007
Like most people of the wii world i love wii sports golf. But having played the same 9 holes countless times, i wanted more. Having read lots of reviews of '07 i wasn't disapointed by '08.
The swing takes a tiny little bit of getting used to but once you do, through the tutorial at the beginning you realise that it is much better and more realistic. The putting action is very smooth, although sometimes gravity forgets to work when i'm putting and it doesn't go into the hole, but maybe thats just my bad putting.
With a wide variety of courses and mini games that are really good fun (especially the mini-putt), this game is defiantely for those who want a good game of golf on the wii.
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on 18 September 2007
I got Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 to compliment my new Wii, and I've been really enjoying the game a lot. It uses the Wiimote really well, and the connection between your offscreen and onscreen actions manages to give the enhanced feeling of realism the Wii's controls are about. I'm not normally a sports game or golf fan, however having enjoyed PGA games on 16-Bit consoles and small golf games on mobile phones and the web, PGA Tour 08 offers a similarly accessible experience. The controls can take a few attempts to master, but a good tutorial takes you through that. Once a trained golfer, you can customise your player and get involved in a career or a challenge-based game. There's certainly enough content here to keep you going for a while, and with multiplayer available, if you tried and liked Wii Sports but want something with a little more substance, this is a great game to get.
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on 4 September 2007
Im fed up of reading people saying "not as good as the XBox" or "not as good as the PS". For goodness sake, theyre having to start again, its almost like the first ever Tiger game, which was hopeless. EA have done well and Tiger 08 is great. If you take your time and concentrate, you can get the hang of hitting it straight in no time.

I really enjoy playing Tiger 08, its great fun, and the graphics are good, ok not brilliant, but good enough to see whats going on.

I hope people stop being so pathetic, get on with it, and enjoy the game as much as I have!
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on 16 September 2007
When I got my Wii, I eagerly awaited the release of TW07--it was good--using the wiimote as a club worked quite well, but the controls seemed a bit twitchy, both in menus and also rarely when swinging the 'club'.

TW08 is really what 07 should have been--yes the graphics are less than stellar, but they are significantly better than 07. The wiimote as golf club more than makes up for any missing graphical bliss--even my non-golfing friends that have seen this thought it would be fun. 08 also dropped the fantasy courses from 07 and added some more real courses--the missing fantasy ones are not a great loss to me, they were generally ridiculously difficult and a major obstacle for me completing the PGA tour portion of the game.
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on 9 September 2007
This game is fantastic. Play some of the best golf course in the world in your living room and actually swing the club. Picks up the wiimote really well, when you swing, your character swings. The graphics aren't the best but this game is so playable. Really lacks an online mode though, not sure why ea left this out on the wii, that's the only let down though
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on 3 October 2007
My reason for buying this game was that I absolutely love Wii Sports golf, I wanted a full game based around the same concept but with more courses, club selection and higher skill level (ie hit draws / fades by changing swing and stance).
Boy was I disappointed. Firstly I found the menus and controls to be very fiddly and annoying.
Then there is the gameplay. It is possible to shape shots, but you have to exaggerate the angle of the club head so much in reality the ball would fly off directly sideways. It is possible to put spin on the ball - by waving the remote in the air after you've hit the shot, how is that like playing golf?
Overall I just do not enjoy this game. Strangely Wii Sports golf with its 3 clubs and simple gameplay actually gives a far better approximation of the real thing. The Wii has great potential, this game is a long way away from utilising it in my opinion.
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on 19 February 2008
I had played Tiger on PC, PS3 and PSP before and found them very relaistic in gameplay and wondered if the Wii could match this. Having read a number of reviews that said the putting was difficult and needed to use the analouge stick I became sceptical.

I still took the plunge and have not looked back as the game is very quick to set up and get to a reasonable level of play. The swing action and it's sensitivivity is as close as possible to playing real golf and the putting I am pleased to say is likewise. You are rewarded by having a smooth slow pendulum action with the correct strength and reading teh burrows of the green.

The graphics are not yet to PS3 levels but the speed of gameplay makes up for missing having a crowd and realistic water. A round played well can take half the time of the PS3 game as the loading between holes is much quicker.

Congrats to EA for prodcuing what was required for a Wii player in being able to use the full functionaliity of the remote in gameplaying.
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on 1 September 2007
This game so far has not been introduced as well as i thought it would be concerning the help (as it is not so detailed). Being addicted to Wii Sports Golf this has a more realistic approach, but can be frustrating and confusing at first. The motion sensitive swing is a lot more sensitive to Wii Sports Golf, and can be hard to attempt at first.
Overall this game is great fun with your mates and any Golf Fan, but is not ideal for the easy-go fun or stressful gamer who won't practice or give it a fair chance.
I think EA rushed to make this game and is only a minor upgrade from the previous '07 game as graphics are still the same, but still it is fun for anyone to have a go.
I'd recommend Nintendo's version of Golf for a more basic approach if you want
an easier gaming experience.
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