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on 4 December 2009
Braun Series 7 790cc Clean & Renew System Electric Rechargeable Foil Shaver
I searched the internet and high street stores in my area for this shaver and Amazon was selling the cheapest Braun Series 7 shaver. After ordering the item I received it after three days and I could track the dispatch all the way to the actual day of delivery. This shaver is to replace an existing Braun Series 7 which I have had for over 12 years.
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on 9 December 2008
First thing to mention about this product is the size and weight, the razor itself is quite heavy and much more bulky than any previous electric shaver I've ever owned, meaning it's quite a challenge to use if you have any kind of joint problem. However, it does seem very sturdy and well made, which is a plus.

The base station is bordering on the huge, it's nearly double the size of the charging/cleaning station on my previous razor, so storage is more of an issue that it really should be. As a couple of other reviews have also mentioned, the colour isn't all that appealing and anything but discrete.

There were two slight niggles I had with the device, firstly the cleaning fluid has to be replaced every thirty days, whether you've used it or not (so the instructions said) which is going to work out quite expensive, and whilst you can clean the head under running water, this does not reset the cleaning indicator and reduce the amount of time for the clean setting. On the plus side, it's the first self cleaning razor I've owned that actually has a dryer built in, it doesn't just air dry, like most razors seem to, it actually performs a true drying cycle, meaning the razor can be dry and ready to use in as little as half an hour.

The second niggle was the noise. It's extremely loud in use, and even louder when performing a cleaning cycle, so it's probably not something you're going to want to use early in the morning when the rest of the house is still in bed asleep.

My only major problem with the razor was the fact it just didn't work. Now I know the foil razors don't seem to give as close a shave as the rotary razors do, but for all the contouring head, three stage cutting system and sonic technology, my stubble was exactly the same after using it as it was before, and after tapping the head on a ceramic tile, the razor was just as clean as it was before starting too.

I've tried a few times, all with the same results. I got someone else to give it a try, and they did manage to get a little stubble removed, but they also found that other electric razors they've tried took far more off and with half the noise.

All in all, whilst the quality of workmanship is probably well worth the high price tag, the quality of the end result isn't worth even a fraction of it. If you have stubble that stands upright, you may find it acceptable, however if, like me, you have stubble that lies against the skin then I doubt you'll be at all happy with the total lack of results.
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on 9 October 2007
This model is definitely Braun's best, but it's improvement over recent models is marginal. Yes, it is the best but not by that much. I experienced the most improvement in the time needed for a shave rather than the closeness of it.

However, there is a big downside. To get as close as possible, Braun have made the cutter block and foil a single integrated unit - you can't get inside it and it quickly clogs up. End result is it is impossible to clean without the cleaning unit that comes with it.

Tapping the separated shaver head against the basin releases about a third of what you can remove from the older models that come apart completely. The rest stays put, to the extent that the six-segment "hygiene" indicator on the bottom of the shaver goes from fully clean to flashing red empty in just three shaves, and I have a light growth compared with some men.

The advertising says you can clean it under a running tap. Well, in my experience you can't. Doing so had no impact on the "hygiene" indicator, despite endless experimentation on my part. When I saved the water to see how much beard dust was washed out this way there was virtually none.

I personally would not have bought this product had I known this. I used to clean my old shaver with their cleaning system once a month, to get it back to a pristine state with just a "tap and buzz" 20 second daily clean in between. Not only would cleaning every three days be costly on consumables it is environmentally unsound.

You have been warned.
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on 5 March 2009
Very disappointed with this razor - at best I get a mediocre shave. Having previously used a Remington and got a very close shave - I believed, from all the hype, that the Braun was the Rolls Royce of electric shavers in fact its the Lada. I have since bought a Panasonic (Wet and Dry)Braun Series 7 790cc Clean & Renew System Electric Rechargeable Foil Shaver at a fraction of the price of the Braun and it comprehensively beats it on all fronts - comfort, quality of shave and battery life.
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VINE VOICEon 18 December 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having previously reviewed the Philips HQ8290 Rotary Shaver, which converted me to electric for everyday shaving, I was looking forward to trying this Braun foil shaver.

The rotary requires you to shave up and down and round and round, to attack stubble from every angle, but the foil recommends a simple up and down motion. You'd think this would lead to less razor burn, but you'd be wrong; the Braun can easily chafe the skin.

Despite following the instructions to hold the Braun at the right angle, using the lock when shaving awkward spots and being as methodical as possible, it continued to miss hairs and really struggled to shave under the nose.

On the positive side, the Braun has a much better cleaning system. The Philips needs six hours, while this needs about half an hour and has a smaller footprint. But who shaves twice in six hours anyway? Neither cleaning system travels as both lower the razor into a bath that must remain level to avoid spillage.
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on 2 October 2009
I was very exited about receiving it , but very disappointed because it just is not made for me.
It doesn't shave all the facial hair in my neck and under the chin and also irritates my skin.
I guess i'll stick to wet shaving.
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on 10 March 2010
[UPDATE - 4 months later]: I'd like to revise my initial review. Four months after I must say the shaver is better than I initially thought. It takes some time to get used to it and practice makes perfect - give it some time to adjust to your shaving habits and approach. OK, it's still not a perfect shave (as in a wet shave), but it's sufficiently good to go to the office after having a shave. So 4 stars as I'd still expect a bit more than a top of the line product. I'm keeping mine.

Well, to summarize before I start - this is the last electric shaver I'm buying. I was ordering couple of other Braun accessories and in a whim I decided to go for the latest and greatest Braun electric shaver - the ads got me. Bells and whistles aside when I get a shaver I'm looking foremost of all for one thing - a clean shave. Sadly, Braun's 790cc doesn't give you that. You can get an OK casual shave good enough for 24 hours but nothing like a perfect shave only achievable by a manual shave... The more you try the more likely you're likely to end up with a skin rash, and that's that. On the plus side - it feels like a solid shaver, quite nice ergonomics and design, I have no probs with the weight or the level of sound either. The cleaning station is pretty much worthless - apart from acting as a charging station the whole cleaning the shaver with propitiatory fluid which you have to pay for and not being able to disassemble and clean the head under normal running water is little more than a standard marketing plot. I don't think that the 'hygiene' indicator really monitor the level of cleanliness of the head, but rather counts the number of minutes the shaver has been running. That said the LCD is nice, even if for monitoring your battery level for all that's worth. I can't send it back of course, but I would if I could. Given the price tag I really feel ripped off here and it's been hard awarding this shaver 3 stars, but it is an OK shaver, juts don't expect miracles and don't trust the ads. I do a lot of high-profile meetings and can't afford the look the 7 series leave me with - that's that. It's still good enough if you're looking for a casual shave on a weekend. I fear I'll end up with the Mach 3 razor blades again at the end, but let's see. You've been warned.
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on 5 October 2009
Rubbish it has caused ingrowing hair which in turn has made my skin spotty, maybe this would happen with any electric razor, I have only ever used a wet shave and I am going back to that system.
The problem with electric razors is that you cannot test them out and when you do use it you are told you have bought it!! After my experiance I will advise anyone to avoid electic razors (at least the more expensive ones) because it is a dear way to find out that electric shaving is not for you.
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VINE VOICEon 23 December 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been trying different razors lately, giving them a good month to settle down to my skin type, and I have to say this latest Braun is not as good as my Gillette Power wet shaver. I was surprised because this has Gillette blades, but the foils made my skin itchy and hot, it's definitely not as good as the 3 head system I had before this. Also it gave me a rash, and it didn't really cut that closely for a shaver that has such good blades.

The cleaning system is very good though, but pricey, with the carts costing nearly £10, and they expect you to change them every 30 days. This will be costly - but as the shaver is costly too, I guess this isn't for low income males.

I can't recommend this, it's just not to the standard of shaving I know and love.
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on 7 August 2007
My existing Braun shaver has done well but is showing its age and is not shaving as well as it did. Having heard that Braun has prepared a new range of razors, I have held off from replacing mine until the new ones are in the shops.

I saw one yesterday. Compared with the previous top of the line model, the new one is visibly less well made and harder to use (locking the head is no longer an extra switch position but a separate latch requiring two hands). The display seems to disclose less information than before.

Most of all, the cleaning device has changed from a dark item, discrete in your bedroom or bathroom, to a garish cream coloured thing as attractive as a two year old's potty.

What is Braun thinking? This thing needs to perform dramatically better than its predecessor to compensate for the design changes. Here's hoping the new heads and cutters claimed for this latest model make their way to a version more like the Brauns of recent years.
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