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on 7 August 2017
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on 20 July 2017
Love it
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on 19 March 2017
Region free
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VINE VOICEon 28 July 2007
Gino Felino, like Nico Toscani, Mason Storm and John Hatcher before him, is a good cop in a bad mood. His partner Bobby Lupo has been gunned down in the streets in front of his wife and kids by crazed wannabe gangster Richie Madano. Richie was always into something bad, even when he was a kid and now seems to be going psycho, snorting coke and smoking crack. He's got a one-way ticket to oblivion and he's going to have fun getting there along with his evil henchmen Joey Dogs, Bobby Arms and Bochi. Luckily for the good citizens of Brooklyn, Gino is on the case and on the mission to find Richie by means of broken bones, severed limbs and agonizing pain.

As Steven Seagal movies go (the pre-1997 Golden Years) Out For Justice is definitely one of the strongest. Tight fast-paced direction, well balanced widescreen framing, a great score by David Michael Frank and an impressive cast of familiar faces give it a lasting impression. Also, Seagal has mentioned that this is his favorite film of his own and you can really see it in his acting. He's often been criticised for not giving any effort and I wholeheartedly agree in regard to his later films. But there was a time when he did try and in Out For Justice you can see that a little effort goes a long way. I know his Brooklyn accent isn't THAT convincing and his acting in general isn't exactly on par with Olivier, but if he we're to be just as enthusiastic about his other characters then maybe his film career wouldn't be in the toilet.

Out For Justice never loses its appeal. William Forsythe is just so evil as Richie that I've never been convinced by the nice guy characters he's played in other movies. The fight scenes in which Seagal takes measures to ensure maximum suffering are most entertaining and small moments of character give it a strange edge. But you can tell that there's been a lot of stuff left out. This is especially evident in the montage sequences where characters are wearing different clothing and meet up with each other all over the place. There is also hints at more murders by Richie in the trailer that are never seen or referenced in the film at all.

Proof positive that Seagal once had it. But then came religion and then...well...you know how it went.

The 2.4:1 1080p Blu-ray is an improvement over the standard definition DVD with bolder, deeper colors and a more solid picture but still exhibits a lot of weak black levels and shadow detail later on in the film. I am not very happy with Warner for not remastering this film. The Dolby Digital Plus sound design is also in improvement but is still very, very weak. Extras are limited to a trailer.
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on 5 April 2001
STEVEN SEAGAL plays a brooklyn cop,(GINO) and things go from bad to worse, when his partner is gunned down in broad daylight. To further complicate matters, GINO knows the assassin to be none other than former childhood pal RITCHIE (a very intense WILLIAM FORSYTH.) GINO swears revenge, and in the course of the night, will use any means to get RITCHIE, even if it means defying the mafia, or the law, for which he stands for. Trouble is, RITCHIE (now psychotic with drugs) is more than ready for the vengefull cop and is leaving a litter of dead bodies to lead him to his trail. OUT FOR JUSTICE is without doubt STEVEN SEAGALs finest moment on screen. The violence (some of it, stomach-churning) is nevertheless dispatched out to some worthy looking lowlifes. Action, thriller and of least all, martial arts fan will not be disapointed with this gritty urban thriller.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 October 2012
I'm a big fan of Steven Seagal, so much so that I have every film he as released to date across multiple formats, but even the most ardent of fans surely cannot deny the considerable drop in the quality of his output.

There has been a gradual decline in production values from more or less his first few films, there have been the ocassional glimmers of hope offered but these are very much few and far between unfortunately.

This film, 'Out for Justice', is generally considered to be one of his very best outings, in fact it probably is my favourite (it was was the first film of Steven Seagal's I actually watched and have subsequently gone on to watch it more than any other!); it was released in 1991 and further established him as one of cinemas leading action stars following 'Nico/Above the Law' Above the Law [Blu-ray] [2009] [US Import], Nico - Above The Law [Blu-ray][Region Free], 'Hard to Kill' Hard to Kill [Blu-ray] [1990] [US Import] and Marked for Death [Blu-ray] [1990] [US Import].

The film has a pretty standard storyline for this genre, but it has a strong cast with William Forsythe portraying a particularly nasty villian in the shape of Richie Madano. The fight scenes are some of the very best from Seagal's career, with the tear-up in the pool hall probably being my all time favourite, and the film is both tightly scripted and directed; for me the thing that sets this film apart from others in Seagal's career is the realistic dialogue and a very natural interpretation from its lead, I would actually say this is the best performance that Seagal has given to date and for me it's the only time in his career that he has shown a true acting ability.

I won't take the time here to provide a synopsis of the storyline, I can imagine that there are few purchasing this Blu-ray who have not seen the film at some point, I will instead concentrate on the reasons as to why someone who may already own this film on DVD should re-invest in this high definition version from America.

Ok, first things first, this Blu-ray disc is REGION FREE.

Secondly the disc casing whilst having the same general dimensions as UK versions is the thinner American type, measuring 10mm thick (rather than 15mm), I only mention this because it may bother some, personally I think I actually prefer them!

The running time of the feature is 91 minutes, the UK DVD release is 88 minutes, and therein lies the first advantage of this version, it is UNCUT.

Just about all of the Region 2 DVD releases of Steven Seagal's early films (ie. the best ones!) have been heavilly censored; I actually first became aware of this several years a go when I purchased the Region 1 DVD version of 'On Deadly Ground', this much maligned film certainly has its faults but I simply could not believe just how much better the longer uncut version was.

And so it is also the case here.

The main difference is that the scenes of violence are generally just that little longer, the camera shots linger just that second or two more when a limb has been broken for instance, but trust me when I say that it makes a huge difference. With my Region 2 DVD version I have always felt that the fight scenes were so obviously cut, always changing to another angle as the actual trauma occurs, but it was not until I saw this American release that I realised by just how much. The fights now flow much more realistically and the breaks that Steven Seagal applies to the various villians limbs are far more gratuitous with the camera lingering on the shot for that few seconds longer, this version of 'Out for Justice' feels like a different film at times with the violence being far more graphic; two good examples are the fight scene in the butchers and the final fight with Richie, these have been heavily edited in the UK release and are VERY different in this uncut version!

The film has many additions to the fight scenes, in fact just about every violent encounter has additional footage, and although there are no major alterations to the actual story what changes there are do add up to it being significantly improved over the UK version.

With regards to the audio and visual improvements, they are noticeably better.

This Blu-ray release of 'Out for Justice' delivers everything you could hope for from a 1080p High Definition transfer of a film that is now over twenty years old.

I have played it side by side to my DVD version for comparison and the difference in clarity is quite amazing at times, the sharpness of the image on the surface textures and on peoples faces is very impressive indeed. The picture quality of the original DVD version was not too bad actually, but when comparing it to this version I was really quite stunned just how much difference a transfer to HD could make to a film of its age.

The sound is also excellent, although it is not such a huge improvement as the picture, the Dolby Digital 5.1 track is more or less the same as the one provided on the DVD release; this is not necessarily such a bad thing though, it is still good and with the sound turned up it compliments the action perfectly.

There are subtitles provided in just English, French and Spanish; and the aforementioned audio track is provided in English 5.1 and in Stereo for French and Spanish.

The disc is pretty much bare bones with just a theatrical trailer for the main feature included.

Overall I am really pleased with this Blu-ray; despite already owning the film on DVD (and VHS before that!) it has still proved to be a most worthwhile acquisition, with the added bonus of having additional footage that improves the film on top of the massively improved picture quality, thus making it a justifiable purchase for anyone regardless of whether they already own it on DVD or not.
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on 7 October 2005
In this film Steven Seagal is a rookie cop (er...how many times have we seen him in this kind of role), who is spurred on in his search for JUSTICE by the death of his close friend. You see some excellent fight scenes which are probably the best I've seen Seagal do in a long time. The bad guy in this film is quite good as well and for most of film Seagal's main aim is to terrorise anyone who knows the whereaboouts of this psycho. For me it still doesn't beat his best film-Under Siege-but it's not bad. If you're a die hard Steven Seagal fan then you'll like this one!
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on 16 June 2008
AUDIO: English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo, Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo
SUBTITLES: English, French, Spanish
RUNTIME: 91:24 mins.
EXTRAS: Theatrical Trailer

Video Quality: * * * / * * * * *
Audio Quality: * * / * * * * *

OUT FOR JUSTICE is one of my favorite Steven Seagal films. It's uncompromising style, the raw violence and the gritty style make this a great adult 90s action flick. Seagal's 4th film might be a no-brainer, but it's highly satisfying. I like director John Flynn's (ROLLING THUNDER, NAILS) style and he does not waste any on-screen time: this is an action movie and it feels like it, the pacing is incredible! Seagal runs from one shoot-out to another, which makes for 90 mins. of great entertainment that never gets dull.
William Forsythe makes for a great out-of-control villain that you really love to hate in this film. He reunited with actress Jo Champa (who plays Seagal's wife here) in DIRECT HIT (1994) where he plays a much more sympathetic role. Gina Gershon (BOUND) also has a supporting role in OUT FOR JUSTICE, as does Jerry Orbach (UNIVERSAL SOLDIER).
Caution though, OUT FOR JUSTICE fully deserves its 18-Certificate as it is one of Seagal's most violent films up to date!
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on 13 June 2013
This along with under siege and marked for death stand out as seagals best with the pony tailed one showcasing his trademark akido fighting skills against a boyhood adversary. Plenty of meaty shoot outs and limb breakings and enough gritty street profanity make this my favourite.

Co starring are William Forsythe(the rock) putting in a snalling out of his head performance as richie the boyhood adversary, the late great jerry orbach(dirty dancing and law and order) performs well as seagals world-weary partner and theres also a cameo from erotic b movie star shannon whirry always a welcome sight.

The film itself is uncut thankfully after years of bbfc cut versions on video and tv but the dvd is extras free apart from the usual languages and subtitles.
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on 25 February 2013
Would have loved for this movie to have been in the Steven Seagal Collection, but it;s not, so I ordered it seperatly from the US.
It's a Warner Bros movie so you can be sure it's region free and playable everywhere.
Nice quality blu-ray and one of the first and better Seagal movies in my opinion.
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