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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Star Trek Voyager  - Season 1 (Slimline Edition) [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£9.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 March 2017
I never got into the remakes of Star Treks in the 90's when they were originally shown. I was a fan of the original series when it came out in the 60's and liked the nostalgia of the movies with the original crew. Then I got hooked on Enterprise which is an excellent show that should have had a longer run. Scott Bakula was an excellent captain. But, with that one over I had to go back to Next Generation which was a mixed bag in my estimation but who could not like Picard. Lately, I've wandered into Deep Space Nine and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of plots in that series. My cat and I like Quark best. The introduction of the wormhole and the Gamma quadrant made for a multitude of stories to be told. So of course with that done, there is Voyager. A smaller ship that won't get home for 70 years? Surprise! There are still stories to tell. My favorite stories are those of moral dilemmas, choices we make and why we make them, which crop up in these later offerings. There is some good story telling here. My cat likes Andromeda better which was produced by Majel Roddenberry - my cat likes action and tends to sleep through Voyager. So if you're looking for action, my cat would recommend Andromeda or the newer Star Trek movies. Or I hear there is a new Star Trek series floating out in the universe somewhere. . .
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on 30 March 2014
Ok so the premise isn't that new, travelers stranded many miles/years away from home, but Voayger has to be the best to come out of the 'StarTrek' universe (OK so I'm biased).

It plays to all those stereotypes about 'time travel' 'development of cultures' etc.. but to be honest the whole basis of it has to be one of continueing exploratory searches on the way home. it's almost like that day as a kid on your walk back from school when yo suddenly looked with a different viewpoint at that path down there through the woods and off you went, 'its a little off the beaten track and it's not really the way home but who knows.

In series 1 you have to love Nelix and get the start of Tom's bar in Marseille (or where ever it is). it become quite pivotal later on but then in later series hardly feature at all.

Give it a try if you only ever saw few episodes you will not be wasting time or money.
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on 19 July 2017
Superb - it's just a shame it's not available in Blue Ray (yet?).
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on 21 May 2017
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on 27 April 2017
The best of all the star treck. Finally a strong woman leading!!!
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on 1 April 2017
Thank you
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on 18 June 2017
love it
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on 30 July 2017
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on 12 June 2004
Iv'e been waiting for Voyager to arrive on DVD for years, and its finally here! On first impressions, the Box Set is well presented in a tough plastic case, with the STV, and Starfleet logo raised up on the front of the box, with a chrome like effect on them. Inside you get a set of 6 DVD's, which are set in a clear plastic mount (like half a CD case) which have been stuck together along one edge, which keeps the collection together nicely. The whole collection is found inside a cardboard sleeve with the STV logo on it. The presentation is very tidy, and well designed in my opinion. As for the DVD's themselves, they are all presented in Dolby Digital, and have superb picture quality, which is something you should expect for £55. The claimed "Missing" episodes, are actually from season two, but were broadcast with season one, so you can dispell all of those claims that its not the complete series. The scripting was as fantastic as ever, with the mix of drama, and comedy, with romance in the later seasons, is an all round entertaining series, and one of the best to come from the franchise. The extras are what i have come to expect from Paramount, with two full ST: TOS episodes, and over an hour of interviews, and behind the scenes of Voyager. I have no complaints and am 100% satisfied with the product, and will be purchasing the rest as they become available! All in all, Fantastic!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 March 2016
I'm not a Star Trek super fan or anything and this was the only series/spin-off I ever really watched properly after growing up with the later films in the 80's and 90's. But I've really enjoyed the two more recent films as has my partner who had shockingly never seen a single Star Trek film or TV series previously but really liked the recent films and is looking forward to the third, so i thought I'd try and see how Voyage went down, and - if I'm honest - I was also looking forward to seeing it again for a bit of nostalgia for the fantastic Captain Janeway who I had a bit of crush on when I saw this the first time around - what a woman! And if I'm really honest I was also looking forward to seeing the very lovely '7 of 9' again at some point, but I was also in it for the lost-in-space antics of course and it's great rainy-Sunday-afternoon fodder.

But back to Kate Mulgrew who plays such a brilliant (and very believable) captain of the lost spaceship Voyager which is struggling to find its way home through space - she comes across as a real ice maiden, cold and logical and sometimes seemingly devoid of any personal emotion but you know she means business and this first season does a great job of setting her up as a principled and disciplined leader who is fair, sassy and controversial enough to make you love and hate her in equal measure. Some of the episodes are brilliant, some are very good and there are just one or two that drag a little in comparison to an episode that came before, but for a first season of a new series (obviously not new now) I think it's brilliant and does more than enough to make you want to get straight into season two with a nice season finale.

All the other characters are set up nicely, too and yes some of the sets and science behind the science-fiction are sometimes questionable and a little dated but I think that's also part of its charm and it never takes away from the story. Very pleased to say the other half enjoyed it enough to commit to watching season 2 with me - bonus! Speaking of which there are decent extras and bonuses on this box set as listed - I haven't bothered with these but there seems a good amount for any more dedicated fans. My only tiny gripe with this box set is that although it's a very nice presentation box it is a little wider/deeper than standard DVD's and other box sets, which means it sticks out a little on the DVD shelf and upsets my otherwise immaculate DVD library. But I'm 99% confident I'm the only human being on the planet who cares about that ;)
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