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on 25 May 2010
I played the original X-Com and I can tell you now, this game is a shadow of it, literally. It basically copies the original, but doesn`t improve on anything. Some of the great stuff you could do in Xcom,you can`t do in this. The problem with this game is the love of Xcom isn`t there. One example of this: Your soldiers can`t die,they just fall unconscous- a major error. Anyone who knows anything about good squad gaming where you direct a squad is that the CHALLENGE of keeping your best troops alive is what makes survival strategy games like these. If you know no one can die, then there`s no real challenge and no real point. They should have made it optional for those who can`t handle their people dying. There are Mods, but even with the mods I am left still feeling I`m playing a shell of a game compared to similar others or Xcom.

But there`s much more: animations are,imho,worse than the original. Sounds are basic. blah,blah,bleh.

Really,go for one of the other Xcom games or UFO series.
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on 8 March 2011
The vanilla game represented a decent attempt at a clone of the much-loved original, albiet with some bizarre bugs/omissions which had a negative impact on the nostalgia factor. However, modders have been working almost tirelessly since release to build up on the game, to the point where as of writing it now plays like an enhanced modern remake of the original. Therefore, I would recommend you buy this game, but if you are looking for an X-COM remake in 2011, then I would also recommend you mod it.

review: 4 stars for good effort on original, 5 stars if modded.


More detail on the mods, update for 2011 for new players:

You can purchase either this version or the GOLD version which is available, and mod them to exactly the same final position. The GOLD version is an official release which incorporates the modding work of bman and Coasty, but strips some elements from the game for licensing reasons. This version is the original older release, but the current mods work the same way with either.

After bman/Coasty's work got the official release in the GOLD version, another user Grayfiend took up the job of building the mod, and it is his 'UNIMOD' which the majority of users now play with. You can find this mod very easily by searching the internet.

For total newcomers to X-COM, the original is still a great place to start. You'll need to run it through a free program called DOSBox. However, equally I'd recommend purchasing UFO:ET for a modern experience. It might be best to start only installing bman/Crafty's mod (you can find this by searching) since it is more simplified. If you purchase this version, mod it using bman/Crafty's 4.07 mod. If you purchase the GOLD then you wouldn't need to mod it further (but you would lose some content).

Grayfiend's UNIMOD is quite advanced for new users but is still highly recommended for numerous fixes and additions to the core game - and if you are a turn-based strategy veteran or simply brave (!) then you should give it a go! Buy this OR the GOLD version, it doesn't matter.

Hope this helps, please comment me if you like, keep the UFO:ET/X-COM spirit alive!
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on 4 November 2009
This is basically a carbon copy of the old x-com game on PS1 with slightly updated graphics. Turn based rather than real time some would consider this a step back compared to the newer UFO series of games where both the aliens and yourself move together, but others like me may prefer not having your game constantly interupted by your squad shouting "Can't do that sir!", "Can't move there sir!" and "No line of fire sir!" every 30 seconds.

The basic premise is old hat. Aliens have invaded your planet (not Earth in this game) and it's up to you to fight them off by any means necessary. You start off with a bunch of rookies with very basic weaponry and the idea is to shoot down UFO's that come raiding, search the crash sight, take out any remaining aliens and steal then research their technology providing yourself with more and more powerful weapons and armour. Your squad also earns experience based on what they accomplished during the mission (Shooting and killing aliens and accomplishing set tasks). This can then be used to improve your soldiers stats (Shooting, bravery, reactions, throwing, health etc...)

You are funded by the various countries around the globe but your funding is reviewed every game year. Depending on how you've done defending against the alien invasion the various nations will either raise their funding or drop it but beware, too many ships landing in a country without your resistance will eventually be taken over by the aliens, stop funding your mission at all and now be a base for alien operations!

I'm not going to keep going on about it as this reviews getting too long already. Needless to say most people are aware of the original X-Com game so will have a pretty good idea what this games about anyway. If you loved that (Which I did) you'll love this, if not, not.

P.s If you do buy this game I thoroughly recommend downloading "Bmans ease of use mod". It's simple to install and adds many new gameplay options and research paths as well as having a few suprises for players of the old X-Com game.

I hope this review was of some help to you.
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on 8 June 2010
This game, allthough it has it`s improvements, is a rather simplified version of the original "X-com: Ufo - Enemy unknown". I will base my review on the differences between these two games, since they are not only very similar, but also that a large part of the people interested in this game, is familiar with it`s predecessor.
The graphics are more up to date, and they`ve kept most of the original sounds and music. So far so good, but now to the sad part. The graphic resolution is higher yes, and for the most part it IS better, but not always. There are designs I liked better in the original, and the bullet animation among other things was better. It sometimes looks like the bullet comes out almost sideways?? This is a minor problem, the major concern is regarding the base management. I did not play the game too much, as I didn`t like it so much, but here are the things I can recall.
There was no longer any opportunity to control the amount of individual scientists and engineers. The amount was decided by the number of laboratories and workshops. There was neither any possibility to check the detailed budget. You could see the total income and the total expenditure, but not how much was spent on scientists, engineers, storage and so forth. The funding, I think, was also simpler. This since the number of nations was reduced to 7 as I recall. These continents are "owned" by creating a base in it. Both humans and aliens can "own" a continent, but I never played long enough to see this aspect. This sound interesting, but you can not choose the location of the base, and you can only have one base per continent. This also is minor, but add them up and they amount to a great difference. The funding and location of the bases was in the original game, quite important. The more ufo`s you spotted and fought, the greater the funding. Not facing the alien threat in a country meant less income. The greater the funding and the better the economy, the better the research and resources, and ultimately, better ufo-fighting ability.
There are fan-packs you can download that correct some of the differences. Among other things, the un-modded game doesn`t support hiring soldiers any time you like. They are assigned monthly. The un-modded game also does not have night time missions, which is an interesting element in the original game (very creepy not seeing more than a few yards ahead!). There are quite a few other things you can change as well, but however much they change, they cannot change the lack of economic detail, and the generally simpler feel of the game. The mod-packs also makes the game slower and less stable (expect crashes).
There are new things to research which can be fun, and of course new weapons and vehicles. Both seem good, but I didn`t play it that much.
The missions are not too bad, and has mostly the same feel as the original, and the game can be amusing enough for someone that hasn`t played the original. But for me it was a great let-down. Where the original was solid work, rich in compexity, attention to detail and carefully thought through, this game is a stripped action oriented game with rather obvious glitches that bear witness to a not too worked through programming.
To sum it up crudely: X-com is made by creative proffesionals, Extraterrestials is made by unraffined amateurs.
However, the idea of brushing up the original game graphic wise is a fantastic idea, and I honestly hope that someone takes the time and proper resources to do it sometime, sadly this is not the case with UFO:extraterrestials.
Still, it is not a rotten game, and can be fun to play for those that either hasn`t played the original or didn`t like all the details in the original, just don`t expect a top-game.
My ratings are based on the comparison to the original, otherwise I think I`d give it three stars.

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on 21 March 2010
One of the first titles I bought after purchasing my Commodore Amiga all those years ago was UFO- Enemy Unknown, a turn based strategy game that saw you taking control of XCom Command in the fight against alien invaders, by research, base building, and tactical battles fought in various locations around the globe. Finally, once you had amassed enough technology to take the fight to them, you ventured to Mars to take on the main bad guy. This was followed by a similar title, XCom- Terror From the Deep, which took a side story based on all the ships that had crashed into the earths waters. Both titles were simple in their construct, but were so addictive that I bought them on every gaming platform that I eventually came to own, including the PC. Whilst people were drooling over the Command and Conquer titles, I was still quite happy with my tactical turn based title. The joy that I felt on the release of XCom- Apocalypse was just immense and my hours of game play continued happily until such a time that those games just would not play on PCs anymore.

There have been a few attempts since to try and replicate the games, most notably the Cenega titles of which, although good titles in their own right, they didnt quite get the mix of research, manufacture and tactical play nailed down. Also, lets not go into how annoying those voice overs are. There was something unfinished about the titles and not enough to keep me interested, although the 3rd title UFO- AL did a good job- just not quite right.

So, along comes UFO- ET and my interest is piqued to the point of purchasing. As I waited with baited breath for the installation bar to fill I try to find out as much as I can on the game. It follows the same basic principle- you are in command of an agency responsible for the defence of your planet against alien incursions called the Counter Alien Force (CAF). The planet in question is a recently colonised world called Esperanza, which is made up of large land masses who fund your organisation dependant on how effective you are in their area. Too many incursions or UFO landings can result in funding being reduced, or even lost in the event of take over by the aliens. Funding will then not re-commence until the erradication of aliens from that area.

You start the game with a base, two fighter craft and a transport craft, a handfull of rookie soldiers and a basic research and development crew. Base management allows you to build new bases, installations and buildings to assisst you in yoiur fight. On your first encounter with aliens you engage them with your fighters, take down the UFO, and deploy your soldiers to the crash site. For the first few missions your soldiers skills are extremely poor, requiring skill points to be allotted to various skills such as shooting and throwing to increase them. If your soldiers survive long enough, they become very capeable fighters, and promote quickly through the ranks.

To aid them in their fight your team of scientists can be tasked to research equipment salvaged from crashed UFOs, weapons dropped by dead aliens, and corpses of the aliens themselves, allowing for the manufacture of better equipment and armour for both your soldiers and your ships.

If all this begins to start to sound familiar, think back to your first few missions of those classic titles and you will see that the developers have got it right with this one.

Missions vary from crashed UFO sites to alien bases but essentially are just a rinse and repeat, with base management, research and manufacture of equipment, and fund management taking up the rest of the gametime. The combat is completely turn based, which works well in the game, but may not be everyones cup of tea. At the time of writing it seems the only base that can house soldiers and conduct research and manufacture is your main base, which is annoying, but only a small irritation and actually adds to the concept of base management in a way.

Music is atmospheric if a little cheesy and graphics are basic, and the description of researched items can sometimes be worded badly, as if its been put through a translator, but the one thing this game is, is that it is the closest game on the market to the old XCOm games and that makes it an absolute winner for me. I have only given it 4 stars as ther is not an option for 4 and a half, and although its an excellent game, there are flaws so cannot be given 5.

Since installation though i have been hooked, and the memories of those Microprose games have well and truly being brought back to life in this title. For all those XCom fans out there looking for something to fill the void this game is definately the one you want to be playing. If you are new to the genre, then it will probably not grab you the same way (trying to explain the game to my son lasted about 3 minutes before he got that glazed look in his eye and got back to his World of Warcraft.....) however it is still an enjoyable title that may surprise you.

Al, I can say is that I love this game as it has all those qualities that other XCom wannabies didnt quite get right, and delivers them to you practically in the original packaging. An absolute must for XCom fans, but probably not gonna be an award winner with anyone else
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on 30 January 2013
Good quality game, similar to the original Xcom game on PC, i found it to be very differrent from the modern Xcom game though .
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on 19 June 2010
the good parts from the ufo games just a pity u can't make a preofit from the stuff u make in the game lol
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