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on 29 December 2007
This game was received along with brain training & big brain academy & a sparkling new ds for christmas.

I really like it & have played it daily. The game unlocks new mini games as you progress & gives you an expression potential every day based on how well you are doing. It also has a high score table so you can compare your scores against family or friends that have played using the same cart.

However, it doesn't always recognise letters (same as brain training here) & one of the games block letters needs it turnng sideways, not allowing a left handd version .

The games are fun & new aspects get introduced as you crack a harder level like blowing into the soup while retrieving the letters in pasta letters.

V happy with this game.

There's not a lot of multiplayer either - but block letters played competitively with my husband was insne & fun - it's quite cool that if you remove a word & he is halfway through selecting the letters to make that word on his ds they disappear from his screen aka a bomb blast & he groans - not quite so funny in reverse though!)

I don't know how much it is improving my vocabulary as I knew a lot of the words already, but it is fun & is improving my reaction times.

It also gives you a test at first to pitch the words correctly so my 8 yr old has been playing it at an appropriate level for her.
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on 8 January 2008
Bought this to try and improve my (dreadful!) Scrabble skills and I've really enjoyed it. It's a great rendition of the brain train type game and remarkably compulsive. I've been totally hooked (and my Scrabble is slowly improving) for the last week and I still am.

I nearly didn't buy it after reading one review on left-handed problems with the game. It would be great if it did swap over, but I've been left-handed for 34 years and I haven't found it to be any more difficult to cope with than most of the rest of the right handed world! It's perfectly acceptable on that score.
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on 13 September 2017
excellent condition and case. works well and good value quick delivery
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on 13 July 2017
As expected
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on 11 March 2008
I was really intrigued with this game to start with and played it regularly. However, unlike Brain Training and Sight Training I have found it to be very limited and repetitive, irrespective of whether letters sink in the soup! Trying to get through the requisite number of words in order to "stamp" the day becomes very tedious.
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on 30 April 2008
For me this game is ruined by the use of the American spellings of words. For example:

'jewelry' rather than 'jewellery'
'program' rather than 'programme'
'traveling' rather than 'travelling'
...and so on.

Also the game includes several stereotypically American words such as 'condo'. This wouldn't be so bad, but it doesn't explain that it is actually an abbreviation. One more example- I don't think I have ever heard a British person use the word 'peewee' (with the exception of it being part of the name of Peewee Herman).

The game has an option for selecting the user's country which includes the USA, Canada and the UK but this doesn't seem to have any noticeable effect on the spellings used.

Of course it would be easy to argue that American spellings are becoming the dominant form, and if you can agree with this then the game is reasonably enjoyable and some of the games are quite fun (but then some are a bit annoying), but as I am British I would not give this to a child growing up in the UK.
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VINE VOICEon 5 December 2007
Another title in the vein of the Brain Training titles, but with the focus on vocabulary, My Word Coach will be familiar to those who have any of the aforementioned mental agility games.

After registering yourself (there are 3 save slots), filling in date of birth, etc, and choosing a tutor (gladly, there's no irritating Dr Kawashima or grey faecal lump with mortar board from Big Brain Academy in sight) there is a test to rate your base vocabulary level.

From this point, the training activities are introduced from a 'fill in the missing/incorrect letter', to word definition games, spaghetti soup anagrams (the letters sink, on higher levels), beat the computer: code wheel and word tetris.
All games utilise the stylus, letter recognition, choosing the correct definition, dragging and dropping alphabet soup, or spinning the code wheel. The interface is practically faultless in this respect.

It's all quite well done, with enough new words to keep you interested as you improve your ratings, which are percentage and vocation rated (e.g. lawyer, psychologist), though not sure if 'tabloid reporter' or 'vice-president' are available.

After each activity is completed, the list of words and definitions are given, if you're serious about learning; there are the usual graphs and stats provided to chart your progress.

It's fun for a few days, though I'm not sure about long term appeal.
In this respect, Brain Training has a greater variety of activities, which is to be expected given the broad scope of that title.
'My Word Coach' will suit the commuter with a few minutes to spare, and is a worthy addition to the DS list of 'grown up kids' titles.
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VINE VOICEon 29 January 2008
I am another left handed player and it is a pain that they did'nt think of allowing for it like they do for braintraining - I mean, it's a bit of a 'no-brainer' is'nt it. My son (who is hyperlexic and so loves words and numbers) likes this game but also gets frustrated at the poor letter recognition (as do I at times)there are some useful words in there but some that...yes, you just would'nt use and some seem so simple it is annoying. I have a fairly good vocabulary and after just a few days have advanced well into the game - not sure how long it will last me. One game just does'nt seem to work properly but is it 'user error?' hmmm...worth the money but please get the silly words out and all the american type words - we want useable words...come on now...
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on 9 January 2011
For me the game is excellent; however I bought it for my 4year old daughter to enhance her vocabulary based on the rating of 3+ on the packaging. The game should be given a 7+ rating because even though I input my daughter's date of birth, the content was still above her age.

Yes she can read and therefore can understand basic words but asking a 4 year old to fill out the missing letter in the word REPUTATI_N and EXPERIE_CE is nonsensical. Yes and older child or an adult can see what's missing but couldn't they start them off with easier words and build on that?

This game is great for older kids or adults but I personally wouldn't advise buying it for anyone under age 7.

Had it been 3+ friendly as stated it would definitely give it a 5
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on 17 December 2007
Unlike the other games in the series this one actually improves your skills well needed in life. Great for kids, those in school and those wanting to improve their vocabulary it has fun mini games to keep you entertained but teach's you as you play. Before you know it you will sound smarter, be able to put your point across more effectivly. I think it was money worth spent everyone in the family has had a go and it's very entertaining for an educational game. Also a good idea for those intrested in writing poems, stories and speech's all which need a great vocabulary.
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