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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£19.08+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 13 May 2017
Bought this for my son he played it once and now it won't load!! It is one day past the return date and I have no way of contacting seller!! £20 down the drain
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on 17 March 2009
I was put of buying this buy friends and reviews, but then at £11 used & new there isn't a great amount of risk and I am definately glad I decided to buy it. I was a massive fan of mercs 1 on PS2 and was prepared to be let down with this after hearing about it being rushed and glitchy.

The graphics are pretty awesome, nice explosions, character models and enviornment interaction. no waiting for scenery to load, it is true there not killzone good but then the map is massive which I think is a fair sacrifice to make. Its great fun driving through shanty towns in a tank and good that tree's no longer stop you in you tracks.
Everyone is making a big stink about the voice acting, but hey its an xbox 360, put subtitles on and put some MP3's on not worth slamming a whole game over.
I havent encountered any glitches yet, I'm sure I will though it sounds enivitable. I played for 3 hours straight with no crashes, lag or stalling and my disk was pre-owned.
compared to first mercs it is a little harder and a lot more interesting. loads of weapons, vehicles and supplies to choose from and tonnes of meaty airstrikes.
Don't be put off from buying this game, it is fantastic value.
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on 29 September 2008
There is no doubt that this game is full of glitches both graphical and gameplay. Playing this game on your own, you would probably get fed up of it quite quickly. However I hugely enjoyed it! Why? Well, I played the whole thing through over Xbix Live with a friend and it was absolutely great fun! The glitches become funny when you have someone to share them with - it almost becomes a competition as to who can find the most!
The best moments include my mate flying a helicopter into battle with me in a tank on the winch (being carried by the helicopter) with us both firing away at the enemy. With my tank wildly swinging in all directions not many of my shells made it home, but it was great fun!!
Just the whole free roam map with two players made this game for me, it was enought forgive them for the glitches and bugs (many though there were). There should be more 'fun' games like this that let you and a mate let rip!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 September 2008
Well Mercs 2 is an aquired taste simply for the fact it's all about blowing things up. It's a very open area for you to travel and lots of variety in weapons, vehicles etc but it does come with alot of glitches.

Positives -

The graphics are quite nice... specificaly the explosions
The sound is great (even if the voice acting is abit stiff)
Blowing things up is great fun
Lots of side missions to do

Negatives -

There's alot of glitches in the game. People walk through walls, cars explode randomly and even helicopters fall out the sky. It's not as bad as it sounds though, it's quite funny when it happens.

The menu is abit cluttered, quite hard to make out on some of it but again it's nothing major.
The map might be abit too big. You might fall asleep getting to your destination.
No Split screen Co Op

Overall -

I would say this game is worth the money for the simple fact it's fun, not serious and involves lots and lots of explosions. But if you don't like that kind of thing don't buy it.

Personally demoliting skyscrapers couldn't be more fun!
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VINE VOICEon 14 October 2008
I played the first Mercenaries on the PlayStation 2, and it was a fantastic game. The sequel is more of the same, just bigger and better.

You play a mercenary out for revenge whilst also trying to make a tidy profit(I won't spoil the plot, but trust me there isn't much of it). You take on various missions for different factions as well as various challenges usually involving a race against time. You need to keep all the factions happy as best you can in order to be able to buy better weapons, vehicles and airstrikes.

The scale of destruction is what sets Mercenaries apart from similar games, such as GTA. You can call in airstrikes ranging from bombing runs to nuclear missiles and the explosions are nothing short of spectacular. Just about anything can be destroyed and the sheer amount of carnage you can cause is a sight to behold.

Graphically, the game has not come a long way. It looks fine, and vehicle models are especially good, but it's not pushing the 360 to its limits on textures. However, there is huge scope. The game world is large and detailed, and any game that allows you to go anywhere is going to have to compromise somewhere. The lighting is very good and animation does the job. To be honest, Mercs 2 isn't trying to be hyper-realistic at any point so it's acceptable.

The controls are quite easy to get to grips with, although vehicle control takes a little practice. You can hijack anything, including helicopters, or call in supplies which will be dropped off by your support team. Taking charge of combat vehicles usually involves a short button-mashing minigame - these can get a bit tedious after a while.

There is a co-op mode which means another player can join your game and help complete missions or just to blow stuff up. It works OK for a while but I think it's preferable to play through the campaign on your own.

Mercenaries 2 is a fun game which works well most of the time. Some of the missions are quite challenging but the freedom you are given means you find an approach to suit your playing style that will get you through it.

Unfortunately the game has its share of glitches; your character may get stuck and only a re-load of your saved game will correct it, or things disappear, blow up randomly or won't work. These can lead to missions becoming impossible and re-loading again. It can really make the teeth grind, but so far I have just about forgiven the game for it.

It can be annoying and frustrating, but overall Mercenaries 2 is enough fun to be a worthwhile play.
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VINE VOICEon 23 October 2008
I think I am not as critical of this game as some of the other reviews as I never played the original. For me this is a brand new game...... and what a good one! The closest game to this is GTA, however it is also totally different. You can free roam, have missions to complete, but that's where the similarity ends. A seemingly endless selection of weapons and vehicles which you can use to kill, destroy and generally cause as much havoc with as you can possibly imagine! (MOAB's are great fun!) The vehicles and weapons are pretty easy to use and with lots of side contracts, you can just veer away from the main storyline and just keep blowing things up as much as you like. Had it less than a week, and completed it last night, this game has caused many a late night! My only criticisms are that I have found a few annoying bugs where a HVT 'disappears', buildings blow up and you cant get out and buildings that are totalled still show as not destroyed, and the last 2 missions are maybe a bit too easy, especially compared to some of the ones in the middle of the game, but these are not nearly enough of an issue to move it away from 5 stars! (and I haven't even played online yet!)
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on 14 January 2011
Not really a review, just a warning:
If you have not played Army of Two online, this game will crash as soon as it tries to connect with the EA servers.
The only way to play it is to disconnect your Xbox 360 before starting the game. This means that Multiplayer is not available.
If you don't disconnect your Xbox this game will crash on the main menu. It will freeze up your whole xbox.

This is esp. sad for me, since I bought the game to play the coop mode online. Too bad EA is not willing to fix this, which breaks a large portion of the game.

You can also try downloading and playing the Army of Two demo online, if you can get it. That might help, as it will create an EA account, which can be used in Mercenaries 2
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on 23 October 2010
I got this game yesterday and i must say its a very very good game, ive already done 50% of the game according to the save but the Online co-op and just the replayability of goign and doing what you want when you want to is very fun, an american auto joined my game over xbox live and we were having fun talking and fighting, it was so awsome i was in an attack copter shooting missiles and offering covering fire as he progreessed alogn the ground to get and arrest the bounty shooting all the guys while he took cover it was an epic time. i give this game 9/10 and i think its one of the best game for price/fun and perhaps the best co-op made game ever... so if you want an amazing co-op game to play with you friends get this !!!
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on 6 September 2008
I read a few indifferent reviews before buying this game, however 7.9 on IGN still isn't exactly bad..

Bought it anyway as I really liked the first mercenaries and I have to say its just as much fun as the first game. Its not that much different to be honest but there is more going on in the world and the graphics are slightly more polished which is to be expected on a next gen console.

Its never going to be rated the best game ever but it is a lot of fun, which at the end of the day is what you want from a game. Its well worth buying as a stop gap until Fable 2, Fallout 3 and GOW 2, plus the achievements are good, not too hard but not too easy to obtain which is always somethingI look for in a game.
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on 9 September 2008
this game is for those that (I think) were a little disappointed with gta.
you can completely annihilate the scenery with a huge range of airstrikes, vehicles & weapons. It doesn't really take as much skill to fly and drive as it does in gta but they are two completely different games and I can't really compare the two. Although they have taken some bits from just cause it is a million times better being less cheesy, not as repetitive and way more fun.
Pandemic have done the first game justice and given me many hours of fun carnage!! Thank you so very much!
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