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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2008
In response to the two critisisms made against this game.

1. Graphics. Half Life two looks dated compared to COD4 etc. Personally I enjoyed the older look of half life two and the interesting level design more than made up for this. Any frame rate issues were minimal and again outweighed by the superb gameplay. episode one and two have improved graphics.

2. Empty levels. The main game does have one or two levels where there is a feeling of a large space travelled between objectives, but this provides a sense of scale and atmosphere and personally I like a variety in the intensity of action. Episodes one and two are more concentrated which in a way is a shame.

I have been playing Orange box for weeks now and love it. It has maintaned my interest and I have a sense of having been on a journey. The sound is excellent, and the puzzels add interest and challenge. I temporarily got stuck in one or two areas , but solving these problems was a case of using my brain and being inventive rather than frustrating multiple attempts at shooting things. This game makes a refreshing change from mindless first person shooters and awful film tie ins that seem to flood the market. This is class. The only critisism is that the non player characters sometimes get in the way. very minor gripe.
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on 11 June 2016
Lots of people still think to do this day, is it still worth it buying an orange box. Or maybe you console gamers wanna see a good old PC game!
Well I can answer both of yours questions, its still worth buying and for the price its should be in everyones shelf. Console gamers buy this so you can get a slice of life from a pc classic.

Half-life 2 one of the most well known, best valve game that changed pc gaming for ever! The brilliant mind of Gabe created this.
With addicting gameplay, intriguing characters and amazing story!

TF2 is my 3rd fave game (on pc) of ALL time! But on console TF2 is just dead. I mean online isn't a thing anymore and there are no updates. TF2 is near 200 updates now, but its still a blast with friends! Likeable characters, addicting gameplay, cartoon awesome graphics and did I mention the characters are so damn likeable!? like seriously

Portal is a challenging puzzle game, its my fave on the orange boss. Pretty alright graphics for today standards but gameplay that most triple A games can only dream of capturing. If you like portal one than get 2! Its the same but bigger and better. Portal will leave you scratching your head, wether you just look online for the answer or solve it the good old way portal is a game you will be begging your friends to play just so you can talk about it!

Im not good with reviews and probably only said 50% of whats good with the orange box, but just get it! Its just a classic everyone has. So why haven't you?
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on 10 July 2015
i played half-life 2 years ago on ps2.it brought back memories.portal is fun.team fortress? Not for me,stupid game running around shooting dying respawning running around shooting,over and over again.
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on 8 May 2016
This overall was and still is a great game only I have encountered some major problems with this game yes I bought it used and I expected it to have some wear and tear but what I didn't expect was for the game to freeze upon starting half-life 2. I am able to play portal and team fortress 2 but if I'm honest I only bought it for half-life 2.

I am more then a little disappointed
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on 24 December 2007
The Orange Box- 5 games in one box: Half-life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal & Team Fortress 2.

Half-life 2 released back in 2004 scooped up dozens of awards including game of the year and rightly so. A decade or so has past since the events of the original, earth is now under the rule of the combine, a vicious alien race who deal with humans as they see fit, the few remaining humans who aren't firmly under the foot of the oppressors are struggling with little effect to regain control, Gordon Freeman (protagonist) is literally dumped into this world and it doesn't take long for the combine to come after him fortunately he is saved by Alyx a freedom fighter and you head off to take down leader of the city Dr. Breen.
Half-life 2 covers ever corner of the FPS world from the zombie- infested streets of Ravenholm to sprawling city buildings, it maintains a relentless pace mixing pulse pounding shoot-outs with increasingly powerful weapons to gravity defying puzzles. The game constantly changes moving from shootings to high-speed vehicles sections in which you are being pursued by enemy choppers & of course the now famous gravity gun, turning nearly all items around you into a weapon. You don't have to have played the first to enjoy this as you find yourself swept into the story as it goes along. While technically it may not have quite the impact it had at its release its still remains an immersing world, a benchmark for FPS to follow and one of the greatest games of all time.

Episode 1 picks up directly after the end of Half-life 2 rescued from the rubble of the citadel Freeman & Alyx aim to escape the city before the main reactor explodes, which means navigating through the collapsing citadel, tunnels teaming with the undead then to the train station to evacuate the remaining citizens and get out of dodge themselves.
Episode 1 while a good game is probably the weakest of the package coming in at 3 hours long, revisiting some old locations and lacking standout set pieces. However it does have a fair few good points navigating the darkens tunnels with only a small flashlight as the undead pop out at you is genuinely unnerving and a shooting frenzy in a hospital is a glorious bloodbath and a great action sequence. It still sticks to the same half-life formula puzzles using the gravity gun, traversing air ducts and lots of head crabs, the ending taking on a lone strider to beat the game seems anticlimactic and then even more so after the ending of episode 2 still dam good game though.

Episode 2 carries on from episode 1 emerging from the train wreck you head off to white forest a resistance fortified camp to deliver important Intel which is the only thing that can stop the opening of a portal to the combine world. Episode 2 is great, full of heart pounding set pieces such as repelling and army of Ant-lions with a little help form your friends which makes you gasp at the shear number of things happening on screen as bullets spray from every direction or driving at break neck speeds to escape attack helicopters and worse or the final defence of the resistance base against a dozen striders, its non-stop adrenaline thrill that's twice as long as the previous entry and leaves you begging for the story's conclusion in episode 3.

Portal is a unique little puzzle game. You play as an android tasked with completing increasingly difficult mind bending puzzles in the interests of science and at the compilation of you tasks you are promised cake (no really) however cryptic messages in hidden rooms and an increasingly unstable AI bot guiding you begin to make things seem as they should be. Portal basic premise is you fire one portal then fire a second portal across the room walking thorough the first portal will bring you out the second on the other side of the room. Things start up easy enough but by the end the tasks border on impossible and will require fully mastered portal skills to complete. Its a pretty short game about 3 hours but is a unique experience and entertaining while it lasts.

Team fortress 2 is an online game, which means no offline play with your mates unfortunately. It is addictively fun, characters feel like they are from a Pixar movie lively and animated each has their advantages and disadvantages and you're in for a treat on a hectic 16-player match.

So the PS3 version has been under fire for somewhat of a sloppy conversion but these things have been exaggerated by some. The slowdown that occurs when playing is non existent is half-life 2 and portal, there's a lit bit in the more hectic scenes of episode 1 & 2 but its very rare that it effects game play, loading time are about 9 or 10 seconds longer than the 360 version but its something you can live with just don't try to die to often.

A value package the likes of which you've never seen five full games in one box for the price of one, and not just any five games, five brilliant immersing quality games that will take up a fair few weekends. The Orange Box is a must own and if you don't already get it in quick time.
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on 16 February 2009
This is a fantastic game. It is enormous and varied. It is hard enough to challenge but not like so many games today which get too difficult by half way through.

You build your skills, and extend your wepons as you go. I like the way it varies in terms of transport and areas to keep it interesting.

It reminded me of 'Kill Humans' - if you liked that you will like this.
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on 17 January 2008
I've already given a review for this game but i felt compelled to give another review after playing team fortress 2.

But i feel i should say why.
First and foremost it's a team game, not another pointless FPS multiplayer where the sole purpose is just to rack up kills or gang up on one player.

It is this team natured aspect which make TF2 so formidable, working as a collective unit to secure the mission goals is thoroughly rewarding, it allows you to quite literally take one for the team.

Another aspect of this game which is exceptional is the graphics.
Alot of people, myself included would be initially turned of the game due to these quirky graphics, however i have now come to think of them as one of the most important and clever aspects of the game.

In the past i have always avoided FPS online due to 2 main reasons.
1> I take it too seriously
2> Sometimes there is a bullying routine where one player is picked upon more than any other.

So far i have never felt any discomfort from playing tf2, i attribute this in part due to the quirky graphics, the graphics are so cartoon like in appearance that it's almost impossible to get annoyed even when you see yourself explode lol, Very clever of Valve.

As this is a team game your buddies are always around to help you and protect you in order to get the teams mission objectives completed, this practically removes the petty rivalry that typically goes on between individual players in your run of the mill fps.

Everything about this game is just so incredibly well worked out, i still get a tingle everytime i treat myself to a game.

£39.99 is great value for Team Fortress 2 alone! With half life 2 + HL2 Episodes 1+2 and also the phenomenal portal (stayed awake till 5am finishing that one!) it is undoubtably one of the best titles i have ever owned on any platform.

100% recommended on TF2 alone.
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on 5 March 2012
Having played Half-Life on the PS2 many years ago, I was over joyed to stumble over this game.
There are five games on the disc...Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 episode 1, Half-Life 2 episode 2, Portal, Team Fortress.

The three Half-Life games are excellent, although possibly confusing in there titles. In essence it's HL2, HL3 and HL4 (although 3 & 4 are 'large' mini games)

Portal was disappointing compared to Portal 2, which I played a few months ago. It is very short, but still enjoyable. If you enjoy this, I highly recommend Portal 2 which is much bigger and on occasions totally mind warping.

Team Fortress 2 I haven't played yet, but it looks like an online game.

Over all I bought this for Half-Life and it did not let me down.
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on 20 January 2016
Arrived straight away, packaging was perfect as was the disc inside.

The Orange Box is fantastic, all games included are both fun and challenging but the stand-out game has to be Portal!

I bought this for my partner as he had played Portal years ago but his disc had broken and he never got to finish it. As soon as he started playing this he commented on how Portal is still as good now. It is not easy, it requires some thought when it comes to placing portals, but it's great fun.

I would recommend the Orange Box just for Portal, the other games are a fantastic addition and well worth every penny.
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on 9 January 2008
I'm a newcomer to the Half Life series, and picked it up Saturday just gone when I got the Orange box. I found the first few levels interesting, but not brilliant; they seemed like they were showing you the ropes and showing off the physics. However, about 3 hours in it really grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. The Ravens-thingy level is awesome; the hopelessness and desolation of the atmosphere of the world is incredible; it's almost depressing to play! Another person wrote about being genuinely panicky and frightened in the Ravens level, and I have to say I've never found myself screaming, screaming with laughter (due to panic) as a result of single player action. Normally that's split screen Sega Rally, but there you go...! Brilliant fun.

Really looking forwards to progressing further; can't stop thinking about it; and very much can't wait to see episodes 1 and 2.

Portal is great looking on a HD panel and believe everything else you've read about it. Haven't got round to Team Fortress yet, but based on Half Life alone, I paid £20 trade in for this box, but would still pay £40 for it. Incredible experience. I think, outside of San Andreas, HL2 may be the best I've ever player.

With regards to framerate issues; I've seen it once. Massive slowdown with not a lot happening, lasted about a minute until I left a building. Only the once in about 5 hours though- irritating but not massively intrusive overall. Visuals look great; a little dated in some places, but others look as next-gen as you like.

Reccommend to anyone.

Hope this helps.
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