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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 18 June 2014
Having been DE shaving for a few months now, I've been looking around for a post-shave moisturiser. Something that wouldn't leave a greasy residue, but that would leave my skin feeling softer after shaving and help to alleviate any razor burn.

I hadn't used Proraso products before but the number of highly positive reviews had always caught my eye and although this product is sold as a pre- and post-shave cream, I bought it solely as a post-shave product as I personally don't see the need for anything pre-shave, other than plenty of hot water and a good shaving soap or cream.

After shaving, I always use an alum block - - leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse off and apply the Proraso Pre- and Post-Shave Cream.

The first thing that strikes you is the very strong menthol (Eucalyptus) smell. It's certainly not unpleasant, but it is very strong. However, as the cream dries into the skin, so the smell recedes until you are left with a very faint menthol fragrance, which is fresh and leaves the skin feeling very clean.

The cream is not at all greasy, but if you apply it in the morning after shaving you will still be aware of it in the evening. It forms a 'barrier' which you can feel when you run your hand over your face. It's not visible, but leaves the skin feeling soft and very smooth.

I'm a fairly careful DE shaver and tend to take my time at the sink, but even so, I still suffer razor burn at times - even using the alum block. However, I can honestly say that since starting with the Proraso Shave Cream, I have not experienced razor burn of any kind. That cannot be coincidence - the cream clearly does a great job of moisturising, but also cooling, the skin.

The other thing to say, is that you only need a very small amount after a shave, so while the 100ml pot may look a little expensive, rest assured this will last you ages.

I wanted a post-shave cream that would moisturise and cool the skin, eliminate razor burn, not leave a greasy residue, smell fresh and protect my skin over the course of the day. In Proraso Pre- and Post-Shave Cream, I've found exactly that - and I absolutely wouldn't be without it.
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on 8 July 2013
I have been using Proraso products for DE (double edge) shaving for some years now. Although this cream says it can be used for shaving to soften the bristles, I have found it personally to be most enjoyable and effective to use post shave as it smells sublime and really invigorates the skin, it's application is not something that can be rushed either as it can take a good ten minutes to absorb into your skin with the help of some gentle massaging .
The Proraso shaving bowl cream/soap in my opinion is all that's needed pre shaving as this offers a luxurious thick rich lather which tingles the skin on each new application (tend to use a 3 step approach as shown on shave nation on YouTube ) maybe it's not the cheapest product around but from personal experience I always look forward to using these products when shaving and that's saying something for the tedium of having to shave - I wish I did have shares in the company !
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on 28 July 2012
This little gem just came through the post this morning and after I shaved, decided to keep this as part of my shaving itinerary. This magic potion blows your face away because it really wakens the skin up from the potent menthol it contains. I reviewed the Poraso products from the site on Youtube along with other shaving products demonstrated. Anyone who browses for ideas for to buy shaving or even other products from Amazon, should try searching reviews on Youtube because it does make a positive difference to the overall shopping experience. I rate Porasos pre-shave 10 out of 10.
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on 26 October 2015
Oh my gosh this is an attack on the senses.
I bought this for use as a pre-shave cream as I started using a DE razor a few months ago and have ended up with sore patches where my technique isn't so graceful.
When you open the jar and liberally apply to your beard the eucalyptus and menthol will hit you with such force you will amaze yourself if you remain standing. You will feel like your eyes are about to water and promise yourself that next time you'll use the product a little more sparingly.

I use Arko shave soap with a badger brush (shave gels in a can dry your skin and many people are allergic due to their preservatives and propellants) and I use a DE razor when I have time on my side and a Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 when I'm in a hurry.

The test of this product was in the use of the razor.
With the Wilkinson Sword I found that I had a much closer shave than before and my skin felt fantastic.
With the DE razor blade I found that the soreness was less.

This is advertised as a pre and post shave cream. I will never use it for post shave. The scent is far too strong and the cream is rather thick. I will continue using my regular moisturiser and a dab of eau de cologne when the occasion requires it.

I will buy this product again and I will look for other proraso products to adorn my shelf in the bathroom.
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on 31 October 2014
I am a huge fan of Proraso products. I have now limited all my shaving cream, potions and lotions to this brand. They are excellent products, smell nice and work perfectly. My shaving routine is:

Switch on radio (Classic FM is good first thing in the morning!)
Have a slurp of coffee
Apply the pre shave cream, rub in well and enjoy the blast of eucalyptus
Fill the sink with very hot water - hotter the better
Fill shaving bowl with hot water to warm it up
Take the badger bristle brush and wet
Shake off excess water and swirl around the Proraso shaving cream - get a decent amount on the brush
Pour water from the bowl - leave just a little in the bottom
Place loaded brush into bowl and vigorously lather up the soap to the consistency of whipped cream
Brush cream onto face, circular motions, for a minute or so
Wet the razor and start shaving in a downward motion
Rinse razor regularly
Wash face and apply further lather
shave across the face/grain
Wash face and apply further lather - then, this time, get all the remaining soap on the brush and using thump and forefinger, rewove the soap onto your hand. Apply a nice thick layer to the face by hand
Shave in an upwards direction
Wash face, clean brush, bowl and razor
Apply generous amount of Proraso aftershave
Face the day ahead feeling really fresh, with a shave that compares to a barber shop
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on 10 April 2016
Great big tub of tingly menthol goodness. I use it before I lather up as it softens any stubble and you get a smoother shave. You only need a little bit, at the rate my frustratingly pathetic sprouts of *beard* ( I use that term loosely, more like a red squirrels ear tufts) grow, this tub will last me a long, long time.

Its is a very strong, refreshing, mentholy(?) experience. Please, only use this to shave your face.......thats all I am saying.
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on 9 July 2014
A product that works! Apply very sparingly to the slightly wet face and and give it time to work,say one minute and then lather your face. Your eyes will water a little from the menthol but dont worry it soon wares off. Your shave will be smoothe and it will be more productive. There is no need to add more Proraso pre shave cream. For the record I use the Proraso sensitive skin shaving cream. The pre-shave cream can be used as a post shave cream but again use sparingly.
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on 2 March 2016
Can't wet shave without this now, really helps when applied before shave cream (I use the bodyshop maca root cream) and makes for a lovely finish when used with a after shave cream. Not sure about using it on its own as a post shave cream, I like to mix it with mine (again bodyshop)
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on 12 June 2013
I typically do a 3 pass, DE shave, so I apply a 50p sized amount of this as I prepare to make a shaving lather.

Firstly, the menthol smell - it just wakes you up in the morning. As you rub this into your wet beard, breath in deeply through your nose. The smell is so strong it almost makes your eyes water. This is a good thing, and like I said, it smells so invigorating. It also makes your skin tingle like no other product that I have ever used.
When applied, the consistency is like a pasty film. Go ahead and apply your shave cream on top on this and shave.

I do a 3 pass shave, and I re lather after each pass. As I re lather, my skin tingles due to the Pre-Shave Cream. After I rinse off after my third pass, you can still feel the tingly effects of the cream.

The product does only say "Pre Shave" - earlier formulations have said "Pre and Post" so I'm not sure if I'd use this product alone for a post shave. I do add a dab to some Nivea For Men After Shave Soothing Balm 100ml and massage into my skin when I finish shaving. The Proraso adds a little kick.

Overall, the smell and skin tingle is something I look forward to every time I shave. I don't notice any difference to the quality of my shave, but an extra layer of protection and having skin that feels very nourished can only be a good thing.

I'll be buying this product again and again.
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on 1 July 2014
Although this is marketed as both a pre and post-shave cream in the UK, the packaging describes it as the former. It is indeed an excellent pre-shave cream; easy to apply and slick. It is also entirely water-based so you need only use water to rinse your hand clean.

It does not work as a post-shave balm for me at all. It does not get absorbed into my skin and just 'sits there' feeling greasy and smelling pungent from the menthol and eucalyptus. These are great qualities for a pre-shave lotion but useless for a post-shave product.

The menthol fragrance is a bit 'in your face' and this is another reason why it is not a very good post-shave cream. Terrific product and excellent value. I now use only Proraso in the summer months.
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